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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Romney visits Medical Campus at University of Iowa

Here are some photos of the event that was held the the Medical Education Research Facility on campus of the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine:

Dr. Hunter of the University of Iowa Hospital introducing Governor Romney.

Romney explaining his Healthcare Strategy

Romney taking some questions. (Real questions from real people)

Questions coming from the back amongst the press.

Romney visiting with folks after the event.

Romney talking to the Johnson County co-chair Dorree Eckhoff, and her daughter, and employee of University of Iowa Hospital.

Romney with a dental student studying at the University of Iowa.

Here is Romney signing an autograph with a supporter. Notice the ski-jacket that he is wearing : These are jackets from the 2002 Winter Olympics, and only available to those who volunteered. This individual volunteered at the Sandy TRAX station during the olympics. Mitt noticed his jacket when he asked a question and had him come up on stage and explained the jacket to the crowd. Then he commented on the remarkable spirit of volunteerism, and how the volunteers at the olympics were true heroes.


Jacob said...

Nothing impresses me more about Romney than when he speaks. I tire of people saying he is plastic, when in reality he is well-spoken, articulate, and incredibly intelligent. None of the candidates have tackled the issues as well and as clearly as Romney. And as they do, we will see that none of them are as conservative or as capable of leadership as Romney. Look at Huckabee's record on immigration and tax increases, or Thompson's lack of experience. It's clear: Romney is the choice for the GOP nomination.

Jeff Fuller said...

Great pics Keith!!

Thanks for posting them.

Anonymous said...

Romney has all the marks of a great leader. Take a look at how he responded to the kid who he saw wearing the Olympics jacket. He called the guy up to the stage, had him explain his Olympic jacket and its significance, and made him feel important.

My guess is that guy is now a life-long Romney supporter.

Romney has the amazing ability to utilize the people around him, to give them a mission, and to get the job done.

I hear people talking about this view or that view, and that's important. But in my eye, results matter far, far more. George W. Bush had a lot of great ideas, but he never saw a lot of them to fruition because he didn't know how to sell them. Romney does. He's the consummate executive, and I'd love to see him in the White House.