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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Caucus Primer

Due to some technical difficulties, this is a re-post, but a very important one.

We have 4 days to bring along as many voters to caucus for Mitt. Remember this is an extremely tight race, and your vote counts.

Republican caucuses differ from democratic caucuses in Iowa in one important way. Voters show up to caucus, write the name of who they are supporting on a confidential ballot, the votes are counted and that's it. (In the democratic caucus, there is a viability test, and if your candidate does not get enough votes you've got to choose someone else to vote for, which tends to lead to a lot of arguing.)

Follow this link -

Once you find out your precinct: WHERE DO YOU CAUCUS? A lot of people think they just show up to caucus where they usually go to vote. Not true. Follow this link to find out where your caucus location is:
You just click on your county, and find your precinct.

SHOW UP TO CAUCUS - Caucus starts at 7:00. You have to be on time. It's best to show up early.

Vote for your candidate. The process takes around 30 minutes. If you have small children, they are welcome at the event (they can't vote) so feel free to bring them along.

If you are not already registered to vote, try to show up by at least 6:30. YOU CAN REGISTER TO VOTE AT THE CAUCUS. I personally know a few students who have lived in Iowa for a few years, and have an out of state drivers license. Doesn't matter. Bring your out of state drivers license, AND A UTILITY BILL. Get registered, no problem.

If you are 17 years old, but will be 18 by the end of October 2008, you can caucus! Come to the caucus, and get registered. If your child is old enough to caucus, encourage them to participate in the process.

Remember that this is America and we all have a right to vote for anyone we want. If somebody supports a candidate you disagree with... remember that it is the candidate you disagree with. Don't show contempt for the supporters of any particular candidate. There are a lot of reasons someone may be supporting a different candidate. You don't know the reasons. The caucus is not the time to get in an argument with anyone. At this point of the game the philosophical arguments are basically over. It's time to tally the votes. Don't do anything mean spirited, or unprofessional in support of your candidate. Remember, on January 4th, somebody will have won, and somebody will have come in 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc... You don't have control of that. You have control of your vote, and your personal actions.

I was at a Mitt Romney rally tonight in Bettendorf. I had some Mormons with me. The consensus was that there weren't hardly any Mormons at the rally. Other than Ann and Mitt. That's good, Mitt has a solid base of support in Iowa.

In each precinct the Romney team has come up with a goal number of votes. In my precinct the goal is 42 votes. That is not very many votes. You can make a huge difference in your precinct if you make the decision to show up and support Mitt. You can also make a huge difference if you bring along somebody to the caucus.

If you own a magical weather machine - arrange for bad weather in Western Iowa.

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HawkeyeGOP said...

Only one small point. One must turn 18 by election day (Nov 4, 2008) in order to participate.