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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling will endorse Mitt Romney

Crack in Thompson's Southern Strategy
Alec MacGillis

It was not two months ago that Fred Thompson tantalized a crowd of more than 400 Virginia Republicans at a state GOP party fundraiser in Richmond, laying out his conservative principles for the first time after making his first official filing toward a presidential campaign. "Folks, we're a bit down politically right now, but I think we're on the comeback trail, and it's going to start right here," rumbled the actor and former Tennessee senator, to loud applause. For good measure, he threw in some Southern quips and references, to remind the crowd that he, unlike the other leading GOP candidates, hailed from Dixie . At that moment, the support of Virginia Republicans seemed his for the taking.

It hasn't exactly worked out that way for Thompson in the state, a letdown that could be seen as emblematic of Thompson's troubles in taking flight nationally. This morning, the state's top ranking Republican elected official, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, will endorse Mitt Romney at a press conference in Richmond The endorsement is a coup for the former Massachusetts governor, who is eager to show that he is viable in the South despite languishing in the polls in South Carolina, where the first Southern primary votes will be cast. Tonight, Romney heads over to Virginia Beach for a fundraising dinner. As notable as the endorsement, perhaps, is that Romney's fundraising in Virginia did not fall off a cliff with Thompson's entrance onto the stage -- Romney collected $308,000 in the state in the quarter ending June 30, compared with about $466,000 in the first quarter, a dropoff more or less in line with Romney's fundraising pace nationally over the first half of the year. Likewise, Rudy Giuliani collected $300,000 in the state in the second quarter, on top of about $438,000 in the first quarter.

Thompson, meanwhile, is expected to report today that he collected slightly more than $3 million in June, less than the $5 million his fledgling operation was hoping to raise. He has pushed back the likely date of his official announcement from July to September. Even before launching his official campaign, he has endured a staff shakeup that saw the departure of several aides. And sources familiar with the campaign say fundraising has tailed off in recent weeks.
Romney spokesman Kevin Madden said Bolling's endorsement, like others Romney has received, was a result of Republicans' appreciation of Romney's vigorous pursuit of the nomination -- a remark that one could take as a comment on perceptions that Thompson has been less than dogged in getting his own campaign underway. "One of the things that draws people to our campaign is that we've been very aggressively organizing on the ground since January. The governor's been working like crazy since January 4," when he formed his exploratory committee, said Madden. "He's going to do everything to build the organization you need to get to next January."

Among those attending Thompson's big kickoff speech in Richmond was Donald Ledwig, a former president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and chairman of the Alexandria Electoral Board. At the time, Ledwig said he was intrigued by Thompson's arrival on the scene. But now, he's leaning more and more toward Romney, saying his experience as governor and as a business executive, combined with his picture-perfect family, makes him an ideal Republican candidate. He predicted that Romney would exceed expectations in Virginia , even if he has to overcome anti-Mormon bias among some evangelical voters. After all, the fastest-growing part of the state is Northern Virginia , where Romney's business-friendly vibe might match or trump Thompson's Southern drawl (and where, as it happens, there is a greater concentration of Mormons than almost anywhere else on the East Coast.)

"He's the ideal candidate from central casting," said Ledwig. "It looks to me like Romney's the man that someone's going to have to beat."

Toll Free Number for Straw Poll

I have had a lot of emails and calls about info on the straw poll. If you are interested in voting for Mitt ROmney at the straw poll, just call:
This number will get you in touch with the Romney Straw Poll team and they would be happy to get you a free ticket, t-shirt, and all the info you can imagine.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Romney Wins Johnson County Mock Election

Johnson County Auditors held a mock election at the Johnson County Fair today. Romey won with a 2:1 margin over Rudy Giuliani. Here are the results of 199 votes.

Senator Sam Brownback (KS) 14 (7.0%)
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (GA) 11 (5.5%)
Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (NY) 30 (15.1%)
Senator Chuck Hagel (NE) 1 (0.5%)
Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (AR) 10 (5.0%)
Rep. Duncan Hunter (CA) 2 (1.0%)
Senator John McCain (AZ) 11 (5.5%)
Former Gov. George Pataki (NY) 1 (0.5%)
Rep. Ron Paul (TX) 8 (4.0%)
Former Gov. Mitt Romney (MA) 62 (31.2%)
Rep. Tom Tancredo (CO) 6 (3.0%)
Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson (VA) 20 (10.1%)
Former Gov. Tommy Thompson (WI) 8 (4.0%)
Uncommitted 13 (6.5%)
Under vote (no target marked) 2 (1.0%)


Romney Maintains Double Digit Lead in Iowa Poll

Research 2000 Iowa Republican Primary

Romney - 25% (16)
F Thompson - 14% (9)
Giuliani - 13% (17)
McCain - 10% (18)
Gingrich - 6% (6)
Huckabee - 2% (2)
Thompson - 2% (3)
Tancredo - 2% (3)
Brownback - 2% (2)
Hunter - 1% (1)
Paul - 1% (0)
Undecided - 22%

Survey was conducted July 23-25 of 400 likely Republican caucus-goers. Numbers in parentheses are from their May poll.

Full Poll Results can be found here.

Still A LOT of undecideds!

"Oceans" commercial

Pat Buchanan on the Iowa Straw Poll : Pay Attention!

First preseason game – Aug. 11

by Patrick J. Buchanan

Here is an excerpt about Romney and his winning strategy in Ames!
About Gov. Romney. His strategy has been set by his situation. A Massachusetts governor who has taken liberal stands on abortion, gay rights and guns, he needs to persuade the nominating wing of the party, first, that he is a conservative, second, that he is a winner. As a twice-defeated Richard Nixon said in 1968, the only way to prove he is not a loser is to go "into the fires of the primaries."
Romney has to win neighboring New Hampshire to have a chance in South Carolina – and to win New Hampshire, he must win Iowa. Hence, Romney has used up much of his early cash to secure both bastions. His success may be seen in the fact that he has run Rudy and McCain out of the straw poll and is polling first in both states.
If Romney wins big at Ames, he will be heavily favored in the January caucuses. If he wins in January, he will have the "Big Mo" going into New Hampshire. A victory in Iowa is worth $50 million in free publicity eight days before New Hampshire, and a win in New Hampshire is worth even more heading for South Carolina and Florida.
The question that faces Rudy and McCain is this: Do they risk a defeat by Romney in Iowa, perhaps a humiliating third-place finish that dims their luster in New Hampshire? Or do they cede Iowa to Romney, write it off and wait for him in New Hampshire, as McCain waited for George W. Bush in 2000 and beat him? "

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mitt In Iowa July 26-27th

From Campaign HQ:

Please Join Governor Mitt Romney for a series of “Ask Mitt Anything” Town Hall Meetings Thursday, July 26th
through Friday July 27th. It is a great opportunity to meet Governor Romney and hear about his vision for America!

Thursday, July 26, 2007
8:00 - 9:00 AM Marshall County Breakfast Ask Mitt Anything
The Tremont Inn on Main, 22 West Main Street, Marshalltown, Iowa

10:15 - 11:10 AM Hardin County Activists Coffee Ask Mitt Anything
Hardin County Farm Museum, 213 E. Second Street, Eldora, Iowa

12:00 - 1:00 PM Hamilton County Activist Lunch Ask Mitt Anything
Webster City Links, 405 N. Des Moines Street, Webster City, Iowa

2:45 - 3:40 PM Boone County Ice Cream Social Ask Mitt Anything
Seven Oaks Lodge, 1086 222nd Drive, Boone, Iowa

5:00 - 6:15 PM Story County Ask Mitt Anything Ice Cream Social
Fairview Lodge, Grove Street, Story City, Iowa

Friday, July 27, 2007
7:45 - 8:50 AM Dallas County Activist Breakfast Ask Mitt Anything
River Valley Golf Club, 2267 Valley View Trail, Adel, Iowa

9:30 - 10:20 AM Coffee Time with Madison County Activists Ask Mitt Anything
Madison County Historical Museum, 815 South Second Avenue, Winterset, Iowa

12:00 - 1:00 PM Knoxville Activist Lunch Ask Mitt Anything
National Sprint Car Museum, One Sprint Capital Place, Knoxville, Iowa

2:45 - 3:35 PM Mahaska County Coffee Break Ask Mitt Anything
Smoky Row Coffee Shop, 109 South Market Street, Oskaloosa, Iowa

5:00 - 5:45 PM Wapello County Ask Mitt Anything
Ballroom, Hotel Ottumwa, 107 East Second Street, Ottumwa, Iowa

Governor Romney looks forward to meeting you and answering your questions.
Please RSVP by calling 888-722-4704 ext 200 or emailing

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Straw Poll Info and Links

Here is the link to the Iowa Republican Party info page for the Straw poll. I have had a lot of people asking me about this.

Click below for some PDFs with more info:

Straw Poll Grounds

Straw Poll Info

McCain voted off the Island!

We wrapped up our poll today, and the results are in for who you think should drop out of the race next.

The candidate you voted for is John McCain with 24% of the votes. A close second place is Brownback with 23%.

Brownback 23%
Gilmore 9%
Gingrich 0%
Giuliani 9%
Hagel 3%
Huckabee 1%
Hunter 1%
McCain 24%
Paul 10%
Romney 5%
Tancredo 3%
Fred Thompson 8%
Tommy Thompson 7%

I think this will be fairly accurate as to what actually happens after the straw polls. Gilmore already dropped out since we started the poll, so that is alrady taken care of. The only candidate to not recieve any votes is Newt Gingrich, which is fine because he's not really running anyways. Are any democrat blogs doing this for the dems, too? Curious.

As for the straw poll, check your calendars because it is only 21 days away! If you are interseted in joining the Romney supporters for a free trip to Ames, free admission tickets, and free food and entertainment, just send an email to . As a reminder, you must be a resident of Iowa to vote. You will need a drivers license to prove this. You don't have to be a registered republican, though. Get ready to send Mitt Romney thru to the caucus with a huge win here in Ames!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Romney in NW Iowa for "Ask Mitt Anything"

Forwarded from the Campaign HQ:
Please Join Governor Mitt Romney for a series of “Ask Mitt Anything” Town Hall Meetings Friday, July 20 through Saturday July 21st. It is a great opportunity to meet Governor Romney and hear about his vision for America !

Friday, July 20:
8:00 AM Crawford County “Ask Mitt Anything” Breakfast
Location: Cronks Cafe, 812 4th Avenue South , Denison

9:30 AM Ida Grove Meet-and-Greet
Location: Ida Grove Pharmacy and Soda Fountain, 506 2nd St. , Ida Grove

11:15 AM Buena Vista County “Ask Mitt Anything” Luncheon
Location: Lakeshore Café, 1520 N. Lake, Storm Lake

2:15 PM Clay County “Ask Mitt Anything” Coffee
Location: Clay County Regional Events Center , 800 West 18th St. , Spencer

5:00 PM Dickinson County “Ask Mitt Anything” Reception
Location: Wileywood Restaurant, 1201 Brooks Park Lane , Okoboji

Saturday, July 21:
8:00 AM Palo Alto County “Ask Mitt Anything” Breakfast
Location: The Pizza Ranch, 2120 11th St , Emmetsburg

9:15 AM Kossuth County “Ask Mitt Anything” Coffee
Location: Algona Country Club, 400 Country Club Road , Algona

12:15 PM Forest City “Ask Mitt Anything” Luncheon
Location: Heritage Park Entertainment Pavilion, 1225 Hwy. 69 South, Forest City

1:45 PM Cerro Gordo County “Ask Mitt Anything” Ice Cream Social
Location: Surfside 6 Café, 460 N. Shore Drive , Clear Lake

3:15 PM Chickasaw County “Ask Mitt Anything” Coffee
Location: Raleigh Hills Golf and Country Club, 2048 Cheyenne Ave. , Ionia

Governor Romney looks forward to meeting you and answering your questions.

Please RSVP by calling 888-722-4704 ext 200 or emailing

Who should drop out after the Iowa Straw Poll?

Who should get sent home after the Straw Poll??? Now is your chance to vote!

I was watching "So you think you can dance" last night and thought how similar it is to the straw poll. Dancers must get votes to stay on the show just like Republicans must get votes to stay in the race. Instead of the Cha-Cha and the Rhumba, the candidates are doing the "Iowa-New Hampsire-Carolina Shuffle"!!

So now is your chance to vote for who should go home after the Straw Poll. You can vote for one candidate, once per day, for about a week. We will compare results to what actually happens in August!!

So hurry up and vote!

Who should drop out after the Iowa Straw Poll?
Fred Thompson
Tommy Thompson
Free polls from

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Straw Poll one month away!

For those who have said repeatedly ......"I will worry about the Straw Poll when it gets closer to August".............I say to you "It is almost August!!!". The Straw Poll is one month away, and there is a huge buzz in the air. The outcome of this straw poll in Ames will undoubtedly affect the outcome of the Iowa Caucus, as well as the national front-runners. There is still a twist: McCain and Giuliani aren't going. McCain is legitimately too broke to fund a run at the Straw poll, however Giuliani has a ton of money and yet he still doesn't want to participate. Three observations:
1. McCain is struggling financially, and thus is not going to attend the straw poll. Rightfully so. He should not bother attending any other caucuses either because the money isn;t there. And as much as we try to ignore the money factor, it is still one of the biggest indicators of popularity. If people like you, they donate to your election campaign. Simply put. And I think after August 11th, we may see McCain consider to pay off the rest of his campaign debts and walk away.
2. Giuliani has plenty of money and still doesn't want to go to the straw poll. He is leaning on McCain's excuse that the straw poll is too expensive to attend. We don't buy that excuse here in Iowa. Straw poll ticket and registration money goes to support the Iowa Republican party, and we need that money more than ever to get our state offices back into the Republicans hands.
3. Romney is committed to Iowa as well as this nation! He is sticking to the straw poll when he could have followed the other two candidates and skipped it. He has been supporting Iowa since the last mid-term election thru support of his commonwealth PAC and the Republican Governors association. Romney recognizes that Iowans invest their time to sift thru the candidates, and in turn help to find the best candidate to lead our country. We actually take the time to care about politics and the difference we can make in the USA.

So now is the time to make your mark on the direction this country goes in the next 4 to 8 years! Sign up to attend the straw poll right away! If you would like to attend for free, email us at, and we will get your info on to the HQ in Iowa. It's not too late to sign up, but don't wait too much longer!


Halperin: Governor Romney Best Funded And Best Organized

From The Mitt Romney You-Tube site:

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Barron's Online Cover Story: Romney Best Candidate for Our Economy!

Barron's Online features "The Mitt and Bill Show" Parts One and Two.

I think it's a no-brainer that Romney is a natural choice for our economy. Bill Richardson scored worse than any GOP candidate, but was the best of the Dems (If I had to vote for a Dem for POTUS, I've long said that Richardson would get my vote)

The actual report card is interesting as well.
However, like a proud and defensive parent, I think that Romney should have got "straight A's". His only B came in "income tax reform" even though he was the first to sign Grover Norquist's/Americans for Tax Reforms no new taxes pledge and has consistently talked about his plans to drastically change or eliminate the Alt Min Tax and make Bush's Tax cuts permanent. He's also been on the record as wanting to decrease the marginal income tax rate for everyone in every bracket and to simplify the tax code. Meanwhile, "I-commit-to-raising-your-taxes-for-my-socialist-schemes John Edwards" gets only one grade lower at a C? That's just crazy. Maybe they want someone to commit to a flat tax or a "fair tax" to get an A in that one?

Still, a great showing for Mitt summed up in their lead in:

Romney would be the best Republican candidate for stocks, bonds and the economy

Some other worthy quotes:

[On Healthcare] Only Romney has bragging rights to having actually done something in this area, and he's quick to let you know it: "As governor of Massachusetts, I helped design and enact a plan to insure all of our uninsured citizens, which did not require new taxes nor a government takeover of health care."

Based on our report card, the optimal match-up for Wall Street would be Richardson versus Romney, because both candidates favor low taxes and sound fiscal policy. This doesn't seem a likely outcome, however, given Richardson's low charisma levels.

Obama versus Romney, or any of the Republicans for that matter, would be the next-best scenario for the street.