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Monday, December 31, 2007


We need to determine which candidates are honorable and say what they mean and mean what they say; which candidates know how to make a promise and keep it, no matter what.

I remember back in 1992, as I looked at Bill Clinton, saying to anyone who would listen: If he can't keep his promises to his wife, why should we believe any of the promises he makes to us? And, sure enough, he was in office about 20 minutes before he was breaking promises to almost everyone.

(The only exception was his stand in favor of limitless abortion – which is what won him the silence of the so-called women's movement when he was committing perjury to conceal his exploitation of powerless women.)

His life already revealed his moral character, and we got the president we paid for.

In an election year, we can't possibly guess what future the president will be presiding over. But we can decide what kind of person will lead us through that future, and what moral principles will guide him.

Will it be the person who obviously took bribes but simply denies it?

The person who used public money to conceal an adulterous relationship?

The person who uses religious bigotry as a tool to bring down a front-runner, even as he claims to stand for constitutional values?

The person who claims to champion the poor, but treats ordinary people with disdain when he happens to run into them?

The person who kind of wants to be president but doesn't want to do any of the work required to actually get the office?

I remember commentators nodding wisely and saying that the "character issue" doesn't really matter. I shook my head in despair. If a candidate's character is bad, if they can't be trusted, what does it matter what he or she might promise us?

Look at their life, at their past, at what they actually do. That's how you find out the kind of person you're going to have in charge.


JA said...

For an eye-opening look at the real character of John McCain, read the article, "Free Ride: The Washington Media Love Him - Meet the Real John McCain". This article is written by Pat Murphy, former editor of the Arizona Republic, who has known and worked with McCain for years. Mr. Murphy recently wrote a letter to the Boston Globe questioning their endorsement of McCain because of his "worrisome weakness that is unsuitable for temper and petty intolerance for criticism". You will learn the truth about McCain in this article that the MSM does not want to report.

Lyle said...

I like the statement about taking bribes but denying it.

SGS (from mobile device) said...

Ja, there is another good article written by Ruffins (sp?) over at about McCain; specifically, how he has aligned with Democrats on many of important issues, since he lost his 2000 campaign. Patrick actually saved the articles from 2004 and 2005, and he was quoting them, showing how he actually worked with Democrats more than he did with the Republicans.

Since I am entering this comment from my mobile device, I could not go over there to get the link as easily as I would on a computer. I just want to point you over there for more evidences we can use against McCain. I have already announced (before I saw this article) that I won't vote for McCain or Huckabee if either one of them wins the nomination from this party.