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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mitt Romney is Dishonest

Or so says Mike Huckabee.

For what it's worth here is the fact check from responding to Huckabee on Meet the Press.

Here is another one setting the record straight on Huckabee's questioning whether or not Mitt can be trusted on abortion or gun rights.

Here's what I'd like from Mike Huckabee. Stick to the issues. If you're going to call Mitt Romney dishonest, you'd better POINT OUT AN ACTUAL EXAMPLE of where he was dishonest.

Here's a two minute video of Mike Huckabee where he never once gets down to the substance of Romney's criticism of his record. He just calls Mitt Romney dishonest and mean.

If he stoops to personal attacks like calling his opponent dishonest he better have something to back it up with.

Mike Huckabee - did you grant 1033 commutations and pardons during your time as governor? If not, what is the actual number of commutations and pardons?

Mike Huckabee - did the Arkansas budget go from 6 billion dollars to 16 billion dollars during your time as governor? If not, what is that actual dollar amount your budget increased during your time as governor?

Mike Huckabee - did you lessen the mandatory sentences for meth dealers, or increase the sentences for meth dealers? Give me some specifics.

What happens when you do a simple fact check on Mike Huckabee's statements about his own record?


Joe Mama said...

Huckster: Please stop picking on me everyone. All of this negativity is just wrong.

Spidey said...

I think Tim Russert and Huck's oppo people got all thier stuff from the Boston Globe who hates Mitt.I'm glad all this stuff is being vetted in the primaries so it looks like old news if the Dems use it in the general.