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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Iowa Christian Alliance President Scheffler: "Rudy Giuliani cannot be elected" (And how Huck's trying to have it both ways)

States this in Romney's presence:
DUBUQUE, IA -- It's no secret that Iowa Christian Alliance president Steve Scheffler isn't a Rudy fan. But tonight, within spitting distance of Giuliani’s rival GOP candidate Romney, Scheffler explicitly urged Iowa Christians to oppose Giuliani in the race for the nomination. "If our party nominates this guy," he told a crowd at a Dubuque gathering of the ICA, "we will see a bloodbath at the polls like we've never seen before."

Scheffler went on to slam Giuliani's position on same-sex marriage, life issues and gun rights. "Rudy Giuliani cannot be elected," he said, citing the ex-mayor's differences with social conservatives. "We cannot afford to nominate somebody who's out of touch with the base."
Also, Iowa voters should take note that Scheffler made these comments not just while Romney was present, but in the presence of Pro-Life crusader James Bopp Jr. (Romney endorser) who essentially said at that same meeting that a vote for anyone else in Iowa but Mitt is a vote for Rudy, arguing that Mitt is the only candidate that can take on and beat Rudy.

Let's see, Scheffler, as a leader among Iowa Christian voters is HARD CORE against Rudy . . .

These same Christian voters should then take pause at why Huckabee seems to be so pro-Rudy (and vice-a-versa). Shouldn't the so-called chosen son of the Evangelical movement have a little more "Rudy is unacceptable" fire in him? Instead, Huckabee isn't simply ignoring that the "front-runner" for the GOP nomination is anathema to all socially conservative things, but Huck takes it far beyond silence, and is constantly complimenting Rudy and even defending him. There is also evidence that Huckabee is timid about taking on Rudy head to head and has said himself:
". . . if you go after Rudy, you better be prepared to take one upside the head, because Rudy's an experienced fighter and knows how to do it."
More "Rudy love" recently from Huckabee:
"There is an authenticity about Rudy that people find refreshing."
. . . hardly what the social conservative movement is looking for I would assume (I'm socially conservative, and I'm not looking for someone who can't take down Rudy! Of course, I'm already aligned with the only guy who can take out Rudy AND win the general election!).

Makes one wonder whether Huckabee is truly a leader of the social conservative movement, or if he's just a political opportunist who is trying to ride his "flavor of the month" status as long as he can. At least Rudy's team sees that "Huckabee is an unmitigated Godsend for Rudy." (interesting use of that religious metaphor . . . are they saying that God wants Rudy to be POTUS?(sort of ironic, eh? . . . ). The social conservative Baptist minister rides in to save the day of the pro-abortion, pro-gay agenda, socially liberal and anti-religiosity candidate. (Please excuse me while I clean up my own emesis)

However, if what George Will is suggesting is really what's going on in Iowa then the above may all be a moot argument:

Although Huckabee is considered affable, two subliminal but clear enough premises of his Iowa attack on Mitt Romney are unpleasant: The almost 6 million American Mormons who consider themselves Christians are mistaken about that. And -- 55 million non-Christian Americans should take note -- America must have a Christian president.

Another pious populist who was annoyed by Darwin -- William Jennings Bryan -- argued that William Howard Taft, his opponent in the 1908 presidential election, was unfit to be president because he was a Unitarian, a persuasion sometimes defined as the belief that there is at most one God. The electorate chose to run the risk of entrusting the presidency to someone skeptical about the doctrine of the Trinity.

If Huckabee succeeds in derailing Romney's campaign by raising a religious test for presidential eligibility, that will be clarifying: In one particular, America was more enlightened a century ago.

I'm not saying that is what's happening and dearly hope not. If so, I'll pray even more earnestly for the future of our nation.

I beg rational leaders of the Evangelical movement to see what's happening with this "Unholy Alliance" between Rudy and Huckabee. Then help convince and persuade others that Mitt is the right man at the right time to stop both Rudy and Hillary . . . that he is a leader with proven strength and results. Your endorsement of Romney can help avoid a situation where both party's nominees are unapologetically pro-choice. Most importantly, a Romney candidacy, more than any other viable candidate, can keep together the long-important "Reagan coalition" of social, fiscal, and national security conservatives.


Bob Waters said...

I smell desparation, Jeff... and total denial about Huckabee's surge not only in Iowa, but elsewhere.

Bob Waters said...

Desperation, too! ;)- and again, a willingness to bear false witness regarding Gov. Huckabee which is wholly unworthy of you.

Jeff Fuller said...


Please explain then why Huckabee isn't attacking the national frontrunner who is anathema to the social conservative movement.

There must be a good reason (beside raw political expediency, eh?)

For the record, would you be OK with a Rudy/Huckabee ticket?

Jeff Fuller said...

And yes, I am "desperate" to get the word out on this Rudy/Huckabee alliance because I don't think your average voter realizes it and it may likely enlighten their view of the race.

Zeus King of the Gods said...
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Zeus King of the Gods said...

I absolutely agree with George Will on his assessment of Mike Huckabee. Mike Up-Chuck-abee's campaign isn't a one issue campaign based upon his opposition to abortion as some have suggested. It is a one issue campaign based upon his feeling that he is a "Christian." In fact, from what Up-Chuck-abee says, it's almost as though he believes that he is the only Christian running.

I think that the most annoying part of the YouTube debate was when Up-Chuck-abee interrupted Giuliani and joked as though Rudy would be unable to answer a question about the Bible. This had to be one of the most Holier-than-Thou and spiritually condescending remarks in modern American political history. I don’t care if it was meant as a joke. As the saying goes “There’s a lot of truth in jest.” Huckabee seemed to suggest a belief that he is somehow the divine moral authority on the Bible. Yeah right! Just because Up-Chuck-abee went to Bible College doesn't mean that Giuliani can't answer the question himself. Plus, I don't care what Up-Chuck-abee thinks when it comes to what Giuliani’s opinions on the Bible might be. Believing in the Bible is a private matter. That question should have never been permitted at a debate in the first place and was an obvious plant in order to trip up various Republican candidates for differing reasons. But worse than allowing the question was Huckabee’s response.

I'm sick of Up-Chuck-abee’s "I'm a better Christian than you" attitude. A few of his numerous examples of this include his: I'm a "CHRISTIAN LEADER" advertisement; his refusal to say whether or not he believed that although Romney had said that Christ was his personal savior that Romney was indeed a Christian; Up-Chuck-abee telling a fellow Arkansas Republican who opposed illegal immigration that he drank from a “different Jesus juice” than Up-Chuck-abee did; and Up-Chuck-abee’s condescending "Let me tell you about the Bible" diatribe directed toward Rudy at the YouTube debate. I cannot even describe to you how sick of Up-chuck-abee I am, but it's amazing that the possibility of Up-chuck-abee being President of the United States is an instant cure for conservatives to Bush fatigue and makes me wish the 22nd Amendment would have been repealed in order to keep "CHRISTIAN LEADER" out of the White House.

It’s ironic that Romney has said that he is not running for “Pastor-In-Chief” but that seems to be exactly what Up-Chuck-abee is running for. Even when Pat Robertson ran for President, he didn’t pretend to be running as “President of the Christians.” I join George Will in wondering what Mike Up-Chuck-abee plans on doing with all of the American people who don’t claim to be Christians along with all of the others who he aren’t “Christian enough” for him.

Venezuelans should vote against Hugo Chavez becoming the lifetime communist dictator of Venezuela today. And in a few weeks Iowans need to VOTE NO ON MIKE UP-CHUCK-ABEE THE SELF-PROCLAIMED “CHRISTIAN LEADER!”

Gull said...

My opposition to Huckabee as a "fit" candidate is his record of graft and greed while governor. If, however, Iowans wish to wear blinders as they head to the polls, that is their choice -- whether those blinders are a product of a Rudy-Huckster anti-Mitt coalition or whether Iowans actually believe that the Huckabee is the best candidate.

Time will tell. In the meantime, I hope someone takes the time to tell Iowans about the real Huckster.

Nealie Ride said...

Huck will fall in the polls. Give it time. The same thing happened with Fred ~1 month ago. Remember that?

This, too, shall pass.

Nealie Ride said...

Huck fans,

What do you think about the YouTube videos. Mike is not the conservative as advertised.

The same thing happened when Fred actually had to get on the campaign trail and compete. He fell on his face.

Wanting Mike Huckabee to be the best candidate doesn't make him the best candidate. 'Cuz he's not.