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Saturday, December 22, 2007

I Don't Trust Huckabee To Be Persuasive

There are several groups out there unaffiliated with, but supportive of the Huckabee campaign who are going negative in remarkably unbecoming ways. I'm intentionally leaving out the links in this paragraph, and not naming names. Mike Huckabee has gone on record saying that he wishes that they would stop.

They haven't stopped.
Mike Huckabee can't even persuade his own people.

Mike Huckabee hasn't been persuasive enough to convince Rush Limbaugh that he (Huckabee) is a conservative.

Mike Huckabee isn't winning a lot of support even among potential allies on foreign policy.

Does Huckabee remind you of someone?

How exactly does Mike Huckabee plan on building a coalition to implement the fair tax?

How exactly does Mike Huckabee plan on getting support for that National Smoking Ban that he supports?

How exactly does Mike Huckabee plan on persuading fence sitting northeast independent voters to support traditional marriage?

How exactly is Mike Huckabee going to persuade Iran to become a good global citizen?

Remember last time we tangled with Iran when a policy lightweight was in the white house? Jimmy Carter was lacking the cojones to deal with the American hostages in Iran, so Ross Perot did it instead. On his own. Because two of the hostages were his employees.

I don't see how a candidate who can't convince his own supporters to lay off their counterproductive negative tactics can convince 50 unique states to unite and solve the problem of illegal immigration.

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