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Monday, December 31, 2007

Huckabee tapes ad, doesn't show it, then shows it???

Today the Huck held a press conference and said that he had taped a negative ad against Mitt Romney, but then said he would be the "better man" and not air the commercial, but then he played the commercial to all the press at the press conference. I saw it on NBC news at 5:30 pm. I am still trying to find the video online. If you have it, paste the URL in a comment.
Guess what, Huck, that's the same thing as airing the ad. Now all the press are airing out the ad like laundry. Way to shoot yourself in your foot, Mike. Ummmm.... is anyone else as confused as I am. Is he thinking this will drum up support for him? Or is he throwing the election because he bet his salary on himself losing? You can't have that cake and eat it, too. Example given: You can't walk into a bank, and say "I don't have a gun, and I am not robbing this bank" and then slip a note to the teller damanding all the money". It is still technically robbing a bank.



Coach said...

They've got it embedded over at electromneyin2008. It's not that remarkable.

Honestly, I think Huckabee did it out of conscience. I don't think he contrived the whole situation for the free press (he's not that stupid). I do think it underlines that he doesn't have the level-headed executive abilities that we need though.

Nealie Ride said...

Huck explained that he told his staff about his decision to not run the ad 10 minutes before the 12:00 press conference.

However, a Cedar Rapids outfit was called at 10:01--two hours prior to the press conference--and told to no longer run the ad.

Hummmm. Huck knew hours in advance he wasn't "going negative", yet still didn't take down the negative posters and other messages in the press conference room.

The entire thing smacks of hypocrisy. That's how many in the news are writing it up.

This megablunder is also a clear manifestation of the chaotic, poorly led campaign that is managed by Mr. Huckabee. We need a real executive to lead us.

John S. Maine said...

Know you dont understand there was a difference in the time zones?! I am sure the Huckster will come up with some brilliant way to try and weasel out of his latesr dillema. How about a "little straight talk". His mentor McCain must be realy let down by his actions, right Senator?

John S. Maine

Anonymous said...

I think he had just enough money to make the ad, then went "oops, not enough money to run it"..hmm so what can I do for a little camera face time and a free way to get it out there? Cunning little snipe isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Does it strike anyone as odd that "Enough is Enough" was the backdrop for the press conference? I may be tainted with cynicism by watching the Huckabee campaign in Iowa, but it seems it would take several hours for graphic designers get that backdrop printed out to reinforce the ultimate designs of the press conference (A Last Minute Appeal to High-Road Ethics). It appears this stunt was orchestrated much, much earlier than the day of.

Arkansas Voter said...

Finally, maybe the voters of Iowa (and the whole nation) will get to know The Huckster as we in Arkansas know him. This negative ad stunt was classic Huckster. Believe me, he did not pull the ad out of his conviction to "not go negative." His true colors are shining through for all to see who will pay attention. This man is small-minded, thin-skinned and vindictive. Would someone in the national press please interview Ernest Dumas, John Brummett or Max Brantley from the Arkansas Times (a local paper in Little Rock, AR). They have plenty of information on the Huckster's shenanigans in Arkansas. Please, we are screaming at the top of our lungs from Arkansas, but no one seems to be hearing us!

Mark said...

Mitt Romney is a disgrace for showing all the negative ads lately. He features Ronald reagan in most of his ads, but then does the opposite of what Reagan espoused by speaking ill of his fellow republicans.

As a former long-time Massachusetts Republican I could tell you many tales of Mitt's disappointing past. He failed us with gay marriage, never cut our income tax, sales tax or property taxes as he would have you believe, and left office 2.5 years in so he could start running for President. Go to to find ut more of what Massachusetts conservatives think of him. In other words, if you really want to know Mitt ask the people that know him best....

SGS said...

Huckabee's main clean-up guy, the campaign researcher Joe Carter, has announced that he resigned from the campaign, effectively immediately as of yesterday afternoon. If any one of you have been following the campaign closely, you would have seen press release after release, trying to clear up Huckabee's many gaffees from the past couple or three weeks. They were written by this Joe! He has returned to his old position with Family Research Council. That should say something about who Huckabee is, especially one of a strong social conservatives who has been working as the right hand man for Huckabee!

Anonymous said...


There was a post about Mitt Romney's despicable attack adds. Maybe you can shed some light.

Mike Huckabee - did you grant 1033 commutations and pardons during your time as governor? If not, what is the actual number of commutations and pardons?

Mike Huckabee - did the Arkansas budget go from 6 billion dollars to 16 billion dollars during your time as governor? If not, what is that actual dollar amount your budget increased during your time as governor?

Mike Huckabee - did you lessen the mandatory sentences for meth dealers, or increase the sentences for meth dealers? Give me some specifics.

Michelle said...

Thank you Mark!!!

And Coach, Do you really believe Huckabee is that nice a guy? Read the post from Arkansas Voter.

Huckabee is most definitely NOT Presidential material!!

Coach said...
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Coach said...

Actually, I really do. I think we do damage to Romney's campaign when we are overly cynical about Huckabee. I think it's important to be critical of his positions and his record, but not his character.

It's people being overly cynical about Romney that has led them to discount him prior to ever considering that he is SO MUCH more capable than any of the other candidates. We all know that he is, but others won't realize this until they can get past the ridiculous press coverage of misstatements as a "candor gap" or contrast ads as "mud slinging" attacks.

Huckabee lost a lot of money by not showing his ad, and to the extent that he believed that showing it would be dishonorable, I respect him for that. At the same time, I don't have a problem with Romney's ads and I don't hold him to Huckabee's view on what is an appropriate advertisment.

The point is, both men are good men. However, Huckabee is not nearly as capable as Romney. He doesn't have the executive abilities, he doesn't speak to the issues as clearly, he doesn't have the ability to pull people together from all walks of life, and despite some sanctimonious rhetoric, he hasn't cornered the vote on morality.