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Sunday, December 09, 2007

HuClemency's Record: Not just Dumond . . . Disturbing And Compiling Evidence of Regligious Nepotism By Huckabee in Releasing Dangerous Criminals

The evidence is mounting and it's becoming clearer and clearer that Huckabee (who may now go by the name of "HuClemency") is guilty of religious nepotism to the exclusion of a safe society. You probably saw my post about the fact that rapist turned murderer Wayne Dumond was paroled largely because Huckabee and Dumond's pastor believed that he had been "Born Again"

But now there's more disturbing evidence:
Gov. Huckabee probably never read the confession of a demented killer named Glen Green before he made the monster eligible for parole.

Green's confession is so depraved, its sadistic details so scary that no sane, responsible adult would consider him for parole.

If the governor didn't read the confession, he is guilty of dereliction of duty.

But if he read the confession and still considers Green deserving of parole, he's certainly unfit to hold office. Who would free a madman who beat an 18-year-old woman with Chinese martial-arts sticks, raped her as she barely clung to life, ran over her with his car, then dumped her in the bayou . . .

In usual fashion, Huckabee's office didn't even contact the victim's family about the clemency.

Although he's required to by the Constitution, the governor, as is his custom, won't say why he granted clemency to this crazed killer (over the unanimous objections of the Post-Prison Transfer Board).

Huckabee apparently listened to Green's minister (and a friend of the governor), who thinks the murder was an accident and Green was forced to confess.

The Jacksonville police, who arrested Green in 1974 after a witness linked him to the crime, think the minister and Huckabee are both delusional, which is the mildest epitaph we can print.

This old police reporter knows a genuine confession when he sees one, and Green's depravity has the ring of truth.
The full story has more disturbing details. Another report confirms the veracity of these claims. And the Parole Board's recommendation that this request for Clemency was "Without Merit" . . . but that didn't stop Huckabee from taking the word of this killers Minister over the professionals.

P.S. I'm getting this stuff from a thread at Race 4 2008 where a well-known Fred Thompson Supporter (Tommy Oliver) is posting the links in the following comment thread (Look's like Fred's Opposition Research Team as been working overtime, eh?)

Huckabee says redemption a factor in clemency decisions
Thursday, Jul 22, 2004

By David Robinson
Arkansas News Bureau

LITTLE ROCK - Gov. Mike Huckabee said Wednesday that his religious background and belief in redemption played a key role in the high number of state prisoners he has pardoned or turned loose early.

"I would not deny that my sense of the reality of redemption is a factor," the former Baptist pastor said in a radio interview with KUAR in Little Rock. "And I don't know that I can apologize for that because I would hate to think of the kind of human I would be if I thought people were beyond forgiveness and beyond reformation and beyond some sense of improvement."

. . .

Huckabee two weeks ago issued proclamations granting clemency for Denver Witham, who is serving life in prison for a 1974 murder in Saline County, and for John H. Claiborne, who is serving 375 years in prison for a 1994 kidnapping and armed robbery conviction in Pulaski County. Both men are still in state custody and are waiting parole hearings before the state Post Prison Transfer Board. A board spokeswoman said those hearings probably would be in August.

Jegley said last week that he decided to write Huckabee after talking to the son of the victims who were kidnapped and robbed by Claiborne.

The son said his mother is still alive and is "scared to death" that Claiborne may be released soon, Jegley said.

Based on information from the secretary of state's office, Jegley said Huckabee has granted 669 clemencies since he became governor in 1996. The previous three governors, Bill Clinton, Frank White and Jim Guy Tucker, granted a total of 507 clemencies during their 18 years in office, he said.
I wonder how many of Huck's Clemency's were based on the word of Muslim Clerics that the violent criminals had "found religion" in Islam . . . or did non-Christian or even non-Born Again Evangelical converts face a "need not apply" policy for clemency? Would be interesting to know, eh?


David said...

What many well-intentioned Christians don't realize is that ultimately forgiveness is between God and the transgressor and what's at stake is eternity.

To let a murderer/rapist go free in the name of Christ under the principle of "forgiveness" is a travesty. The Governor does not have the right to "forgive" a violent felon and whether they spend their life behind bars or in the outside world is frankly irrelevant to the question of salvation.

I am very fearful of a man who gets these sorts of concepts confused. Huckabee's judgement is completely suspect.

Romney rejected all requests for clemency while governor (over 100 of them). That is the right approach unless there is proof positive evidence of wrongful conviction (i.e. the guy didn't do it). For jailhouse conversions and being "born again" we should rejoice for the man's soul and he should be thankful that he can serve out the rest of his term at peace with himself. Keeping him in prison won't keep him out of heaven.

Zeus King of the Gods said...


As you point out, very persuasively I might add - Up-Chuck-abee is attempting to pardon sins. Kinda funny how many times the guy seems to deify himself and play the role of Jesus. "Huckabee feeds the 5000 with 2 loaves." "God is the only reason Huckabee is rising in the polls." Huckabee is the "CHRISTIAN LEADER" (I used to always think that Jesus of Nazareth was the "CHRISTIAN LEADER"), and on and on and on.

I'm really starting to think that Mike Up-Chuck-abee believes that he is either A) the Son of God or B) God Himself. Scary! Scary! Indeed.

Zeus King of the Gods said...

And once again...

I've got $20 for the best cartoon or photoshop of Up-Chuck-abee in a Haz-Mat suit talking to a group of people at his "AIDS Land" resort. "Haz-Mat Huck" has such a great ring to it! Don't ya think? Email entries to

Big Jay said...

I've been saying this for the last 6 months, first with Fred Thompson, and now with Mike Huckabee. A surge in the polls results in increased scrutiny. Some candidates can withstand it, some can't. How many areas of scandal are people going to put up with in regards to this guy? First he takes over 100K in gifts, uses the state emergency funds to destroy hard drives, has questionable judgment in regards to the prison system, endorses the biggest regressive tax ever, has a terrible record in regard to immigration.

Prediction - this isn't the end of the scandal.

The GOP has an image problem guys! The majority of the scandals since Bill and Monica have been REPUBLICAN scandals.

Mitt Romney solves the image problem instantly, he's clean as a whistle.

The GOP has a fiscal image problem. All the major spending since Clinton was in office has been a result of Republicans!

Mitt Romney is the best budget balancer of his generation.

The GOP has a competency problem. Hurricane Katrina did not happen under Clinton's watch.

Everything Mitt Romney touches goes well. He's got the midas touch.

Jeff - how about some posts about this stuff? Huckabee will hang himself. Let's remind our readers why Mitt Romney is better.

Louise said...

Is anyone in the MSM reporting this? If not, Jeff, how can we spread the word? This is a serious issue that voters need to consider, and before Jan. 3 (actually, before Dec. 23). A president must not just protect us from what is outside our borders but also from what is inside. And in Huckabee's case it sounds like we need to be protected from some of his overly compassionate and misguided religious views.

Anonymous said...

While I think this is a great issue against Huckabee, I think Americans are largely innoculated against it because it's already been used (Willie Horton).