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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Guest Blog: It's the SUBSTANCE that matters

Shane Hopkins chimes in with what he likes about Romney:
Having left Iowa for post-graduate training in New York, I can only watch the fun of the Iowa contest from a distance. I've long since learned that Romney is the best person to lead our country, based on the entire complement of his personal characteristics, abilities, and views.

But it's been painful to watch the news coverage!

Over and over again Mitt has been painted as a charlatan with cynical strokes of the journalist pen. Some seem to forget the golden rule of treating someone as you'd like to be treated--give him the benefit of the doubt until you get the whole story! I've been watching the news feeds for many weeks now, and it's just gone on and on in a head-shaking show of he-said-she-said perpetuated cynicism.

Well, the Mitt I've seen is as genuine as they come. He's so genuine, in fact, that many think he's too good to be true. He's not.

He really is that brilliant, that family-oriented, that capable.

And yet, as the media reports press on, I find the subtle phrasing to always cast everything into doubt, assume that everything is contrived and duplicitous and calculated for nothing more than political ambition. What a sad state of our collective minds.

I could provide example after example (and initially thought I would quote them), but I'll leave this on a positive note instead. I was happy to see this refreshingly upbeat assessment of Romney.
...But then Romney has been masterful in everything he has attempted. It is not insignificant that this cum laude JD/MBA graduate of Harvard guided Bain Capital to become a hugely successful private equity investment firm and rescued Bain & Company from financial collapse. Romney was brought in to save the 2002 Winter Olympics when the games were mired in scandal and $379 million in debt. Romney was able to turn the situation around completely so that the games actually turned a $100 million profit instead. (He also gave back his salary.) That's not slick, that's substance.

Let's take a minute to forget about keeping score in the very political part of the political process. Step back from the sound bites and the ad hominem and the pundit analysis to see where there's objective evidence of greatness. That evidence can be found in many of the candidates, I believe, but nowhere more abundantly than in Gov. Romney's character, optimism, and plan for positive change in America.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that Mitt's got the substance that no other candidate on either side has.

Thanks for sharing.