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Friday, December 07, 2007

"THE" Speech


Zeus King of the Gods said...

I just got the funniest idea ever! Too bad that I don't live in Iowa, and I actually have a day job. But wouldn't it be classic if somebody would start showing up to all of Mike Up-Chuck-abee's events in something that looks like a HAZ-MAT suit, and whenever anybody asked he could say that his name was "HAZ-MAT HUCK" and that since the government refused to quarantine people with HIV and AIDS that he was just making sure that he didn't get HIV by standing next to anybody in the audience.

This kind of political maneuver is actually very effective. The Flip-Flops that followed John Kerry or the Flipper dolphin that one candidate went off on a few years ago and basically lost because of it. Usually College Republicans are pretty good at pulling this kind of stuff off.

Now, when John Edwards came to campaign here in Arizona back in 2004, I got everybody dressed as doctors in medical gowns with surgeon masks and make-shift handcuffs, and we had great fun with our: "Vote Ambulance Chaser!", "Ambulance Chaser Rules!", and my personal favorite "Sue Your Doctor Today!" chants.

I won't even feel bad when somebody else takes all of the credit for this if they can actually pull this one off. But "HAZ-MAT HUCK" has winner written all over it!

Zeus King of the Gods said...

In regard to the latest news from the Mike Up-Chuck-abee campaign:

Homosexual acts are indeed sinful acts. Up-Chuck-abee is correct in that. But regardless of what people think about this, whether one agrees or disagrees about the sinfulness of homosexual acts, Up-Chuck-abee's opposition to homosexuality will only make his Evangelical supporters agree with him more. It could have also helped with other social conservatives.

But quarantining people with HIV and AIDS!!! Are you freakin serious!!! This guy just continues to get better.

Mike Up-Chuck-abee to his wife: "Sorry honey but that blood transfusion appears to have had blood tainted with this thing called HIV and we're going to have to send you to this place we have reserved for people like you called 'AIDS Land.' It was nice knowing you. I'll send letters that men in specialized biohazard suits can give to you through the little slot in the wall where you will receive your food."

O.K. I'm sorry. Now I'm sure that somebody already read this and has started the rumor that Mrs. Up-Chuck-abee has HIV. As far as I know, she does not. Nor do I think that she has ever needed a blood transfusion. I am just attempting to show how life would have had to be under Up-Chuck-abee's “Quarantine them” Iron Fist.

The idea that we need to quarantine AIDS patients sounds like one of the slanders that libs would make up about conservative Christians in order to make us all look bad. You know the kind of slanders that I'm talking about like: "Well, you can't trust those 'Jesus freaks' because if they were in charge they would just try to solve the AIDS problem by quarantining those infected and say that the people with the disease deserved it." Oops. Sorry, I meant to use an example... Not reality. Well, let's just wait and see if there's enough time before the Primaries for us to find out that Up-Chuck-abee will finish his quarantine with the "You deserve the disease" line.

My question to anybody, anybody at all is, other than Mike Up-Chuck-abee's opposition to abortion does the man have any redeeming qualities or policy positions AT ALL that make him QUALIFIED to be the Republican (and I repeat Republican) candidate for President of the United States?

gemini said...

Indeed. Unbiblical acts are still unbiblical. But, to quarantine folks? Geez!

We need a thread in which Huck fans can argue why Mike is better than Mitt.

A few months ago, such a thread was started to allow Fred Fans to articulate how Thompson was superior to Mitt on the issues. Few Fred Fans posted. People loved Mike for the strangest reasons: pickup truck, booming voice, and so forth. I assume it will be similar to Mike.

Huck surged due to identity politics: I'm like you. But, on the issues he's bad. Very bad.

huck's ship taking on H2O said...

Revealing YouTube at Evangelicals for Mitt:

Chris Wallace on FOXNews interviews Huck about his HIV/AIDS quarantine statements in 1992.

“Governor, forgive me. I don’t think that’s right… All the way back in 1985… Seven years before you made your statements said that AIDS could not be spread by casual contact…”

Gov. Huck simply won't admit he was wrong. Denials will hurt him more than simply getting the facts wrong in the first place.

Huck's going down. He's got 1-2 weeks of prime-time left. Then, he's gone.

bethtopaz said...

I hope you guys are right.

I've been talking to friends and family all day, directing them to the site I've been telling them to really look into this guy.

Look, Huckabee is LYING about the Dumond case. I saw a few of the parole board members on t.v. the other night talking about how Huckabee came to meet with them and asked all but the board to leave the room and then said he'd come to talk to them about Dumond.

Huckabee is saying on t.v. right now that the parole board brought it up to him!
He said that the parole board asked him, Huckabee, if they should consider parolling Dumond.

This is big, guys!

The more I look into Huckabee, the more I see him as an Elmer Gantry type.

He sounds like a sociopathic liar, not to mention the other sleazy stuff he and his wife, and his son have done.

He's a pro-life, anti-gay Bill Clinton.

Zeus King of the Gods said...


No, Mike Up-Chuck-abee is a pro-life, anti-gay with Bill Clinton's character but nothing close to Bill on policy. When it comes to government policies, Up-Chuck-abee would make liberals salivate for his support of government expansion. Clinton was WAY, WAY more of a small government guy than the HuckMonster government would be. Let's talk LBJ and Bush's "compassionate conservativism" Godzilla style!