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Saturday, September 06, 2008

McCain / Palin - Please Utilize Romney's Talents

Those who read my posts right as Mitt was getting out of the race may remember that I wasn't all that upset that it looked like McCain was going to take the nomination.

I was rooting for McCain back in 2000 versus George W. Bush. I would have been on the McCain team this time around if it were not for the fact that I fit squarely into the right demographics that get excited about someone like Romney. Articulate, brave, and able to look at all sides of an issue and come up with a solution that makes most of the stakeholders comfortable.The signature achievement that fits that description is the Massachusetts health care plan. It couldn't have taken place without support of the democrats in his state. But it wouldn't have happened if someone else was leading the effort. Romney took what is typically known as a democratic project, and worked on it so that Republicans saw it as something they could support too.

And I'm glad that McCain picked Palin as VP. I think Romney would have been a good pick, but there is a significant block of voters who do not agree with me, who would actually turn away from McCain if he chose Romney as VP. I don't think the GOP can risk it right now.

I'm sure I'm not the only Romney supporter who thinks McCain/Palin do a fantastic job speaking to ordinary non-elitist Americans. I think they've got something good going, and I'm pretty happy about it.

I support you McCain. You've got my vote. You've got my vote for two reasons. The supreme court, and nuclear power.

Supreme court first. I need the republicans to nominate and confirm at least 3 more supreme court justices. The supreme court was the one and only reason I voted for George W. Bush in 2004. As much as I am not crazy about him, Huckabee would have had my vote in a general election specifically so we don't have a democrat nominating / appointing judges.

Nuclear power second. Note to McCain and Palin: You guys hit all the right notes with me on energy policy. Keep talking like you've been talking, then govern like you're campaigning and you will have nothing but my profound thanks on this issue.

You've got my support. But you know what would make me happy? Once you're in office, put Mitt Romney somewhere where he can audit the federal budget. Put him on some task force where he can come up with creative solutions to getting Americans insured.

You've got my vote either way... But if you let everyone know what you're going to use Mitt Romney for in the McCain administration... I'll donate money to your campaign, and I'll actively campaign in your behalf.

One note on Huckabee. I've had some time to cool off.

I still don't appreciate the fact that he piggybacked on the Romney infrastructure to come in 2nd at the Ames Straw poll.

I still haven't forgotten the mean, dishonest and unfair tactics used by the Huckabee supporters to tear Romney apart (pastors4huckabee, all you people posting on the Huckabee for prez website comments sections, I'm thinking of you guys here).

I have noticed recent pot shots, Monday morning quarterbacking by Huckster on certain actions taken by Gov Romney in Mass on the issue of Gay Marriage. And I still don't appreciate it. I realize that all republicans don't see this issue the same way, nor do all republicans agree on what to do about it. But don't you guys realize that without someone handling the situation EXACTLY like Gov Romney handled it, Gay marriage would be legal throughout the entire country?

All the same. Huckabee can be a valuable ally in the Republican party. I saw Huckabee on the Daily Show the other day. He handled it really well. I think I'd be scared for Romney to go on a show like that. Maybe he'd handle it with finesse like almost everything else he does, but I'm not so sure.

Huckabee does a really really good job connecting with small town America. Okay Romney supporters here's a question. Who would do better going down to Louisiana to show support, and provide relief to flood victims? How about connecting with families who are worried about home foreclosure? Huckabee is much better suited for stuff like that. I still tend to think that a Romney Huckabee ticket could have been a good thing. But America isn't there yet. Mormons and Evangelical Christians are too much like oil and water. Unfortunately. One day I hope that changes, I really do.

Back to McCain... I'll be curious to know how you're going to put to use all of the talent of your primary competitors. Rudy Giuliani really has some chops, as do the rest of the GOP primary drop outs.

Congratulations to you, and again, you've got my support.

Best Regards

Big Jay