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Monday, December 31, 2007

Mitt visits Iowa City at the Hamburg Inn

Mitt Romney stopped thru Iowa City today for a visit at the famous Hamburg Inn restaurant. There were a ton of supporters that turned out, and the amazing thing is that I didn't recognize the majority of them from our other visits. There are Mitt supporters coming out of the woodwork!

Mitt speaking to a local supporter, with our Johnson County Chair in the background!

Mitt and Ann with owner of the Hamburg Inn No. 2

Media Madness!

A supporter and his youngster grabbing a photo op with the future President and First Lady!

A local news station had a video story on the visit today (click here for video), and got some great supporter comments. They highlighted that Huckabee is trying to get some sympathy for being "attacked" and tried to call out Mitt as having run "attack ads" and being "dishonest". Fact remains, Huckabee won't answer to the information in the ads, he'd rather not face the truth, and instead divert attention elsewhere. A local supporter, Stephen Hunter, said it best that "they aren't attack ads, they are comparative and informative". The fact remains, Romney has not attacked anyone's character. Only Huckabee is doing that now. (See story)

Mitt's Iowa polling numbers have now topped over Huckabee in the latest ARG poll, Mitt at 32% and Huckabee at 23%, and Huckabee is resorting to personal attacks about Mitt's "honesty" now, and trying to pull the "victim" card. He's even trying to make an alliance with McCain for some reason. He's as desperate looking as Hilary pulling the "woman" card with her campaign. Ugh! 4 more days. 4 MORE DAYS!

Update on the Mitt Stocking : it's now been signed. Awesome!
If anyone needs info on where to go to vote for Mitt Romney on Thursday, call the campaign office at
And remember to bring 5 friends to the caucus for Mitt!


Jeff Fuller said...

Great stuff Keith!! Thanks for posting this.

Jeff Fuller said...

Hey! That's Jordan Graff in that first photo, eh? Cool.

Good to see a fellow Retinal Surgeon supporting Mitt!

Nealie Ride said...

I just found this YouTube video explaining the Republican Iowa caucus process. It worth watching.

Iowa Pre-Caucus Video Conference

Jeff Fuller said...

Thanks Neal! I'll add it to the front page.