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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Prominent Blogger Ace of Spades HQ Gives Romney a 2nd Look

Influential blogger (like over 17 million total hits to his site . . . we've had around 65,000) Ace of Spades HQ is re-assessing the GOP field and is leaning towards Romney and it seems to be Huck's surge that is leading him there.

Huckabee Has Changed The Whole Race

Obviously, from the standpoint of support for Mike Huckabee, as Drew noted below.

But it's got me thinking too.

Not that I would support Mike Huckabee -- indeed, this is the only first-tier candidate I now find it difficult to support -- but it changes my own political math.

If Giuliani is too divisive a figure for the GOP base -- and if so, it's his own damn fault I must say; he could have easily tacked enough to the right to appease social cons -- then I guess I need to find an alternative to Huckabee.

I like Giuliani but not enough to split the base over him.

Thompson seems to be a natural alternative -- or at least he seemed that way, before he actually began campaigning. He's in the mix, I suppose, but I'm not thinking he can win.

Which leaves me pondering a candidate I've never really gotten behind, except to say he's perfectly acceptable to me -- Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney has his own problems with the social cons. His religion offends many, and his new improved positions on hot button social issues have the stink of opportunism still wafting over them. But I believe he's credible on these issues, if only because he's now made a fairly unbreakable promise on them.

He's a smart guy. He lacks Giuliani's charisma and ease and command in speaking, but he's not bad either. He has tremendous executive experience. And he has... oh, what the hell, Hugh Hewitt's blog.

Second look time for Romney, at least for me. I think Huckabee would be a disaster in the general election. An easy manner only gets you so far.

I think many so cons are realizing that Romney is the only so con candidate that can take on and beat Rudy and then win the general election. The coalescence around him on top of his current base of supporters will be a force to be reckoned with.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I used to think that Romney might be ok, too. But after looking at his speeches a in Massachusetts, I don't find him credible. Look at this Romney ad when he was running for Gov. of Mass. He sounds just as convincing on his stands then as he does now, even though they're EXACTLY OPPOSIT! I don't thing he's trustworthy.
Here's the AD:

Jeff Fuller said...

Get a life Anon!

That WAS NOT A "ROMNEY AD" from when he was running in MA.

That is called a political attack ad.

Romney's kept all his campaign promises . . . he is Trustworthy to keep his word.

Makeli said...

Nice try anon,
Romney is as really as it gets. I couldn't disagree more with the assessment that he lacks Giuliani's charisma. It's one of the regular mantra's of the MSM about Romney that he is plastic and lifeless. Ask anyone who has attended an event of his. He's electrifying. We were able to attend an Ask Mitt Anything event last week here in Vegas and even the protesters there left very impressed.

Anonymous said...

I trust Mr. Romney more than any candidate because his wife and kids trust him and it seems he has never let them down. They would know him best. He's not too rigid and definitely has the ability to reason + morals to guide his decisions. Huckabee seems compassionate but way too generous with tax dollars and not possessing the class or dignity of a POTUS, may I reference his Chuck Norris ad. I want bang for my tax dollar and pure brilliance on tap-vote Romney.

Anonymous said...


He has worked with so many people, within his company and many others he had taken over, within his church, within Olypmics with its thousands of volunteers, and within a state government. There should be plenty of people out by now if the charges against Mitt -- his being slicky and plastic -- is true. There has not been one indication where those who worked for him in all of those ventues have came out against him. We have seen how loyal his family is to him. We also are seeing many of his previous employees going out for him. Even those from conservative thinking tank who has worked with him still trust him. There has not been one of them who think he is false. Do try to look at the trails all of the candidates leave behind in their lifetime. You cannot have as amazing trail as Mitt's. Media and anti Romney critics have him pegged all wrong.