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Friday, August 31, 2007


Boston, MA – Today, Governor Mitt Romney issued the following statement on the court decision striking down Iowa 's Defense of Marriage Act:

"The ruling in Iowa today is another example of an activist court and unelected judges trying to redefine marriage and disregard the will of the people as expressed through Iowa 's Defense of Marriage Act. This once again highlights the need for a Federal Marriage Amendment to protect the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman."

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Romney videos to watch

A new commercial running in Iowa

Romney on Immigration

House GOP leader commenting on Straw Poll. He mentions that Romney has done exactly what he needed to do in Iowa. He also mentions that the Ron Paul supporters WERE ALL FROM OUT OF STATE, not from Iowa. We've been trying to emphasise that, too. I like how he puts it.


By Former Senator Jim Talent (R-MO)
August 21, 2007

"Each candidate in the 2008 Presidential race will undoubtedly offer a health care plan. Those plans will include initiatives ranging from a single payer system, to employer mandates, to tax incentives for the purchase of private health insurance. But only one candidate has actually done something, waded into the issue and emerged with a successful plan that does not resort to one-size-fits-all, government run 'Hillary Care.' That innovative candidate is former Governor Mitt Romney.
"On April 12, 2006, Governor Romney signed into law landmark legislation ensuring that every resident of Massachusetts would have access to affordable, portable, quality private health insurance – without higher taxes, an employer mandate or a government takeover of health care."

"Governor Romney's health care plan featured a number of reforms. First, his plan deregulated the overburdened Massachusetts insurance market to reduce the cost of private insurance, while giving consumers more choice from a broader range of plans. Second, the plan addressed the problems caused by the fact that many people could not get health care through their employers and could not afford it on the individual market. Third, he redirected the millions of dollars that were being spent on free emergency room care and used it instead to help those who truly were not able to afford private health insurance.
"Finally, Governor Romney recognized that competition is the key to the success of any market – so doing what no one had ever done before, he created a new market where consumers can go to pick the health care plan that suits them best. Called the 'Connector,' this marketplace is not a new regulatory agency or insurance purchasing pool. It is a place that gives people access to more choices, better information, and lower costs in selecting a private health insurance plan."

"What's been the result of all these reforms? Although the reforms were signed into law just over a year ago, the changes are dramatic. The same uninsured individual whose choice was formerly limited to a policy with a $335 a month insurance premium with no drug benefits and a $5,000 deductible now can purchase quality private insurance, which includes coverage for prescription drugs, office and emergency room visits, and a $2,000 deductible, for $175 per month. Between July 1, 2006 and May 1, 2007, nearly 125,000 previously uninsured residents of Massachusetts got health insurance coverage."
… "The bipartisanship, innovation, conservative statesmanship and creativity he exhibited confirms my view that he is the kind of leader this nation needs."

To read the full op-ed, please see:

More Iowa Straw Poll Photos!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

More Straw Poll Pics.....

These are from Tim in Iowa City.

Derek Parra, gold medal speed skater from the 2002 winter olympics with Mitt and Anne.

A bus full of Romney supporters!

All the checks are there _ _ _ all 99 counties visited by the Mitt Mobile! Someone apparently tried to steal the check mark stickers off some of the counties right before the straw poll, but all of them were initialy on the map......

Share your pictures from the Straw Poll!

I have had a few requests, and we'd be happy to post pictures from other Romney supporters at the Straw Poll! If you want to share your photos on this blog, just email them to the Johnson County grass-roots email address : (remove all the spaces when you actually use the email address, this is just to inhibit the spammers! ha ha, take that, spammers!)
j c 4 r o m n e y 2 0 0 8 @

Please include a short caption for each picture you want posted. We will post them as we recieve them! Thanks :-)

A game to play in your spare time.....

Here is a little matching game that the GOP website put out yesterday. Click on the picture below.
BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE "READ ALL" button before you finish up, and read the list of concerning things that these DNC candidates have done!

Tagg and Josh's response to the interview with Jan Mickelson

Here is a video of an interview with Tagg and Josh Romney taken at the campaign HQ in Urbandale. Here's what they had to say about the Jan Mickelson interview that Mitt Romney had.

I think the Mickelson interview is a great promotional piece for Romney. IT shows that he's not afraid to stand for what he believes, and be clear to the public on his ability to separate his legislative beliefs from his personal beliefs. Jan just couldn't get it straight in his mind that personal religious beliefs can't force policy on citizens. Just because LDS christians like Mitt Romney believe in abstaining from alcohol, tea and coffee doesn't mean that these things would be banned from the U.S. when Mitt Romney is elected. Hao come the media hasn't started hounding him on that? Oh yeah, because it's completely ridiculous.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Some Screen time on Washington Post's web site plus more

we were quoted this week....

Click article here

Here is the Jan Mickelson interview where Romney defended his faith and wouldn't back down to Jan.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

More on Annoying Activists at the Straw Poll

Here is a little post over on RedState about Paul's activists:

I've been chatting with a lot of people today. One overwhelming theme in their memories of the straw poll : The Ron Paul activists were very annoying, and if anyone else experienced what Iowans just experienced, they would never vote for Paul. I would have to agree. We had a Paul activist park his bicycle right in front of the door to our bus and effectively block us from getting off the bus. Once we got him to back off, he started trying to give fake directions to lead people in our group away from the Romney staff who were trying to lead us to the correct polling location. Seriously?? That's pretty lame, and Ron Paul needs to get his activists in check, or they will ruin it for him. Did anyone else experience this? I'd love to hear about, and America needs to hear about it.

My Straw Poll Pictures : Part 1

First off, here is a quick video with Mike Wallace covering the Straw Poll Winner, Mitt Romney :

OK, now to the photos:
I unfortunately left my camera in Iowa city, but a quick call to my pal Tim on the bus leaving after ours, and the camera was on its way. We got to Ames, voted, and then met up to get the camera, so the photo story starts there...... Here is my "inked" thumb after voting:

Here's teh stage area for ROmney. Pretty big stage, very cool.

Here is a look in the eating tent area. A sea of yellow shirts!

After wandering around for a little while, they told us we could line up to get floor seats to hear Gov. Romney speak. We were warming up our shouting voices and getting our signs and mitts handed out.....

Staffer Scott Corrie handing out noise maker sticks (whatever those are called...)

Here we are filing in to the floor seating

The media behind us....

And here are the candidates coming out on the stage

And confetti, too

Here is Mitt speaking (we are all turned to watch a video on the big screen)

Here is Mitt Speaking again.

Here is a quick picture with Mike Wallace. I bumped into him while we were exiting the arena. If I knew he was going to be attacking Mitt the following morning, I probably would have stood a little farther away from him in the picture.

Here is the BBQ they served. It was from Hickory Hill BBQ in Ames, and it was awesome!

Here is Mitt speaking with his Iowan supporters. Why is this so important?? Because the supporters for Mitt were actually from Iowa!! Unlike other campaigns who brought a ton of people from out of state.

Here is Iowa State Chair for the Romney Campaign, Mr. Doug Gross:

Here I am with Josh Romney catching up on the past few month's efforts:

Here is a shot of the Mitt Mobile with me and Jessica showing it off like Pat and Vannah on Wheel of Fortune.

That's enough for now. More later, including shots of the competition. Jeff already posted some, so I will try to fill in the gaps.

Pics From Other Campaigns

Huckabee Jammin' with his band (they're pretty darn good!):

John Cox spot:

Other various pics:

Tommy Thompson (and his biker gang):

Tom Tancredo (with his typical supporter):

Brownback (nice supporters . . . nasty candidate:)

Brownback looked pretty down after the results were announced:

Ron Pall (nice candidate . . . nasty supporters):

Although there were obviously some Iowans who suppported Ron Paul, in my several walks back and forth to my car, I never saw an Iowa license plate and Ron Paul signs together (they did have a strong presence of Ron Paul supporters there--who were often very "in your face" about things--but this wasn't true Iowan support . . . just the "lunatic fringe" as expected: