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Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Contrast in Scrutiny

Mitt Romney has come under fire repeatedly for 'flip flopping'. Here is a story from Powerline Blog contrasting Romney's record to Barack Obama. It's pretty obvious that the flip flop meme tagged to Romney is hyped up compared to other people in the race. Barack Obama has made significantly larger 'flip flops. We're not even going to talk about Hillary Clinton right now. Why does Romney get hammered for being a flip flopper when Barack Obama gets a pass? The mainstream media, and Romney's not so subtle primary opponents are trying to use the issue to bring him down.

Romney's record has already received ample scrutiny. If Mitt says the slightest thing that isn't spot on he gets hammered. - (Recall the recent brouhaha over Mitt's comments regarding George Romney marching with Martin Luther King as an example.) He came through the 'scandal' looking better than before.

Contrast how Mitt looks under scrutiny to how Governor Huckabee endures scrutiny. Here's another story over at Powerline Blog talking about how the closer you look at Mike Huckabee's clemencies and pardons the more obvious it is that he isn't the compassionate advocate for his constituency that he claims. Huckabee's defense of his pardons and clemencies becomes less persuasive day by day.

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