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Monday, December 31, 2007

Huckabee tapes ad, doesn't show it, then shows it???

Today the Huck held a press conference and said that he had taped a negative ad against Mitt Romney, but then said he would be the "better man" and not air the commercial, but then he played the commercial to all the press at the press conference. I saw it on NBC news at 5:30 pm. I am still trying to find the video online. If you have it, paste the URL in a comment.
Guess what, Huck, that's the same thing as airing the ad. Now all the press are airing out the ad like laundry. Way to shoot yourself in your foot, Mike. Ummmm.... is anyone else as confused as I am. Is he thinking this will drum up support for him? Or is he throwing the election because he bet his salary on himself losing? You can't have that cake and eat it, too. Example given: You can't walk into a bank, and say "I don't have a gun, and I am not robbing this bank" and then slip a note to the teller damanding all the money". It is still technically robbing a bank.


Great New Romney Ad: "Everywhere"

Solid "closing argument" for Romney . . . entitled "Everywhere":

Guest Blog: Why I Support Mitt Romney for President

From a Romney Supporter (who lives and works in Waukee Iowa):

For disclosure sake, my career is no longer made in the world of politics, but I feel so strongly about Mitt Romney, I am inclined to write this email this evening. As a friend and acquaintance, I want to tell you a little about why I am supporting Governor Romney for President. I first met Mitt Romney during the 2004 campaign when he was in Iowa campaigning for President Bush. I was immediately impressed by him, and as 2006 neared and it looked as though he might be thinking of running for President I did some extensive research on him. And, I liked what I found.

I found he was successful in business. His business was to fix broken businesses. He got so good at it, the 2002 Olympics called upon him to fix the Olympics when they were $379 million in debt. Mitt Romney came in and applied the same business models he had used in business to help fix the broken structure of the Olympics, and I think we all remember how successful the 2002 Olympics were, just months after 9/11. His success in the Olympics drew the eye of many at home in Massachusetts, and they asked him to run for Governor. Massachusetts faced immense problems, including a $3 billion debt. Mitt Romney was elected, and applied the same models he had in business, and at the Olympics, and he fixed the problems of Massachusetts without raising taxes or borrowing money, in a state with an 85% democrat legislature. He turned the deficit into a surplus and he put in place private sector health care for all citizens of Massachusetts without raising taxes. His fiscal conservative principles prevailed and turned Massachusetts back around, and got them on the right path again. He also improved the schools to become the best in the nation, stood up for traditional marriage and fought the Supreme Court to preserve marriage as being between one man and one woman only. He stood for life in Massachusetts, where it wasn’t the popular thing to do; but he stood for life because it was the right thing to do. He believes strongly like me that we need to secure our borders, and that children that come to America legally are taught in English.

Over the last couple of years I have gotten to know Mitt Romney as a man of character and integrity. He believes in Strong Families, Strong Economy and a Strong Military. He believes in what we believe in as Iowans; faith, family, hard work and Midwestern values. He has an outstanding record of accomplishment in terms of standing up for Republican values in one of the most liberal parts of America, and proving that Republican principals work. These are just a few reasons why I feel he should be our parties’ nominee. I hope you will help to make him our parties’ nominee by showing up Thursday evening and casting your vote for Mitt Romney in the Iowa Caucus. If you do that, he will be our nominee, and the next President of the United States.

Thanks, and I hope you caucus for Governor Mitt Romney this Thursday evening!


We need to determine which candidates are honorable and say what they mean and mean what they say; which candidates know how to make a promise and keep it, no matter what.

I remember back in 1992, as I looked at Bill Clinton, saying to anyone who would listen: If he can't keep his promises to his wife, why should we believe any of the promises he makes to us? And, sure enough, he was in office about 20 minutes before he was breaking promises to almost everyone.

(The only exception was his stand in favor of limitless abortion – which is what won him the silence of the so-called women's movement when he was committing perjury to conceal his exploitation of powerless women.)

His life already revealed his moral character, and we got the president we paid for.

In an election year, we can't possibly guess what future the president will be presiding over. But we can decide what kind of person will lead us through that future, and what moral principles will guide him.

Will it be the person who obviously took bribes but simply denies it?

The person who used public money to conceal an adulterous relationship?

The person who uses religious bigotry as a tool to bring down a front-runner, even as he claims to stand for constitutional values?

The person who claims to champion the poor, but treats ordinary people with disdain when he happens to run into them?

The person who kind of wants to be president but doesn't want to do any of the work required to actually get the office?

I remember commentators nodding wisely and saying that the "character issue" doesn't really matter. I shook my head in despair. If a candidate's character is bad, if they can't be trusted, what does it matter what he or she might promise us?

Look at their life, at their past, at what they actually do. That's how you find out the kind of person you're going to have in charge.

Mitt visits Iowa City at the Hamburg Inn

Mitt Romney stopped thru Iowa City today for a visit at the famous Hamburg Inn restaurant. There were a ton of supporters that turned out, and the amazing thing is that I didn't recognize the majority of them from our other visits. There are Mitt supporters coming out of the woodwork!

Mitt speaking to a local supporter, with our Johnson County Chair in the background!

Mitt and Ann with owner of the Hamburg Inn No. 2

Media Madness!

A supporter and his youngster grabbing a photo op with the future President and First Lady!

A local news station had a video story on the visit today (click here for video), and got some great supporter comments. They highlighted that Huckabee is trying to get some sympathy for being "attacked" and tried to call out Mitt as having run "attack ads" and being "dishonest". Fact remains, Huckabee won't answer to the information in the ads, he'd rather not face the truth, and instead divert attention elsewhere. A local supporter, Stephen Hunter, said it best that "they aren't attack ads, they are comparative and informative". The fact remains, Romney has not attacked anyone's character. Only Huckabee is doing that now. (See story)

Mitt's Iowa polling numbers have now topped over Huckabee in the latest ARG poll, Mitt at 32% and Huckabee at 23%, and Huckabee is resorting to personal attacks about Mitt's "honesty" now, and trying to pull the "victim" card. He's even trying to make an alliance with McCain for some reason. He's as desperate looking as Hilary pulling the "woman" card with her campaign. Ugh! 4 more days. 4 MORE DAYS!

Update on the Mitt Stocking : it's now been signed. Awesome!
If anyone needs info on where to go to vote for Mitt Romney on Thursday, call the campaign office at
And remember to bring 5 friends to the caucus for Mitt!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mitt Romney is Dishonest

Or so says Mike Huckabee.

For what it's worth here is the fact check from responding to Huckabee on Meet the Press.

Here is another one setting the record straight on Huckabee's questioning whether or not Mitt can be trusted on abortion or gun rights.

Here's what I'd like from Mike Huckabee. Stick to the issues. If you're going to call Mitt Romney dishonest, you'd better POINT OUT AN ACTUAL EXAMPLE of where he was dishonest.

Here's a two minute video of Mike Huckabee where he never once gets down to the substance of Romney's criticism of his record. He just calls Mitt Romney dishonest and mean.

If he stoops to personal attacks like calling his opponent dishonest he better have something to back it up with.

Mike Huckabee - did you grant 1033 commutations and pardons during your time as governor? If not, what is the actual number of commutations and pardons?

Mike Huckabee - did the Arkansas budget go from 6 billion dollars to 16 billion dollars during your time as governor? If not, what is that actual dollar amount your budget increased during your time as governor?

Mike Huckabee - did you lessen the mandatory sentences for meth dealers, or increase the sentences for meth dealers? Give me some specifics.

What happens when you do a simple fact check on Mike Huckabee's statements about his own record?

Caucus Primer

Due to some technical difficulties, this is a re-post, but a very important one.

We have 4 days to bring along as many voters to caucus for Mitt. Remember this is an extremely tight race, and your vote counts.

Republican caucuses differ from democratic caucuses in Iowa in one important way. Voters show up to caucus, write the name of who they are supporting on a confidential ballot, the votes are counted and that's it. (In the democratic caucus, there is a viability test, and if your candidate does not get enough votes you've got to choose someone else to vote for, which tends to lead to a lot of arguing.)

Follow this link -

Once you find out your precinct: WHERE DO YOU CAUCUS? A lot of people think they just show up to caucus where they usually go to vote. Not true. Follow this link to find out where your caucus location is:
You just click on your county, and find your precinct.

SHOW UP TO CAUCUS - Caucus starts at 7:00. You have to be on time. It's best to show up early.

Vote for your candidate. The process takes around 30 minutes. If you have small children, they are welcome at the event (they can't vote) so feel free to bring them along.

If you are not already registered to vote, try to show up by at least 6:30. YOU CAN REGISTER TO VOTE AT THE CAUCUS. I personally know a few students who have lived in Iowa for a few years, and have an out of state drivers license. Doesn't matter. Bring your out of state drivers license, AND A UTILITY BILL. Get registered, no problem.

If you are 17 years old, but will be 18 by the end of October 2008, you can caucus! Come to the caucus, and get registered. If your child is old enough to caucus, encourage them to participate in the process.

Remember that this is America and we all have a right to vote for anyone we want. If somebody supports a candidate you disagree with... remember that it is the candidate you disagree with. Don't show contempt for the supporters of any particular candidate. There are a lot of reasons someone may be supporting a different candidate. You don't know the reasons. The caucus is not the time to get in an argument with anyone. At this point of the game the philosophical arguments are basically over. It's time to tally the votes. Don't do anything mean spirited, or unprofessional in support of your candidate. Remember, on January 4th, somebody will have won, and somebody will have come in 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc... You don't have control of that. You have control of your vote, and your personal actions.

I was at a Mitt Romney rally tonight in Bettendorf. I had some Mormons with me. The consensus was that there weren't hardly any Mormons at the rally. Other than Ann and Mitt. That's good, Mitt has a solid base of support in Iowa.

In each precinct the Romney team has come up with a goal number of votes. In my precinct the goal is 42 votes. That is not very many votes. You can make a huge difference in your precinct if you make the decision to show up and support Mitt. You can also make a huge difference if you bring along somebody to the caucus.

If you own a magical weather machine - arrange for bad weather in Western Iowa.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Romney's Next Iowa Swing!!

Mitt Romney's Strong America Bus Tour

Please Join Governor Mitt Romney as he travels across Iowa to discuss his vision for America . He will be visiting the Hamburg Inn restaurant on Linn Street in Iowa City on Sunday 12/30/07 at 1:30 pm. Please come out and show your support for Governor Romney at the Hamburg Inn! It is a great opportunity to meet Governor Romney before the Iowa caucuses on January 3 rd. Bring a friend, too! (Full list of other campaign stops throughout the state are listed below as well).

Please RSVP by e-mailing or calling 866-505-2008

Saturday, December 29th

*With special guest Senator Jim Tallent

8:45AM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Altoona

Coffee House Hollander, 3770 Eighth St. SW , Suite J, Altoona

10:00AM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Newton

Midtown Café, 120 1st St. N. , Newton

11:45AM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Pella

Smokey Row Coffee House, 639 Franklin St . , Pella

1:45PM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Oskaloosa

Smokey Row Coffee House, 109 S Market St . , Oskaloosa

3:15PM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Ottumwa

Bridgeview Center , Meeting Rooms, 102 Church St . , Ottumwa

6:15PM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Burlington --Caucus Rally

Burlington Golf Club, 2124 Sunnyside Ave. , Burlington

Sunday, December 30th

*With special guest Mrs. Ann Romney

12:00PM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Columbus Junction

Columbus Civic Center, 232 2nd St. , Columbus Junction

1:30PM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Iowa City

Hamburg Inn, 214 N Linn St . , Iowa City

3:00PM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Mt. Vernon

Fuel and Nest, 103 1st St. E. , Mt. Vernon

4:30PM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Moscow

The Cove, 1288 307th St . , Moscow

6:45PM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Bettendorf --Caucus Rally

The Lodge, Mozart Room, I-74 at Spruce Hills Dr . , Bettendorf

Monday, December 31st

*With special guest Congressman Bob Beauprez

8:00AM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Clinton

Happy Joe's, 408 S 1st St . , Clinton

10:00AM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Bellevue

Potter's Mill, 300 Potter Dr . , Bellevue

12:15PM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Dubuque

Midway Hotel, Julien Room, 3100 Dodge St . , Dubuque

2:15PM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Manchester

Cedar Lodge, 205 S 12th St . , Manchester

3:30PM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Independence

Bill's Pizza and Smoke House, 201 1st St. W. , Independence

5:45PM Mitt Romney's "Strong America" Bus Stop in Waterloo --Caucus Rally

Galleria De Paco Lounge Space, 622 Commercial St . , Waterloo

Vote For Romney!!

Go over to The Real Sporer and Vote for Mitt in the poll on the left sidebar.
(and Cyclone Conservatives has a poll to and Don over there always has some astute analysis)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

On the Media and the GOP Primary

This has been a very interesting race to watch. Within the last few weeks two GOP candidates (Mike Huckabee and John McCain) have come from relative obscurity and into contention for the nomination. They had both spent months on end out of the media limelight (cross-hairs) that usually accompanies the GOP front-runner(s) . It's like they've been drafting at the back of the pack of cyclists, without ever taking their turn up front where the pedaling is more difficult. Having evaded the negative headlines for months has proven beneficial for both.

Much has been said/argued about Huckabee's rise . . . and it's clear that the DNC/MSM axis has held much of their fire seeing him as an "easy kill" in a general election. But what of McCain?

McCain's rise was PRECEDED by newspaper endorsements from the Des Moines Register, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and the New Hampshire Union-Leader. TV and print journalists were obviously impressed and joined on the "comeback-kid" praise McCain bandwagon. Thomas Alan at to Romney expanded on how the McCain surge has been completely media created and driven. The editorial boards in New Hampshire have praised McCain and bashed Romney with regularity over the last week. And don't even get me started on how cable news outlets have been fanning the flames of McCain's surge and shouting nothing but negativity about Romney.

Does the MSM have power? Of course they do, but how they choose to wield it is the more important point. They know they have power/influence. As proof, just today I saw Chuck Todd (NBC's political director) actually admit on Hardball with Chris Matthews: "If John McCain comes in third in Iowa, we in the media, will carry him to a win in New Hampshire." (his assumption was that Huckabee would beat Romney in Iowa). That arrogance just inflames me.

But isn't there an inherent danger in being a media-created contender? Do we want to choose a nominee that has the media constantly plugging and defending them during the GOP primary? If they're in need of it now to rise in the polls do you think they can count on that during the general election? Absolutely not! The same media that is pumping McCain in NH and elsewhere is not going to be behind him if he's the nominee. You can take that one to the bank.

Instead, how about having a candidate that's been routinely savaged by the media with personal character attacks, gross distortions of his record, and misleading propaganda? How about one that has been has been target #1 for the DNC (drawing more press-release attacks than McCain, Thompson and Huckabee COMBINED!)? Maybe the one who has been THE MAIN TARGET OF EVERY OTHER GOP CANDIDATE FOR MONTHS ON END? Or one that has yet to draw an endorsement from a liberal newspaper's editorial board? Which do you think will have a better chance in the general election . . . the one who's a front-runner DESPITE the MSM coverage or the one(s) that's a challenger BECAUSE of the MSM coverage? I think the answer to that is clear. I'd want the guy who's truly battle-tested.

I can only hope that the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire can see thorough the MSM's distortions and look at the actual records and capabilities of the candidates. If they do that, it's clear to see that Romney will win in a landslide.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Romney Christmas Surprise

I have the coolest Christmas Stocking ever! My sister made this for me and surprised me with it on Christmas Morning filled with wonderful gifts! Best sister ever! You are all free to be jealous now......

Iowa City Press-Citizen half-endorses Huckabee? They are playing by the DNC rules again

The Iowa City Press-Citizen half-endorsed Huckabee. (click here for full text of that so-called-half-endorsement) How does that work? Let me explain.
First start out with the fact that you are a well known liberal newspaper, and you are willing to follow the DNC's rules regarding all positive press for Huckabee.
Second, get your feelings hurt that no other candidates besides Ron Paul took the time for a phone interview with your editor's board (not a surprise considering the newspapers leftist reputation). Take a look at who did speak with them: Huckabee who is benefiting from the lefty media to boost his campaign, and Paul who is harvesting much of his support from disgruntled democrats anyways).
Third, come to an agreement that you as a newspaper will endorse Huckabee.
Fourth, realize that he's a terrible candidate anyways, and include a list of bad attributes in the endorsement to accompany the good aspects. What?? This is where I get lost. Anyone who is not 100% behind someone doesn't really count as an endorsement in my mind.
Fifth, have the lack of judgement to publish all of this for everyone to read.

The outcome:
A. Their loyal media zombies (those who believe anything in a paper or on the network news) who read the paper will feel good about themselves for being a democrat, knowing that the GOP doesn't have a single candidate worthy of a full endorsement.
B. The conservative media zombies who read and who don't know who to vote for yet will want to vote for the Huck, and will possibly take the time to skip the Orange Bowl and go out to vote (if they can find their precinct due to a lack of info on that aspect of caucusing).
C. The true conservatives saw this shenanigan coming from 3 weeks ago and sit back for a chuckle as they watch the media try to set up a sure-fire-win in 2008 by foolishly pushing Huckabee to the front of the presidential Lunch Line! Those same true conservatives have Mitt Romney set in their minds and have been active in this process since the straw poll, and know exactly when and where to go on 1/3/08 to cast their vote for Mitt Romney. Those same voters know what else to do that night after the voting to ensure a solid win for Romney in Iowa!


Monday, December 24, 2007

The True Fiscal Conservative in the Race . . . Mitt Romney

A Press Release From the Campaign

Governor Mitt Romney:
"I don't think that the Democrats are right when they say that they're planning on raising taxes, that'll somehow make us stronger. I think that'll hurt our economy. Raising taxes slows the economy down. I want to keep taxes down. That was the first lesson of Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan 101: bring taxes down, that will grow the economy and allow us to have better jobs and a better future. And so I want to keep our taxes down." (Gov. Mitt Romney, Remarks, Conway, NH, 12/22/07)

Governor Romney Has A Record Of Fighting For Lower Taxes In Massachusetts:

The Club For Growth: Governor Romney's Record Includes "Solid Efforts To Promote Pro-Growth Tax Policy." "That said, Governor Romney's single term contained some solid efforts to promote pro-growth tax policy." (The Club For Growth, "Mitt Romney's Record On Economic Issues," Press Release, 8/21/07)

- Massachusetts Citizens For Limited Taxation Executive Director Barbara Anderson: "There was no one else out on the horizon and with the legislature almost entirely Democratic, we felt it was necessary to have a grown-up in the corner office. ... And we were right to back him. He's been a really good friend to the taxpayers." (Shawn Macomber, "Mighty Mitt Romney," The American Spectator, 3/06)

- Beacon Hill Institute Executive Director David Terck: Governor Romney Did "Hold The Line On Taxes In Every Significant Sense." (Fox News' "Journal Editorial Report," 3/31/07)

CAPITAL GAINS TAXES: Governor Romney Turned The Legislature's $250 Million Retroactive Capital Gains Tax Increase Into A $250 Million Tax Refund. (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At The Conservative Political Action Conference, Washington, D.C., 3/2/07)

INVESTMENT TAX CREDIT: Governor Romney Signed An Economic Stimulus Package Making The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Permanent. (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Romney Signs Economic Stimulus, Supplemental Budget Bills," Press Release, 11/26/03)

PROPERTY TAX RELIEF: Governor Romney Proposed And Signed Legislation Providing Property Tax Relief To Senior Citizens, Enabling Them To Keep Their Homes. (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Romney Signs Bill To Give Seniors Tax Relief," Press Release, 11/20/05)

2004 SALES TAX HOLIDAY: Governor Romney Enacted The State's First-Ever Sales Tax Holiday In 2004. (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Romney Promotes Tax-Free Shopping Day On Saturday," Press Release, 8/14/04)

2005 SALES TAX HOLIDAY: Governor Romney Enacted A Second Sales Tax Holiday. (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Romney, Dimasi, Hart Promote Tax-Free Shopping Weekend," Press Release, 8/14/0)

BIOTECH MANUFACTURING JOBS TAX REBATE: Governor Romney Proposed And Enacted A Tax Rebate For Manufacturing Jobs Created In The Biotechnology, Life Sciences And Medical Device Fields. (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Romney Signs Economic Stimulus, Supplemental Budget Bills," Press Release, 11/26/03)

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT TAX CREDIT: Governor Romney Proposed And Enacted An Expansion Of The Research And Development Tax Credit. (Jay Fitzgerald, "Gov Nearly Halves Package; Rebellious Legislators Vow To Override Stimulus Vetoes," The Boston Herald, 11/27/03)

LOW-INCOME HOUSING TAX CREDIT: Governor Romney Extended The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. (Jessica Fargen, "Romney Pegs Courthouses For Repair Money," The Patriot Ledger, 8/11/04)

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS TAX RELIEF: Governor Romney Ended The Prescription Drug Tax Which Fell Disproportionately On Seniors. (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Romney Signs No New Tax Budget In Time For New Fiscal Year," Press Release, 6/30/03)

COMMUTER TAX RELIEF: Governor Romney Signed Legislation Allowing Commuters To Deduct Transportation Costs From Their Income Taxes. (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Governor Romney Signs $25.2 Billion FY 2007 State Budget," Press Release, 7/8/06)

VETERANS TAX RELIEF: Governor Romney Signed Legislation Providing Disabled Massachusetts Veterans With Extensive Tax Exemptions. (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Romney Expands Tax Benefits For Disabled Veterans," Press Release, 8/14/06)

HOME HEATING OIL DEDUCTION/ENERGY EFFICIENT CREDIT: Governor Romney Signed Legislation Giving Homeowners A Deduction Of Up To $800 For Home Heating Costs And Providing A One-Time Credit For Homeowners Who Purchase Energy Efficient Heating Products. (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Romney Signs Legislation To Provide Energy Price Relief And Increase Conservation," Press Release, 11/22/05)

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Governor Romney Proposed And Enacted A Refundable Tax Credit To Promote Development At The Former Fort Devens U.S. Army Base. (Stephen Heuser, "$660M Drug Plant, 550 Jobs For Mass.," The Boston Globe, 6/2/06)

FIRE SAFETY TAX DEDUCTION: Governor Romney Proposed And Enacted A Tax Deduction For Businesses Installing Automatic Sprinkler Systems To Enhance Fire Safety. (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Romney Signs Into Law Landmark Fire Safety Legislation," Press Release, 8/17/04)

CONFORMITY TO FEDERAL INCOME TAX CODE: Under Governor Romney, Massachusetts Was Brought Into Conformity With The Federal Code, Providing Massachusetts Taxpayers With A Range Of Credits, Exemptions and Deductions Previously Unavailable To Them. (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Romney Urges Taxpayers To File For New Tax Breaks," Press Release, 1/24/06)

MEDICAL DEVICE TAX CREDIT: Governor Romney Enacted Legislation Providing A Tax Credit For User Fees Paid By Medical Device Manufacturers to The U.S. Food And Drug Administration. (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "Romney Expands Tax Benefits For Disabled Veterans," Press Release, 8/14/06)

MOTION PICTURE TAX CREDIT: Governor Romney Signed Legislation Providing Tax Incentives For Movie And Television Production In Massachusetts. (Office Of Governor Mitt Romney, "'Lights, Camera, Action!' In Massachusetts," Press Release, 11/23/05)

BROWNFIELD REDEVELOPMENT TAX CREDIT EXTENTION: Governor Romney Signed Legislation Extending The Tax Credit For Brownfield Site Redevelopment. ("Campaign Notes," The Berkshire Eagle, 7/8/06)

HISTORIC REHABILITATION TAX CREDIT: Under Governor Romney, The Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Was Created Which Provides A Tax Credit For The Renovation Of Historic Buildings. (The General Court Of The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts, Chapter 141 Of The Acts Of 2003, "An Act Relative To Investments In Emerging Technologies To Promote Job Creation, Economic Stability And Competitiveness In The Massachusetts Economy")

Governor Romney Has Proposed A Pro-Growth Tax Agenda That Includes:

Making The Bush Tax Cuts Permanent. Governor Romney believes making the Bush Tax Cuts permanent is the first step to ensuring that Americans are able to keep more of their hard-earned money. (Romney For President, "Strategy For A Stronger America: A Conservative Blueprint To Lower Taxes," Press Release, 10/4/07)

Rolling Back Tax Rates Across The Board For All Americans. As President, Governor Romney will cut marginal tax rates across the board, allowing all Americans to save more money. This approach is fair, simple and extends the pro-growth benefits of tax rate cuts to all Americans. (Romney For President, "Strategy For A Stronger America: A Conservative Blueprint To Lower Taxes," Press Release, 10/4/07)

Making Middle Class Savings Tax Free. Governor Romney's plan will allow middle class Americans to save tax free by changing the tax rate on interest, capital gains and dividends to absolutely 0%. By helping more Americans save and invest, we can meet the challenges of an aging population and ensure the financial security of America. (Romney For President, "Strategy For A Stronger America: A Conservative Blueprint To Lower Taxes," Press Release, 10/4/07)

Killing The Death Tax. It is unfair to tax the American people three times: once when they earn their money; second when they invest it and receive income from those investments; and third when they die. (Romney For President, "Strategy For A Stronger America: A Conservative Blueprint To Lower Taxes," Press Release, 10/4/07)

Making Our Corporate Tax Rate Must Be Competitive With The Rest Of The World. The United States has the second highest corporate tax rate in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. We simply cannot afford for future economic growth to have a tax rate that is out of alignment with the other major economies of the world. (Romney For President, "Strategy For A Stronger America: A Conservative Blueprint To Lower Taxes," Press Release, 10/4/07)

Opposing Any Increase In Social Security Taxes. We can strengthen Social Security without resorting to higher Social Security taxes that will impact all Americans. Governor Romney will oppose any proposed increase in Social Security taxes. (Romney For President, "Strategy For A Stronger America: A Conservative Blueprint To Lower Taxes," Press Release, 10/4/07)

Making Qualified Medical Expenses Tax Deductible. Governor Romney supports the full deductibility of qualified medical expenses, which will allow Americans to deduct the cost of their health insurance and out-of-pocket medical expenses, where accompanied by at least catastrophic insurance. (Romney For President, "Strategy For A Stronger America: A Conservative Blueprint To Lower Taxes," Press Release, 10/4/07)

Preventing The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) From Hurting More American Families. At the very least, Congress must pass a patch to the AMT that will prevent this tax from affecting more and more families in America. (Romney For President, "Strategy For A Stronger America: Real Conservative Solutions," Press Release, 12/13/07)

Governor Romney Has Always Supported The Bush Tax Cuts:

Governor Romney Called The President's Tax Relief A "Powerful" Economic Tool. "Like Rhode Island, Massachusetts is heavily Democratic; John Kerry of the Bay State will sweep both places in November. I asked Romney how it helps Massachusetts that Bush is president. 'It helps America to have George Bush as president, and Massachusetts is part of America – still,' he chuckled. He said Bush, using the 'powerful' tool of a tax cut, has worked hard to stimulate the economy." (Charles Bakst, "Mitt Romney To Have His Moment In The GOP Spotlight," The Providence Journal, 8/31/04)

At The Republican National Convention, Governor Romney Praised Fiscally Conservative Government That "Leaves More Money In The Hands Of The Taxpayers." "We step forward by insisting on Ronald Reagan's vision of a compassionate and fiscally conservative government that promotes the opportunity of ownership and leaves more money in the hands of the taxpayers." (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At The Republican National Convention, New York City, NY, 9/1/04)

At A 2002 Fundraiser, President Bush Advocated Making The Tax Cuts Permanent Saying "I Know Romney Feels The Same Way." PRESIDENT BUSH: "They also need to make sure the tax cuts are permanent. Let me tell you my thoughts about tax relief. When your economy is kind of ooching along, it's important to let people have more of their own money. Here's the page out of the textbook that I believe is important. I know Romney feels the same way. If you let somebody keep more of their own money, they're likely to demand a good or a service. And when they demand a good or a service in this system, somebody is likely to produce that good or a service. And when somebody produces that good or a service, somebody is more likely to be able to find work." (President George W. Bush, Remarks At A Massachusetts Victory 2002 Reception, Boston, MA, 10/4/02)

- Mitt Romney: President Bush Knows How To Stop Those Who Want To Raise Taxes. MITT ROMNEY: "We have to make sure that we have that battle cry here today as well because there are some people who would get the bus going back to 'Taxachusetts' and this man [President Bush] knows how to stop that kind of stuff." (Mitt Romney, Remarks At A Massachusetts Victory 2002 Reception, Boston, MA, 10/4/02)

Campaign Update

Please join Governor Mitt Romney along with Mrs. Ann Romney and former Congressman Bob Beauprez of Colorado as they bring the “Strong America” bus tour to Eastern Iowa. These stops will be Governor Romney’s last before the Iowa Caucus on January 3rd! Friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers and more than welcome to join!

Sunday, December 30th

Mrs. Ann Romney joins Governor Romney

4:15 pm Mitt Romney’s “Strong America” Bus Stop in Cedar County

The Cove Restaurant

1288 307th St

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"Straight Talk" McCain-Style

Lest anyone accuse us of focusing all our fire on Huckabee . . . we present the following.

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, and Ouch!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

George Romney/MLK March . . . My 2 cents

A little independent research via Google can apparently get better "fact-checking" than the MSM reporters can.

You've probably heard before that two eyewitnesses have come forward and said that they saw George Romney and MLK march together. Well, now FOUR historical books have confirmed the same thing. Also, Mitt's brother, Scott states that he heard his father say that he had marched with MLK (in that same last link).

My scientific background also reminds me that positive evidence (like the two lady eyewitnesses' claims, or the 4 books cited) is always stronger than negative evidence ("I didn't see them together" or "newspaper columns of the time failed to confirm").

It is not out of the realm of possibility that, despite all this evidence to the contrary, they did not march in the same parade. But with historical books and records getting it wrong it's hard to claim that Romney "fabricated this out of whole cloth" like opponents are implying. I think most rational people are willing to not get caught up in the figurative use of the word "saw" when we can all "SEE" that George Romney was truly a champion of civil rights (the silver lining in this whole affair).

Regarding the 1978 quote that apparently Romney said that he marched with his dad and MLK through the streets of Detroit . . . well, given the apparent lack of journalistic accuracy in this whole affair I'm afraid that I wouldn't be surprised if it was a complete misquoting of Romney. However, if he did in fact say that, then at least he hasn't propagated or inflated that error in the intervening three decades (something that serial liars/exaggerators cannot help but do . . . the stories usually get better and better with time!!).

Update . . . A Harper's Magazine article from 1967 stated that George Romney and MLK marched together. You need a subscription to read the PDF. Here's the search results which gives some of the text and the relevant quote is:
"When the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King marched in Detroit three years ago, Romney marched with him. He is proud that he helped write a state constitution that has the most comprehensive civil-rights guarantees in the nation, including open occupancy in housing."

Good post over at Redstate

I started posting on this blog because I was tired of all the going after Huckabee, and not explaining why Romney was the right man to be POTUS.

But it's just so EASY!

Here is a link to a thread over at REDSTATE discussing some questionable speaking engagements during the campaign. I'm just cutting and pasting the money quotes.

So, here's the thing. An email was sent to the International Speakers Bureau seeking to get a Huckabee speaking engagement. Here's the response back:

From: "Rosalie Jefferson"
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 18:50:01
Subject: Mike Huckabee

Thank you for your inquiry regarding booking Mr. Huckabee for your upcoming event.

Due to the ongoing Presidential campaign, Mr. Huckabee is not accepting speaking engagements.

If you would like to consider other political figures who are not currently running for office, please let me know your budget and I will be delighted to send you bios and fees accordingly.

Happy Holidays,

Rosalie Jefferson
Content Consultant
International Speakers Bureau

A second email was sent to the ISB *specifically* inquiring about Huckabee speaking at a church. Now it gets interesting:


I would be happy to help you with Mike Huckabee. He charges a minimum of $25,000 per engagement plus expenses and he can not address anything to do with his running for President.1 Do you have a date in mind for your event?

Kind regards,

Emily Boyd
International Speakers Bureau/Worldwide

So, Huckabee, even though campaigning for President, makes $25,000.00 per engagement plus expenses to speak at churches, but not to general audiences. And he gets the income from the events (not that I blame him because he'd otherwise be unemployed and needs to pay this off).

But how many other candidates are making personal money on the campaign trail? And why milk churches, but no one else? On Face the Nation this morning, Huckabee said, well, from Mark Kilmer's review of the shows:

Mike Huckabee said that he's going to change the Republican Party because it needs to be changed, to be more inclusive of those with less.

It seems to me that Mike Huckabee is not just trying to drive church voters into the polls for him, but he's trying to get their wallets while he's at it.

A Contrast in Scrutiny

Mitt Romney has come under fire repeatedly for 'flip flopping'. Here is a story from Powerline Blog contrasting Romney's record to Barack Obama. It's pretty obvious that the flip flop meme tagged to Romney is hyped up compared to other people in the race. Barack Obama has made significantly larger 'flip flops. We're not even going to talk about Hillary Clinton right now. Why does Romney get hammered for being a flip flopper when Barack Obama gets a pass? The mainstream media, and Romney's not so subtle primary opponents are trying to use the issue to bring him down.

Romney's record has already received ample scrutiny. If Mitt says the slightest thing that isn't spot on he gets hammered. - (Recall the recent brouhaha over Mitt's comments regarding George Romney marching with Martin Luther King as an example.) He came through the 'scandal' looking better than before.

Contrast how Mitt looks under scrutiny to how Governor Huckabee endures scrutiny. Here's another story over at Powerline Blog talking about how the closer you look at Mike Huckabee's clemencies and pardons the more obvious it is that he isn't the compassionate advocate for his constituency that he claims. Huckabee's defense of his pardons and clemencies becomes less persuasive day by day.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sioux City Journal Endorses Romney (and Obama)

Nice news out of western Iowa (this is Rep. Steve King's district) where Huckabee's stronghold is (and Fred is fighting for some of that base).

Endorsement done via video.

Text available as well.
"We sought to identify the two candidates we feel best combine a new voice with a strong vision of the future on key issues facing the country. Also, we chose candidates we feel possess integrity, who can lead, who can forge consensus and who will run positive, issue-oriented campaigns.

"We believe the two candidates we have endorsed have a unique ability to inspire and motivate our country to meet the significant challenges we face."

. . .

"From the Republican field, the Sioux City Journal endorses Mitt Romney. Romney combines an outsider's new face with a proven track record of success in both the private and public sectors.

"As a businessman, the president and chief executive officer of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and governor of Massachusetts, he has demonstrated an ability to bring people together and bridge partisan divides, organize, mobilize and motivate in order to solve problems. In short, he combines an engaging personality with the leadership qualities necessary to inspire others to follow him.

"Let's be honest, a candidate for president can prepare volumes of detailed ideas, but if he or she is a polarizing figure within the halls of Congress or devoid of the personal traits necessary to get Americans to listen and act, those plans don't have a chance of success."
Granted, I don't put much stock in these kind of endorsements . . . but it's better that this goes to Mitt than another candidate. Also, the convincing argument they lay out for Mitt may sway some people Romney's way. Who knows?

I Don't Trust Huckabee To Be Persuasive

There are several groups out there unaffiliated with, but supportive of the Huckabee campaign who are going negative in remarkably unbecoming ways. I'm intentionally leaving out the links in this paragraph, and not naming names. Mike Huckabee has gone on record saying that he wishes that they would stop.

They haven't stopped.
Mike Huckabee can't even persuade his own people.

Mike Huckabee hasn't been persuasive enough to convince Rush Limbaugh that he (Huckabee) is a conservative.

Mike Huckabee isn't winning a lot of support even among potential allies on foreign policy.

Does Huckabee remind you of someone?

How exactly does Mike Huckabee plan on building a coalition to implement the fair tax?

How exactly does Mike Huckabee plan on getting support for that National Smoking Ban that he supports?

How exactly does Mike Huckabee plan on persuading fence sitting northeast independent voters to support traditional marriage?

How exactly is Mike Huckabee going to persuade Iran to become a good global citizen?

Remember last time we tangled with Iran when a policy lightweight was in the white house? Jimmy Carter was lacking the cojones to deal with the American hostages in Iran, so Ross Perot did it instead. On his own. Because two of the hostages were his employees.

I don't see how a candidate who can't convince his own supporters to lay off their counterproductive negative tactics can convince 50 unique states to unite and solve the problem of illegal immigration.

Rush Limbaugh's UNdorsement of Mike Huckabee (Sutbly Recommends Mitt, Fred, and Duncan Hunter)

Rush Limbaugh Slams Huckabee for 3 hours:

Check out these quotes from the Friday 12/21 show (first segment here):
I think Rollins and his candidate need to stick to the issues. They need to stick to the record. They need to stop with this Clintonesque spinning that they're doing out there. You know, McCain's starting to look better to me than this guy -- and that's saying something! More I see what Huckster's -- Huckabee's (laughs) record was in Arkansas, there's a lot of liberalism in there. There certainly isn't a lot of Reaganism in there, and I think that the Huckabee campaign is trying to dumb down conservatism to comport with his record, and now they focus on me, challenging me on a personal level here like the libs do.
. . .
So, I see some similarities here in the Huckabee campaign and Perot. You know, Perot, Whitman, Ed Rollins? I guess if you listen to the Huckabee people, Bill Buckley has been read out of the movement by Huckabee as well since he's lived in Connecticut and he's worked in New York. Who is this campaign to be defining who is or who is not a conservative? I never heard of Huckabee in an important ideological way before this campaign got going, and believe me, I know who the conservatives are out there. So this elitism they keep talking about... When they're talking about the New York-DC axis, the codeword there is for "elites." It's the elites who want open borders, not middle America. It's the elites who want higher taxes -- and this is Huckabee's campaign. It's elites who want to talk to the Iranian regime, not middle America. It's the elites soft on crime, want to release criminals from prison, not middle America. Look at what Schwarzenegger is doing out there, because of a budget shortfall. If we can choose a candidate... This is my only point, folks. If we can choose a candidate who is pro-life and anti-same-sex marriage and good on national security, illegal immigration, taxes, and spending, why shouldn't we choose that candidate? Why do we have to choose somebody who's trying to get a redefinition of conservatism to comport to his views? By the way, this is not just about Huckabee. This has been my lament from the moment this campaign began, if you recall.
. . .
RUSH: We'll start with last night's Hardball with Chris Matthews on PMSNBC. He was talking to Romney senior advisor Ron Kaufman, and the new Huckabee national campaign chairman Ed Rollins, and Matthews said, "Ed, does faith bring you guys together or separate you?"

ROLLINS: Well, first of all, you and I are Catholics and our candidates are different, and, uh, Ron, are you still an atheist, or have you basically converted?

KAUFMAN: (nervous laugh) Okay.

ROLLINS: Now that you're rich. (laughs)

MATTHEWS: We've had a Mark Penn moment on this show already, Ed. We don't need another one.

ROLLINS: He's my -- He's my very dear friend.

MATTHEWS: I know, but you just accused him of being an atheist.

RUSH: That's the Huckabee national campaign chairman Ed Rollins asking if one of Mitt's guys, Ron Kaufman, is an atheist. So then Matthews says, "Relevant to this campaign, is there any religious difference between Romney and Huckabee. Relevant to this campaign, is there a religious difference? Ed Rollins, you know exactly what I'm asking."

ROLLINS: I know exactly what you're asking, and I think the bottom line is that the voters themselves will make that decision.

MATTHEWS: Whoa! Whoa! Ron Kaufman, he just dodged on the question of whether there's a religious difference between the two candidates and what they're offering in terms of policy!

RUSH: Yeah, he just did. So there's the latest in the campaigns. You know, the Huckabee campaign is apparently very thin-skinned. There are a lot of stories out there, one of the AP headlines: "Huckabee: Woe is Me," a couple of others that I have here in the stack. I just want all of you to know: I have nothing against Mike Huckabee personally other than he is for exercise, and I'm not. I don't know him. But the purpose of a primary is to try to take the measure of a candidate, to try to discern what kind of president he would be to try to cut through all the clutter, determine what kind of record a candidate has and so forth. This is how elections have worked since there have been elections. It's an important process. The president is very powerful. These are very critical times in our history. If the candidate wants your vote, he has to earn it and convince you why he's worthy of it.

As you know, as a general and practical rule I do not endorse primary candidates, but I do take a careful look at the candidates and comment on what I think their strengths and weaknesses are, and it appears that in doing so, the Huckabee campaign has taken offense. Maybe Huckabee himself, I don't know, . . .
. . .
This is where I'm coming from and where most of you are coming from in this audience, and we want a candidate for president -- and ultimately a president -- who shares these fundamental understandings. So when I raise questions about public reports regarding a candidate's record or position, I'm comparing the record and position with our founding and conservative principles and my own beliefs. It is not personal. When I talk about Huckabee's illegal alien position, tax increases, the release of hundreds of criminals, the rhetoric about our war effort, it isn't personal.
. . .
RUSH: Again, when I raise questions about public reports regarding any candidate's record or position, what I am doing is comparing the record and position with our founding conservative principles. I am a conservative first. I am not a Republican first. It matters. When I raise questions about, say, about Governor Huckabee's positions on illegal aliens, tax increases, the release of hundreds of criminals via pardon and his rhetoric about our war effort, sorry, I'm trying to develop an understanding of the guy so I can determine for myself whether he is in fact the kind of conservative you and me want as our president. I've not "attacked" him. I have studiously avoided it. But I've raised questions -- and, of course, in this climate, questions will be considered an attack, but I'm going to keep asking the questions if I believe it's warranted to do so. Yet the mere fact that I have commented on his record appears to have caused great anguish in his campaign. They accuse me (and apparently others, too), who are going through this process of being part of the DC-Manhattan axis. Last time I checked, I was born and raised in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Now, it may not be Arkansas, but it is Middle America.
. . .
I mean, individuals who have fought immigration for years are not happy with his open borders positions as governor. They're just not. Anti-tax groups are unhappy with his tax increases when he was governor. Conservatives who helped defeat the Soviet Union under Ronaldus Magnus are troubled by his statements about our war effort and his desire to negotiate with Iran, for instance -- and it raised eyebrows among longtime school-choice advocates when the New Hampshire NEA endorsed Huckabee. They endorsed Hillary on the Democrat side; Huckabee on the right. The NEA is not interested in conservatives getting any kind of power anywhere. So it seems to me that it is Huckabee's record that is well suited for the axis of liberalism that he decries. Huckabee's record is a better fit for the Wall Street-DC axis that he is criticizing. At a minimum, it deserves scrutiny, doesn't it? And let me be blunt about this: Since Huckabee has raised it, or his campaign has, how is questioning such a record an "attack" on Christians and evangelicals in particular?

I find that offensive, as if raising questions about such a record is said to be raising questions on somebody's faith or the faith of an entire community? That's a deplorable tactic. You people know I oppose abortion. I oppose same-sex marriage. I oppose the left's war on faith. I oppose the Supreme Court's effort to ban religion from the public square. I oppose the left's war on all those things, and I do not take a backseat to Huckabee or anybody else on these issues, and to suggest otherwise is to attack the character of anybody who dares to question your political and policy positions, and that's what the libs do, because the libs can't debate the issues. The libs don't want to debate the issues because they can't win. I'm getting the sense that Mike Huckabee doesn't want to debate the issues, and he's relying on other things as a firewall to keep the issues from coming up. Folks, we have to force a debate on the issues, our issues. That has to happen. Conservatism is what unites a lot of us together, you and me in this audience.

Any candidate who doesn't want that debate and is trying to dumb down conservatism and attack those who raise questions about that debate, that's a red flag to me. So I, again, wish that this had not come up. I wish that this didn't happen. I did not attack Huckabee. I don't know him. I don't dislike him. I have nothing personal whatsoever against him. I have not made one comment about his record as governor, other than to ask questions about some of these policies he engaged in as they relate to what kind of president he would be, and if you're not entitled to ask those questions without somebody in the campaign launching out with some personal BS, then that campaign seems to be a little thin-skinned. So it is what it is, ladies and gentlemen.

Another segment of the show

RUSH: Buster in Chattanooga, Tennessee, you're next. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir.

CALLER: Thanks, sir. Mega Rocky Top dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, it's an honor to talk to you. I've been listening to you for, well, since I came back to the States. My parents were missionaries in Africa, and I came back in '92. My oldest brother was listening to you there on WORD in Greenville a long time ago, and I follow you quite a bit. Hey, my comment is about this, Rush. I'm a preacher. I travel all over the States -- and conservative, and up until Huckabee really came in the front, what I was hearing from 90% of the people were that we don't have any conservative that really is a true conservative. The issues obviously were abortion, gun rights, and the homosexual agenda, and then Hucklebee (sic) really jumped up, and the whole mood has changed, almost like it's been revitalized. They see a light at the end of the tunnel. The comment I have to make... I agree with you a hundred percent, 90% of the time, even more than that. Just the fact that something negative has come out against your show, which I like, I feel like you shouldn't be so condemning to Hucklebee when it is against something about you being an entertainer, which we know you're not. But, uh, I think -- I think -- you're merchandising on that to build your reputation, not that it needs to be built, but it has to be maintained, and I think it will be more suitable, I think, for the Republicans and conservatives if we could just kind of support our guy. I think it does more damage to the Republicans getting the nomination. I think the Democrats like you slamming Hucklebee because I think Hucklebee is the most winnable candidate that the Republicans have.

RUSH: Well, all right. I learned. I'm not going to try to talk you out of it. I'm not going to argue with you about it, because you're committed. It's your life, it's your decision-making process, and your vote, and it's yours. I'm not here to argue with you about it. All I'm doing is raising questions about what I think are not even anywhere near conservative aspects of Governor Huckabee's experience, and his governance in Arkansas. As to the fact that I am taking on Governor Huckabee here for my own marketing or ego? No. I guess what you mean is that I am doing this today to somehow show people that I have power. I want you to believe me; I've said this countless times. I may have power, but I'm harmless with it because I don't walk in here every day thinking about that. I really don't. I walk in here every day thinking to just be honest and tell people what I think, and that's what I did today. I'm glad you called.


RUSH: Okay, folks, let me tell you what's going on now. I sadly, and unfortunately, must make this point reacting to our last caller. What we have going on here is identity politics, I think, in a large swath of support for Governor Huckabee. Identity politics is what the left does. Do you know what I mean when I say "identity politics," Rachel? Okay. Identity politics is: You vote for the Christian. You vote for the black. You vote for the woman. This is traditionally how the left looks at people. We, as conservatives, don't. We don't see you, for example, in a political sense, and see a woman first. We might see a woman first because you're beautiful, but we're men and we can't help it. In a political sense, we wouldn't say, "You don't qualify. You're not smart because you're a woman," and we wouldn't say you deserve anything special because you're a woman. We wouldn't look at a black and say, "Oh! Poor, disadvantaged, slavery heritage, presidential material!" without knowing anything about the guy. We wouldn't if there was the first admittedly open gay running, we wouldn't say, "Oh, terribly discriminated against, really has had no chance! We're going to vote for the gay guy because it makes us feel better about ourselves."

That's identity politics, or a little strain of it, and that's what's happening in the Huckabee race. The identity of Huckabee is: "Christian, Southern Baptist minister," and that identity is covering and is being translated by supporters as meaning whatever they want it to mean, as opposed to actually looking at how he's governed. Like the pastor who just called and said Huckabee is a light at the end of the tunnel. Pastor, the light at the end of the tunnel is the oncoming train, and you can't get off the track! That's the light at the end of the tunnel, and I think identity politics was a fundamental feature of the Perot campaign as well. People really didn't even care what his policies were. He didn't even have to articulate policies. Remember that? (classic Ross Perot impression) "I'll tell you, Larry, here's what we're going to do! We're going to get rid of all these 737s, going to hire a bunch of Lear 55s. We're going to have smaller airplanes." He cares so much! "You own this country! You own it. This is your country. We're going to give this country back to you." That's identity politics, and this is traditionally not what conservatives and even Republicans, right-wingers, do.

We're a little bit more serious about it, and this is also one of the things that I detect. Of course, one of the things that makes me convinced I'm right about this is that Governor Huckabee is doing what he can to avoid discussing his record and his policy beliefs and is, in fact, relying on his identity to keep people on his side, in his camp, and perhaps even grow it. In one way, you'd have to say it's pretty smart because on the other side his opponents, you've got admitted conservative flaws -- admitted conservative flaws which do trouble the Christian right, which is a large part of the Republican base. Either support for abortion or gay marriage, things that would be disruptive to the culture, and many people are very, very concerned about the culture. So with Huckabee, the identity is, Christian. That means hundred percent thoroughbred on social issues, the cultural issues. Yet you dig deep, and you find the policy on immigration. If you look at Huckabee in an identity sense and yet at the same time you really think illegal immigration is destroying this country, then your identity association with Huckabee as a Christian likely will make you overlook the fact that he's opposite your belief on illegal immigration. Jimmy Carter was a Southern Baptist and he ran on that and he tried to capitalize on that. He ran on the religious identity, too.

Yet another segment from 12/21:
RUSH: Bozeman, Montana. This is Greg. You are up first in this hour. It's nice to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey. Merry Christmas. Dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, I'm a Huckabee guy, but I'm thinking about switching.

RUSH: You're a Huckabee guy, but you're thinking about switching. Why?

CALLER: Well, I don't know. All my people -- Ann Coulter, Peggy Noonan all those people -- are, I don't know, they don't like him, and I don't know. All the stuff is starting to come out against him. It's starting to make me nervous. (nervous laugh)

RUSH: Well, that's what campaigns are for: examining people's positions on things. But I would make up your own mind. I wouldn't listen to influential figures to shape and form your mind for you. It might send you in a direction your curiosity would take you, but I think maybe some people that you think and respect were not on board when you were caused to actually start looking, and that's why you know what some of these positions are that you now think, "Wow, I didn't know that." Right?

CALLER: Right. I think some of it is like the last campaign where everybody bailed out on Howard Dean because they thought he was kooky -- well, he was kooky. They thought he was unelectable, and I don't want to do that. I don't want to just jump at somebody that I think can win but doesn't necessarily line up with what I believe.

That quote about getting a candidate "who is pro-life and anti-same-sex marriage and good on national security, illegal immigration, taxes, and spending, why shouldn't we choose that candidate?" is golden for Mitt. Only Mitt, Fred, and Duncan Hunter meet those criteria and, among them, only Mitt has a credible path to win the nomination.

George Romney and Martin Luther King

Romney has been taking some heat in the last 24 hours for supposedly exaggerating that George Romney and Martin Luther King Jr marched together.

Two eyewitnesses

Some people were pretty quick to criticize Mitt Romney on this issue, and it confused me from the beginning. The Romneys were leaders in the civil rights movement. If the republican party had followed George Romney's lead on this issue, then election dynamics would probably be different today.

Update - It looks like they didn't march together. See this link.
Here's the point. Mitt Romney is solid on civil rights. That's incontestable.
Here's another link

George Romney was so solid on civil rights.

Holding Fire On New Huckabee Ethics Rumors

Over at the Caucus Cooler there are some fairly bold charges about ethics issues as governor.

You can read a summary here

You can see the documents here

Here's the thing. I'm sure this story is going to get bigger, or get smaller in the next couple of days. Before we at Iowans for Romney get into the discussion on this topic we're going to keep an eye on things and see where this goes. Until then, let me just say that I think Governor Huckabee is a good person, doing the best that he can. I'll weigh in on this at a future date. Or if it turns out to be nothing, then I'll go back to talking about why Governor Romney is the better candidate for President.

UPDATE: The source of this information is the Thompson campaign. Yesterday there was a Huckabee campaign event in Muscatine IA and some questions were asked about Huckabee's stance on stem cell research. In response to Huckabee's boilerplate answer about his longstanding opposition etc... the Thompson campaign sent out sent out the info.

UPDATE # 2: Novo Nordisk does actively support stem cell research, which makes it a little difficult for Huckabee to claim consistency on this issue. (This doesn't sway me one way or another, but I do recall Fred Thompson taking a good deal of heat a few months back for something similar.)

Jimmy Carter may have been a squish on foreign policy, and a disaster for our country, but I don't recall hearing of any conflicts of interest like this. Would a Huckabee administration be like some hybrid Clinton/Carter administration? All the incompetence of Jimmy Carter, with all the ethics of Bill Clinton.