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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

YouTube of Fox News: "Huckabee Caught Lying About His Tax Hikes"

Not a good day for Huckabee:

Text here:
CAMERON: Now that Huckabee is within striking distance, an old video has emerged from before his 100-pound weight loss, when he called for tax increases as Arkansas Governor.

HUCKABEE: The surcharge on the income tax. That’s acceptable.

CAMERON: This morning, he said those tax hikes were in response to a court decision.

HUCKABEE: That was in the context of the Supreme Court order that we had to fund education at a higher level.

CAMERON: In fact, that’s not true. In a Huckabee campaign statement this afternoon, they acknowledged that the tax hikes were to cover a general revenue shortfall in the state budget.

Just like Republicans are more damaged by “scandals” than Democrats because of the “Family Values” label . . . Huckabee is going to be overly damaged for dishonesty since he’s the candidate claiming to be most aligned with and supported by the Christian Right.

More detailed info confirming this dishonesty on this issue comes from Huck's home state (Arkansas Journal). Lot's of facts and details there.

However, there's a BIGGER PICTURE here . . .

What is being overlooked is potentially more damaging to him than dishonesty. It's his blatant fiscal liberalism.

Even if he really was facing a "court-ordered $100 million funding of education" budget gap HIS IMMEDIATE AND KNEE-JERK REACTION WAS TO RAISE TAXES!


Now a quick game of compare and contrast:
  • Huckabee's only solution to a $100 budget deficit: "RAISE TAXES . . . ANY TAXES, PLEASE."
  • Romney's solution when faced with a figure THIRTY TIMES THAT ($3 Billion) in the state budget deficit: Balance the budget WITHOUT RAISING ANY TAXES!
That's the major difference between Mitt and Mike. One can and has accomplished amazing achievements . . . the other looks for the easy way out of problems.


Classy Sassy said...

Man OH Man, you guys must be tired. Having to hunt and search and edit and twist and pull~just to get some kind of sound bite or answer to one question to fit in an all together different question. I knew it was going to be hard, almost impossible to find any thing to smear Gov. Mike Huckabee with. And it is true. You are getting laughed at for trying to do this. We that know the facts find it hard to think someone would fall for this kind of reporting. Go pick on Mitt. He has changed his mind on killing babies, to not killing babies. How many babies could he have saved if he had been against it all a long.Mitt and Rudy want to find out what YOU think before they commit to saying what THEY are for.

Classy Sassy said...

You know you said Mike looks for an easy way out.......This is a man who came in behind the Clinton's. There was so much to clean up and then he was working with a democratic state. The Clinton machine still around and the people they had in there, then getting things done with every one you work with is democrat!! Folks, he did it and WAS RE~ELECTED!! When the Clinton's were pulling and working and schemin' for the other guy...Mike was RE~ELECTED. The people of Arkansas wanted him back because he did a wonderful job! And he can and will do a wonderful job when he is ELECTED PRESIDENT!!

Anonymous said...

Huckabee made a mistake here, on which he corrected immediately by posting a correction on his website which FOX later noted.

Huckabee cut a lot of spending already and would not have been able to in government over run and dominated by Democrats.

Reagan was a small government guy but he hiked taxes like crazy in California while Governor there and was accused of being a tax hiker. Huckabee's record is far more conservative under the much more difficult circumstances of cleaning up after the Clinton political machine with that machine still present to fight him every inch of the way.

At least he has been honest about his record while Romney simply denies and flops around his past.

SGS said...

Classy Sassy, if what you said is true about Clinton leaving mess for Huckabee to clean up (like what Bloomberg did after Rudy, and he raised taxes to cover the shortcomings), then why did Arkansas state government saw its budget raised 50% during Huckabee's 10 years term? That's a whopping 50%. That's huge! What makes it even worse is that those increases occurred during the recession of early 2000s (bad idea, really bad idea!) and way beyond the state inflation!

Steve-O said...

Funny, classy, how you didn't answer at all the question raised by the post. You just accused the blogger of smearing Huckabee, and then proceeded to smear Mitt. It's not that he was re-elected, it's his knee jerk reaction to raise taxes whenever he is in trouble that the poster was pointing out. That's what we have a problem with. In that light, it's obvious that he came in after the Clintons, because he acted just like them in this sense!

Steve-O said...

And another thing- don't you WANT more people to join the pro-life movement? Have you not noticed that the Mass Right to Life people endorsed him because of his change AND because he governed pro-life in Mass when he was governor? He has always been pro-life personally, but up until his conversion was bound to uphold the law of the land. Get real. Huckabee, though a nice guy, has no chance. GO MITT!!!!!!!!!