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Monday, December 31, 2007

Guest Blog: Why I Support Mitt Romney for President

From a Romney Supporter (who lives and works in Waukee Iowa):

For disclosure sake, my career is no longer made in the world of politics, but I feel so strongly about Mitt Romney, I am inclined to write this email this evening. As a friend and acquaintance, I want to tell you a little about why I am supporting Governor Romney for President. I first met Mitt Romney during the 2004 campaign when he was in Iowa campaigning for President Bush. I was immediately impressed by him, and as 2006 neared and it looked as though he might be thinking of running for President I did some extensive research on him. And, I liked what I found.

I found he was successful in business. His business was to fix broken businesses. He got so good at it, the 2002 Olympics called upon him to fix the Olympics when they were $379 million in debt. Mitt Romney came in and applied the same business models he had used in business to help fix the broken structure of the Olympics, and I think we all remember how successful the 2002 Olympics were, just months after 9/11. His success in the Olympics drew the eye of many at home in Massachusetts, and they asked him to run for Governor. Massachusetts faced immense problems, including a $3 billion debt. Mitt Romney was elected, and applied the same models he had in business, and at the Olympics, and he fixed the problems of Massachusetts without raising taxes or borrowing money, in a state with an 85% democrat legislature. He turned the deficit into a surplus and he put in place private sector health care for all citizens of Massachusetts without raising taxes. His fiscal conservative principles prevailed and turned Massachusetts back around, and got them on the right path again. He also improved the schools to become the best in the nation, stood up for traditional marriage and fought the Supreme Court to preserve marriage as being between one man and one woman only. He stood for life in Massachusetts, where it wasn’t the popular thing to do; but he stood for life because it was the right thing to do. He believes strongly like me that we need to secure our borders, and that children that come to America legally are taught in English.

Over the last couple of years I have gotten to know Mitt Romney as a man of character and integrity. He believes in Strong Families, Strong Economy and a Strong Military. He believes in what we believe in as Iowans; faith, family, hard work and Midwestern values. He has an outstanding record of accomplishment in terms of standing up for Republican values in one of the most liberal parts of America, and proving that Republican principals work. These are just a few reasons why I feel he should be our parties’ nominee. I hope you will help to make him our parties’ nominee by showing up Thursday evening and casting your vote for Mitt Romney in the Iowa Caucus. If you do that, he will be our nominee, and the next President of the United States.

Thanks, and I hope you caucus for Governor Mitt Romney this Thursday evening!


Anonymous said...

Well Said!

Lisa said...

I am so excited to caucus for Mitt on Thursday. Let's go, Iowans! Let's win this thing for MR!

Savea said...

It's good to hear testimonies from people who were that close to Mitt Romney. He's truly a man of integrity as oppose to attacks by the ignorant and close-minded people. Huckabee and McCain are now attacking Mitt's integrity. Why are they doing this? Why can't they fight against Mitt's ads of contrasts and comparisons? It's also sad that Huckabee tried not to be negative but now he is.