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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Iowa City Press-Citizen half-endorses Huckabee? They are playing by the DNC rules again

The Iowa City Press-Citizen half-endorsed Huckabee. (click here for full text of that so-called-half-endorsement) How does that work? Let me explain.
First start out with the fact that you are a well known liberal newspaper, and you are willing to follow the DNC's rules regarding all positive press for Huckabee.
Second, get your feelings hurt that no other candidates besides Ron Paul took the time for a phone interview with your editor's board (not a surprise considering the newspapers leftist reputation). Take a look at who did speak with them: Huckabee who is benefiting from the lefty media to boost his campaign, and Paul who is harvesting much of his support from disgruntled democrats anyways).
Third, come to an agreement that you as a newspaper will endorse Huckabee.
Fourth, realize that he's a terrible candidate anyways, and include a list of bad attributes in the endorsement to accompany the good aspects. What?? This is where I get lost. Anyone who is not 100% behind someone doesn't really count as an endorsement in my mind.
Fifth, have the lack of judgement to publish all of this for everyone to read.

The outcome:
A. Their loyal media zombies (those who believe anything in a paper or on the network news) who read the paper will feel good about themselves for being a democrat, knowing that the GOP doesn't have a single candidate worthy of a full endorsement.
B. The conservative media zombies who read and who don't know who to vote for yet will want to vote for the Huck, and will possibly take the time to skip the Orange Bowl and go out to vote (if they can find their precinct due to a lack of info on that aspect of caucusing).
C. The true conservatives saw this shenanigan coming from 3 weeks ago and sit back for a chuckle as they watch the media try to set up a sure-fire-win in 2008 by foolishly pushing Huckabee to the front of the presidential Lunch Line! Those same true conservatives have Mitt Romney set in their minds and have been active in this process since the straw poll, and know exactly when and where to go on 1/3/08 to cast their vote for Mitt Romney. Those same voters know what else to do that night after the voting to ensure a solid win for Romney in Iowa!


1 comment:

Gary Gross said...

Considering the list of 1,000programs that Fred Thompson compiled while chairing the Senate Government Reform Committee, I'd say that Sen. Thompson is the real fiscal conservative in the race.

Not only that but Sen. Thompson's picked up more pro life endorsements than the Huckster & Romney combined.