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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Congressman Steve King to Endorse ____________ at 9AM Tomorrow in Des Moines

I was just alerted to this press release from a press contact (emphasis mine):
December 16, 2007

Iowa Congressman Steve King (Republican) to Announce Presidential Candidate Endorsement at Press Conference Monday

Where: Embassy Suites Hotel
101 East Locust
Salons F&G
Des Moines, Iowa

When: Monday, December 17
8:00 am CDT – doors open
9:00 am CDT – press conference begins

Steve King, Republican of Iowa's Fifth Congressional District, will explain his rationale and declare his support for a candidate for president in the Iowa caucus.

King said, "The caucus process in Iowa is long and uniquely personal. Iowans have more access to the presidential candidates than anyone, myself included. We have closed the door and had intense discussions with nearly every candidate. I have a duty and an obligation to make my decision public about my choice for president."

"This decision is my personal conviction. No candidate, committee, or even my wife knows the conclusion I will announce," said King.

King plans to offer his support and volunteer to join the Iowa campaign of the candidate he endorses.

Press Conference Agenda (all central time):

9:00 am King to name his choice for president

9:15 am Q and A

9:30 am Finish
Wireless internet and a mult-box will be available.

I'm still hopeful, if not a little optimistic. I doubt King would endorse Huck with the "Bush's arrogant bunker mentality" as fresh news. I think he would give Huck a few days to try to diffuse that bomb before endorsing him (unless he REALLY loved Huck and wants to help him change the subject and get him some positive news).

Conversely, the timing would be ideal for Romney (or Fred or Tanc FWIW), because the Huckabee-loving King district would see Huck's "disloyalty" to Bush and the GOP and understand why King couldn't go with him. I predict King wants to go with the guy who is with him on the issues and can win the state. He likely sees that the tide is turning back to Mitt and could claim some degree of "Kingmaker" status if his endorsement coincides with a shift in polling back to Mitt.

Chime in with your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Oops. He went with Fred.

William said...

Mitt is the man for the job. Come visit, where every dollar contributed to his campaign counts twice!

JA said...

I think this was a calculated move by King to take votes away from Huckabee. Thompson won't win and this will end up helping Romney. Gotta love it!

Dan DiOrio said...

Who did he endorse?