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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rudy Hearts Huckabee . . . and vice versa

The two love each other . . . at least in Iowa, and as long as it will hurt their main competitor, Mitt Romney. Many of us who have been following the message boards have been seeing Rudy supporter pump up Huckabee like crazy (even though he's the antithesis to their candidate). Now even the major news sources are seeing that they have a common goal . . . take down Romney:
Meanwhile, he and Giuliani appear to have an unspoken alliance, teaming up against Romney while simultaneously praising each other. Giuliani has not given great emphasis to early test states like Iowa or New Hampshire, even though he’ll begin airing his first television ad this week in New Hampshire. But Huckabee’s success in Iowa could help Giuliani by deflating Romney’s standing.

“I think Mike’s a wonderful guy. I have great regard for him and I have nothing bad to say about Mike Huckabee,” Giuliani said Wednesday in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Huckabee offered similar sentiments: “There is an authenticity about Rudy that people find refreshing, and I think the same is true in my campaign.”

What to these guys gain?

Huckabee’s thinking: “Praise Rudy and either 1) get a VP offer, 2) steer clear from his oppo research department 3) get to possibly be the social conservative in the Rudy vs last social conservative standing show down”

Rudy’s thinking: “Praise Mike to help him derail Mitt in Iowa . . . then rip the poor sucker to shreds. Hey, I’d much rather run against Huckabee than Mitt!”

1 comment:

Don said...

Good Logic.

Seems plausible and probably potentially true.