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Saturday, December 22, 2007

George Romney and Martin Luther King

Romney has been taking some heat in the last 24 hours for supposedly exaggerating that George Romney and Martin Luther King Jr marched together.

Two eyewitnesses

Some people were pretty quick to criticize Mitt Romney on this issue, and it confused me from the beginning. The Romneys were leaders in the civil rights movement. If the republican party had followed George Romney's lead on this issue, then election dynamics would probably be different today.

Update - It looks like they didn't march together. See this link.
Here's the point. Mitt Romney is solid on civil rights. That's incontestable.
Here's another link

George Romney was so solid on civil rights.


You Know Who said...

What year was it that the LDS allowed Blacks to be equal? Wasnt it 1978? Im sure it was. Discrimination in the LDS was just fine with both George and Mitt. Oh that's right, Blacks carried the "curse of Cain" didnt they. Well that explains everything. Mitt, when you are in a hole the first rule is "Quit digging."
BTW, Huck has been for equal rights all of his life. Mitt was 31 years old before he granted equal rights to all.

DC said...

Huck's equality for illegal's, murderers and rapists? If you want to know how the black's feel about the mormons, ask a black member. Also when are you going to get off of your self proclaimed we are the only "christians"? You need to study the history of christianity. 1500 years of discrimination, murder ns hatred towards anyone who thought different. There are over a thousand different christian denominations and over 30 english Holy Bibles. Which one is correct? Is the Archbishop of Cantebury a christian? Get back to what this race is about. Mitt is the most qualified to lead this nation back to what it is supposed to be. Read the Constitution and stop on the religous attacks!

You Know Who said...

Mitt cooked his own goose. If Mitt was a Christian I would vote for him. Clearly he is not. No Christian is okay with the LDS performing Baptism For the Dead rites on behalf of Adolf Hitler. Do Mormons really want Adolf Hitler up there on the planet Korob? Didnt Hitler seal his fate when he was on this earth? Why are Mormons so infatuated with Adolf Hitler? Why didnt the LDS condemn Hitler's actions before and during the extermination of 6 million Jews? If fact they have NEVER condemned the actions of Hitler. Am I the only one who finds that disturbing? Was Mitt OK with the extermination of 6 million Jews? I would like an answer.

dc said...

To: You know who said

You never answered the last response I had. Just more of YOUR religion bable.

Big Jay said...

Mitt Romney is solid on civil rights. End of story.

eric said...

The story is that Mitt Romney LIED about his father's record to score cheap political points, just like he lied about being a "life-long hunter" in search of "varmints."

The good news is this cretin will soon be GONE.