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Saturday, December 01, 2007

New Hampshire Poll from Fox News shows Romney Strongly in the Lead

November 30th poll from FoxNews shows Mitt Romney with an 8 point lead over McCain, and most importantly, and 10 point lead over Giuliani. America, are you listening??? Romney is leading in the important states, and will carry over this momentum to the rest of the non-early states! Here are the numbers:

1. Mitt Romney 29%
2. John McCain 21
3. Rudy Giuliani 19
4. Mike Huckabee 7
5. Ron Paul 4
6. Fred Thompson 4
7. Duncan Hunter 1
8. Tom Tancredo -
9. (Other) 1
10. (Don’t know) 14

Unlike the other candidates, Romney is experiencing steady, long-term gains in polling. As he visits these states, his polling goes up. His polling is not a reflection of national name recognition, nor government long-timer presence, nor media-driven endorsements. Romney is the real deal. He's what Americans want in a president, and the media is struggling to keep him down.

Other interesting facts from the poll in New Hampshire:

The poll (also) shows that five percent of all likely Republican primary
voters describe themselves as "evangelical Protestants," with most of the rest
split between identifying themselves as Catholics (32 percent) and traditional
Protestants (34 percent). Among evangelicals, Romney holds a sizeable lead over
Mike Huckabee (37 percent to 23 percent), with McCain a close third at 21
percent and Giuliani trailing in fourth position with 11 percent.

Looks like bad news for Huckabee, considering his primary leg that he is standing on is the "Evangelical Protestant" vote.

Regarding the key qualities these voters look for in a candidate, the poll found
honesty (32 percent) and standing up for one’s beliefs (30 percent) about
equally important, with experience trailing far behind (18 percent).

Seems as if they are describing Mitt Romney in what they look for in a candidate.

Editorial Addendum by Jeff Fuller:

That Fox News Poll is actually one of the worst showings for Romney in NH in a while (all Fox News Polls . . . especially the national ones . . . tend to give Romney lower numbers, and Rudy higher numbers than most other polls). The Real Clear Politics NH Average has Romney with a 15 point lead. Also, the Rassmussen NH poll that came out the same day as this Fox one showed Romney with a 19% point lead with 34% and no one else over 15%. Now that's what we call DOMINATING a poll!

Let's focus on winning Iowa though!

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