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Monday, November 12, 2007

Huckabee Begged for New Taxes . . . ANY TAXES . . . "And you will have nothing but my profound thanks"

All I can say is "Wow!"

Above is Huckabee (granted quite a few years ago) BEGGING his Democratic dominated legislature to essentially pass ANY tax (sales, income, cigarette, etc . . .). He promises that if they pass any of these taxes "you will have nothing but my profound thanks." Unbelievable.

At the start of the video he said he wanted to get this "on the record" . . . well, he sure got his wish, eh?

Read the reactions and comment on this at "Arkansas Journal: Arkansas Conservative Blog" . . . an increasingly informative site for all things Huckabee.

He's definitely changed his tune now-a-days and has signed onto the Americans for Tax Reform's "No New Taxes" Pledge. But, he's already sort of broken that pledge as he's a key supporter of the "Fair Tax" and has said he'll work to get that passed. Although supporters of that tax claim that it's "revenue neutral", many don't believe it will be, and nearly everyone admits that some middle income and upper income (excluding the ultra rich) Americans will be paying much more in taxes under such a plan. Seems like Mike is trying to have it both ways, eh?

Wan't more info on Mike Huckabee? This post at Red State by a Fred Thompson supporter was very enlightening to me.


Anonymous said...

Romney wasn't much better! Universal health care in Mass, and doesn't know what a gun is for. (It's not for hunting) for a REAL conservative.

Anonymous said...

I think Ron Paul supporters should stop putting their dumb revolution signs on our state highway crossings and on public property. It looks bad on the local republicans. Can't they just be happy with yard signs instead of putting their stickers on stop signs and lamp posts, as well as spray painting box culverts. Get a new hobby besides defacing public property.

vote for hillary online said...

The Huckster doesn't stand a real chance at winning the presidency. You want a real candidate with real values? You want Hillary Clinton. Just trust me.

Anonymous said...

A new CBS poll has Huckabee within 6 points of Mitt in Iowa? Is Mitt in trouble? If Mitt loses Iowa his whole campaign is over - he's toast. Please tell me this was a blip. We need Romney to win the nomination!

Jeff Fuller said...

Huck is rising, but I don't think he's really going to get much more than 20% in the polls.

He may even drop as his horrible record on immigration and taxes are exposed.