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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Giuliani/Huckabee "Civil Union" Solemnized by Dick Morris?

Please forgive me for that "shocker" of a headline . . . but once I thought it up I simply couldn't help myself. First, let me explain the use of the "Civil Union" term. No, I'm not suggesting that the reciprocal Rudy-Huck man-crushes have actually developed far enough to where they've switched sexual orientation . . . rather, I'm suggesting that Rudy and Huck do have a "union of civility," (as confirmed through a preponderance of evidence here, here, here, here, here, and here --any I missed?) that there is a pact that they will both pump each other up (and both slam Romney) at every opportunity.

Now it looks like Dick Morris may be facilitating this Rudy-Huckabee relationship while simultaneously attempting to pose as an "objective pundit":
"Mike Huckabee has been holding private conversations with Dick Morris, according to aides, a long-standing relationship that is raising new questions as Huckabee’s campaign begins to take off.
. . .
[Morris'] brought Huckabee onto his client roster, beginning in 1993 when he advised the Republican’s winning campaign for lieutenant governor.

Morris lately has been lavishing praise in newspaper columns and television appearances on Huckabee, whose polished debate performances and recent gains in the polls in Iowa have given him a chance to penetrate the top tier among the GOP candidates.

Morris’ public touts of Huckabee sometimes come with disclosures of his past working relationship with the candidate, but they do not mention that the two men still talk regularly — an omission that could raise eyebrows among journalistic ethicists.

As Huckabee’s prospects become more serious, speculation about Morris’ role has blossomed in the small circle — sometimes incestuous, sometimes bitterly competitive — of national political operatives. Some accounts place Morris as an important figure among Huckabee’s kitchen cabinet of outside advisers.

Here is what is known: Morris and Huckabee confer with one another, according to two top Huckabee advisers . . .

Morris declined to be interviewed but said in an e-mail he talks with Huckabee casually and does not consider himself an adviser.
. . .
Morris is doing his part to nudge along Huckabee’s chances.

Huckabee is “the last survivor in the elimination tournament of the Christian right,” Morris exclaimed in an Oct. 17 column. “And they could do a whole lot worse!”

“Mike Huckabee is shaking up the Republican race,” Morris declared in an Oct. 26 column.

He has compared Huckabee favorably to GOP rivals, such as former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

On Fox News’ “Hannity & Colmes” show last week, Morris spoke of the two candidates’ records on social issues and how they will play in Iowa: “Romney's record on all this stuff is very tentative, so that when a phony social conservative meets up with a real social conservative, Huckabee, I think Huckabee gains, gains, gains and probably wins.”

And recently, Morris has stepped up his advocacy of his former client and current friend and begun to offer the first hint of wanting some credit for the rise of Huckabee.

After a series of unfavorable columns and articles by conservative journalists — culminating in a much-discussed piece by Robert D. Novak — questioning Huckabee’s fiscal conservative credentials, Morris started a column a few days ago:

“As his political consultant in the early ’90s and one who has been following Arkansas politics for 30 years, let me clue you in: Mike Huckabee is a fiscal conservative,” he wrote before making the case for Huckabee in Iowa — and beyond.
So how does Rudy come in with Morris? Well, I remember him saying just a few days ago on Fox News that he likes Huckabee and Rudy the most (though not disclosing that he was actively talking and informally advising both candidates.) From the same article above Morris stated via email:
[Huckabee], like Rudy and the staff of three or four other campaigns, are personal friends, and I chat with them from time to time, but nothing like an adviser,”
Yeah RIGHT Dick! Interestingly, why did Morris single out Rudy as a "personal friend" here? I think Morris actually wants some public recognition for brokering this particular Rudy/Huckabee alliance. He hinted at this a few weeks ago in his column with the idea that a Huckabee surge/win in Iowa might just save Rudy from his mistake of not taking Iowa seriously:
Rudy could still bounce back in Iowa if he gets his act together there and at least make it close. More possible would be for Huckabee, who has been surging with no money, to close with Romney and win in Iowa. Mike’s consistent pro-life position contrasts sharply with Mitt’s flip-flop-flip on the issue and could propel Huckabee ahead of Romney . . .
You can look at Morris' other recent columns and connect the dots as well:

In one a couple of weeks ago, Dick Morris goes against reason (and against every prominent fiscally conservative pundit and watchdog group) by saying that "MIKE HUCKABEE IS A FISCAL CONSERVATIVE" (yes, it was all in caps). Just a few days ago his column was devoted to highlighting Romney's recent supposed struggles in the campaign (that I'm sure he's chuckling behind the scenes because he's helping to cause them).

I always thought this guy was a sleazeball just from listening to him (and that was even before my wife pointed out to me his scandalous past). Seeing him being party to this hypocritical Rudy/Huckabee alliance confirmed my gut reactions.


David said...

Just speculation, but I wouldn't be surprised if Dick Morris tried to sell Mitt some of his snakeoil services and got turned down flat, and all of this he's doing with Rudy and Huck is now payback.

Scott said...

Morris is scum. A former advisor to Clinton trying to push the pro-life liberal Huckabee.

Easy to see the connection. He's also a huge Giuliani fan...not surprisingly.

Makeli said...

Huckabee, Giuliani, Morris?!?!!? Please Iowa!! Don't throw your conservative vote away to this.

Zeus King of the Gods said...

I think that Dick Morris is a brilliant political tactician - much more so than Karl Rove. I never understood why Karl Rove was supposed to be such a "politcal genius" or whatever other backhanded accolades that liberal pundits gave him. They hated Rove because he won, but what about how he advised his boss on how to govern? I feel a lot of gratitude toward Dick Morris. He convinced Bill Clinton to sign welfare reform, balance the budget, go with "Don't ask; Don't tell" instead of allowing people who think that they are gay to serve openly in the military, and the immigration bill signed by Clinton was much better than Bush's amnesty. In fact, due in large part to Dick Morris showing Clinton how to save his own behind if he wanted to get reelected, we had one of the best Republican presidencies in a long time. And yes, I am referring to Clinton as a Republican! In many ways when it comes to public policy, Clinton made for a better Republican than Bush. Clinton had 2 years of extremely liberal governance, but then after the wake-up call that the '94 Congressional Elections gave him, Clinton tried to act like a Republican. Karl Rove tried to do the exact opposite. In an apparent desire to appease liberal Bush-hating crazies and in order to prove that Bush wasn't too far to the Right, Rove pushed Bush far to the left. Bush signed massive farm subsidies, pushed his horrible, horrible, horrible, massive entitlement Medicare prescription drug plan, amnesty for illegal aliens, and the George W Bush Campaign Finance Reform Act. I know that most people refer to this as McCain-Feingold, but Bush is the one who put his signature on it! Anyway, my point is that you may not like Dick Morris, but he is a political animal who is extremely bright. He is very Machiavellian, and Romney would do well to have someone like Dick Morris in his inner circle of advisers.

I do not doubt your conclusions with Dick Morris, Mike Up-Chuck-abee, and Rudy Giuliani. But this is politics, and Dick Morris understands that better than most.

Bob Waters said...

Truly pathetic, Jeff.

GWS said...

Well said, Jeff.

Dick Morris has proved himself over and over to be anti-Romney biased. Every interview I see him on FoxNews I cringe at his open bias against Mitt. I, too, have wondered if there is some history between the two men that left Morris feeling a need for revenge of some sort. He sure acts that way.

Eric said...

Dick Morris is obviously biased. I just saw him on H&C claiming he is independent and also claiming that he is not colluding with Huckabee (which he most obviously is).

Previously Morris dismissed Mitt Romney for being "Too Mormon", unfortunately Oreilly gave him a pass. Now on H&C Morris dismissed Romney for the "flip flop on abortion". Which one is it Morris? Is he too mormon, or is it the position on abortion?

Morris is a tool, no more Clinton politics! Just say NO to Huckagiulianabee