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Thursday, December 06, 2007

"Doctors in the Lounge" Reaction to Romney's Speech

You've all heard of the "man on the street" reaction to current events, right? Well, I had the opportunity of catching most of Romney's speech (video and text) live in our doctor's lounge between surgical cases this morning.

Two other doctors and a CRNA were there too, one watching the tube, one reading a novel, and one perusing the paper while snacking. I watched their reactions as Romney got into his speech. The two that were reading put down their material and were watching within the first few minutes.

After a few minutes one asked: "Where was he Governor?"

"Massachusetts" I said.

"I thought so . . ."

"Yeah, he's giving this speech because many are wary of his Mormon faith, similar to JFK's Catholic speech in 1960." I explained.

"That's funny, I was just thinking that he reminded me of JFK" he repsonded.

Back to viewing. A few minutes later another spoke up:

"Wow, I'm glad that he's talking about this. He really seems to 'get it' as far as how neither religion nor government should dominate one another. Most politicians would be too scared to discuss this."

Nods all around . . . followed by more attentive viewing.

After Romney finished one doc commented how impressive he was, and well-spoken. I then confessed that I was a big Romney supporter and gave him my "shpeel" about why Romney is the best candidate.

"How would he be for the economy?" he asked. I spoke of his business background, commitment to free trade, and also that Barron's Online rated him as the best candidate on either side for the economy.

"I think I've decided who to support." he said.

More nods.


Scott said...

Nice Jeff! Every vote counts!
I wish I could move to Iowa just to vote for Mitt.

He's so qualified I just can't see why anyone would vote otherwise.

I've had 8 years of a good man and good faith for President. But as Pres.Bush, God bless him, has shown us--that's not enough. 95% of what the President does daily is executive work that doesn't even deal with social issues. And with Mitt he'll do the executive work extremely well as evidenced by his work history and history as Govenor.

And as for the 5% social issues the President can effect...well Mitt just addressed that today :) He'll do awesome with that too!!

Makeli said...

Great job Jeff! Doctors are always great centers of influence.

Anonymous said...

Alas, the GOPers that attend the caucuses aren't that interested in what their doctors say about much of anything; rather, it's the candidates themselves on the third or fourth cattle call that make the sale. And for Romney it is always that third or fourth call that brings the problem, he doesn't tend to remember the individuals he's trying to close.

Anonymous said...

Newsweek has Huckabee at 39% on the day of the speech. Iowa GOPers are making a poor choice. Huckabee isn't electable nationally nor is his record on the issues as conservative as Romney's.