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Monday, December 10, 2007

Ask and Ye Shall Receive . . . Comment section Highlights

Big Jay recently posted the following in our comments section:
've been saying this for the last 6 months, first with Fred Thompson, and now with Mike Huckabee. A surge in the polls results in increased scrutiny. Some candidates can withstand it, some can't. How many areas of scandal are people going to put up with in regards to this guy? First he takes over 100K in gifts, uses the state emergency funds to destroy hard drives, has questionable judgment in regards to the prison system, endorses the biggest regressive tax ever, has a terrible record in regard to immigration.

Prediction - this isn't the end of the scandal.

The GOP has an image problem guys! The majority of the scandals since Bill and Monica have been REPUBLICAN scandals.

Mitt Romney solves the image problem instantly, he's clean as a whistle.

The GOP has a fiscal image problem. All the major spending since Clinton was in office has been a result of Republicans!

Mitt Romney is the best budget balancer of his generation.

The GOP has a competency problem. Hurricane Katrina did not happen under Clinton's watch.

Everything Mitt Romney touches goes well. He's got the midas touch.

Jeff - how about some posts about this stuff? Huckabee will hang himself. Let's remind our readers why Mitt Romney is better.
Good point Jay . . . I, unfortunately have limited time and with the media cycles revolving around Huckabee (and him being the only threat in Iowa to Romney) I've been drawn to those stories.

For the first year of this blog there was almost no criticizing of other candidates, it was all about how great Romney is/was. Readers are welcome to browse through our previous entries to see all the pro-Romney stuff. I'll make a more concerted effort to highlight some of these stories. Good point Big Jay and thank you.

Some of my favoite Romney articles are here, here, here, here, here, and here. Anybody else's favorites are welcome in the comments section.

And then, for comic relief, Zeus King of the Gods wants someone in Iowa to dress up in a Haz-Mat suits at Huckabee's Iowa events (hey, Romney's had Flipper the Dolphin show up at all of his events):
I just got the funniest idea ever! Too bad that I don't live in Iowa, and I actually have a day job. But wouldn't it be classic if somebody would start showing up to all of Mike Up-Chuck-abee's events in something that looks like a HAZ-MAT suit, and whenever anybody asked he could say that his name was "HAZ-MAT HUCK" and that since the government refused to quarantine people with HIV and AIDS that he was just making sure that he didn't get HIV by standing next to anybody in the audience.

This kind of political maneuver is actually very effective. The Flip-Flops that followed John Kerry or the Flipper dolphin that one candidate went off on a few years ago and basically lost because of it. Usually College Republicans are pretty good at pulling this kind of stuff off.

Now, when John Edwards came to campaign here in Arizona back in 2004, I got everybody dressed as doctors in medical gowns with surgeon masks and make-shift handcuffs, and we had great fun with our: "Vote Ambulance Chaser!", "Ambulance Chaser Rules!", and my personal favorite "Sue Your Doctor Today!" chants.

I won't even feel bad when somebody else takes all of the credit for this if they can actually pull this one off. But "HAZ-MAT HUCK" has winner written all over it!


Anonymous said...

Huckabee's surge is different.

1. It's composed of people who were with Romney already, but looking out for 'better'.

2. It's composed of people (Evangelicals) who aren't thinking about all these other issues, just religion.

3. It's much stronger and already longer than Thompson's.

4. There's not much time left for these people to come to their senses.

Having said all that, I still think there is hope for Romney but it's fading. The longer Huckabee has this lead while still taking the well-founded criticism, the more invincible he will become.

But that's only with regard to the primaries. Huckabee will be a disaster for the GOP in the national election, either as a candidate or a spoiler who gets Guliani nominated. By extension, that's a disaster for America.

Anonymous said...

I have heard something along the lines of if a candidate in the Iowa primary gets less than 15%, those votes can be transferred to another candidate or those voters can vote again for a different candidate.

Is there any truth to this?

Big Jay said...


Good post - and GREAT LINKS.


rk said...

The 15% thing is only in the Democrat caucus. The Republicans just go and vote--no getting into corners or arguing for a certain candidate.

Anonymous said...

Huckabee is likely to win a landslide victory in Iowa. He is the real deal.

Romney is simply unelectable in general elections based on all polling data we've seen.

rk said...

Uh yeah, Mr. Anonymous. Huck's the real deal alright. He'd start spending and taxing and granting amnesty to illegals. The real deal scares me.

And why don't you spell out why Romney is unelectable?

Besides the fact that I think Romney is the most qualified and would make the best president of all the candidates, I would also love to see it come down to Romney v. Hillary so the conservative bigots out there would have to really squirm and wrestle with their intolerance.

Nealie Ride said...

Here's something to chew on, anonymous:

National Review Online endorses Mitt!

They clearly don't believe whatever "polling data" you've seen, suggesting Mitt's unelectable.

You Huck fans are now seeing the beginning of the end. Huck's now facing an avalanche of criticism that he's ducked till now. Nobody considered him electable until 1-2 months ago. And nobody started firing shots until 2-3 weeks ago.

He's going to be buried within 1-2 weeks. Enjoy the surge while you've got it!

Mormon girl afraid of Huckabee's fringe ideals... said...

Hang in there, Mitt, we are pulling for you!