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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Romney in Iowa City : Health care fix with less government

Mitt Romney was in Iowa City today (Wednesday, November 21, 2007) with a message of particular interest to the doctors and medical industry professionals who attended at the Medical Education Research Facility. That message is : We need to fix healthcare, but without turning healthcare into socialized medicine! A tremendous thank you goes out to the great Romney Supporters who were instrumental in getting this event on campus.
Mitt gave a great speech, and clearly explained what he did in Mass., and how he will carry this over on a national scale. The crowd's questions were tough questions, and Mitt handled them tremendously. I will be uploading photos from the event tomorrow. For now, here is an article written up in the Press Citizen about the visit:

Romney: Health care fix with less government
By Kathryn Fiegen
Iowa City Press-Citizen

Solving the country’s problems with health care requires less government involvement, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said this morning on the University of Iowa campus. The former Massachusetts governor challenged the health care plans of his Democratic counterparts, which have called for an expanded government role in health care, even creating new government programs similar to Medicare and Medicaid.
“You don’t say, ‘How do we put more government into it,’ you say, ‘How do we get government out of it?’” Romney said to a group of about 100 in the atrium of the Medical Education and Research Facility.
Romney, who is in the lead in Iowa for the Republican nomination, has suggested the country adopt a plan that he helped implement in Massachusetts.
“The idea was this — we have 500,000 people in our state who don’t have
health insurance, but they have health care,” he said, speaking about people who
seek care in emergency rooms even though they are without insurance.Romney said
this practice drives up takes and premiums. He said his state took what it
would spend on retroactive coverage for the uninsured, and instead provided to
subsidize the cost of private insurance for those with no coverage.Romney said
Massachusetts found out that some people would buy health insurance if it costs
just a little less, something the government could help to subsidize. The
poor pay on a sliding scale and the government covers the rest, Romney
said. He said his plan doesn’t raise taxes, but just re-allocates money
that is already being spent.
“That would be a far better way of providing people with good health care,”
Romney said.

University Hospitals physician Marlan Hansen said UIHC provides most of the indigent care in the area, but it is still quality care. “But I think there is a great disparity between what is offered with government health care and what people get with private insurance,” he said. Romney said health care reform that targets the private industry helps to make care more equal. Health insurance plans should be offered directly to individuals, he said, and not through employers. That way, insurance companies compete on a person-to-person basis and the costs go down. He also suggested the country adopt another component of Massachusetts’ system, which is a public board to review all health insurance plans that are offered in the state, to make sure consumers are more aware of what they are buying. Iowa City resident Katie Nolte, 29, said she thought the GOP candidate’s health care plan was “interesting.” “But, and I should preface this by saying I’m a Democrat, I just wonder if it will actually lower costs,” she said.

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