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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Media Hearts Huckabee

From a recent comment over at ElectRomneyIn2008 by Linda (emphasis mine):
I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired about hearing how wonderful Huckabee is. It’s pretty clear that the mainstream media is pushing Huckabee on us, and in the process, marginalizing Romney. I don’t know if they are doing it on purpose or not, but the more they talk about Huckabee, the higher his poll numbers go. He’s getting tons of free press, and undeservedly so. Also, Rudy is sitting pretty because he doesn’t have to spend a cent in Iowa, because he has Huckabee to distract voters from Mitt. But hopefully supporters of Romney can somehow get this message out: a vote for Huckabee is a vote for Rudy.

Ya know Linda, I've been noticing the same thing. Look at these headlines "Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" from The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder and "Huckmentum!" from Politico's Jonahtan Martin. Notice anything strange? That's right, they both have EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!! as part of the headlines. These guys aren't even trying to appear objective anymore I guess. I realize that part of the equation is that the press corps need something to write about and close races are more exciting to cover and sell more mags/papers . . . and shocking upsets make for even greater headlines.

Then Lynn followed up Linda's comment with her own:
I have lived in Arkansas for 23 years. I have survived Governors Clinton, Jim Guy Tucker, and Huckabee. I voted for Huckabee and came to deeply regret it. I was ashamed of his ethical lapses and questionable money and gift dealings. I am appalled at his quick willingness to raise taxes. He may be a conservative on some issues, but his record proves that he is a big government, big spending liberal on other issues. Here in Arkansas we learned not to trust him too far. I am very seriously upset that now he is working to be a spoiler for the candidate that I believe will have the highest integrity and has the knowledge and experience to help this country in a time that we desperately need it.
Huckabee is a power hungry man that has benefited from the evangelical block’s desire to elect one of their own. They need to look a little closer at him though and check out his record. He makes lots of jokes and speaks well, but this election is not a joke and it is way too serious to select a man based on a few one liners and a funny ad or two.

Wow! Those are strong words Lynne. Thanks for your personal experience. Iowans need to be informed about the real Huckabee because many seem to be swallowing him hook, line, and sinker.


Abe said...

It's true; the only thing that stands in the way of a Giuliani nomination (i.e. pro-sanctuary, pro-abortion general election tickets from both parties) is Romney, and the primary state momentum his message has generated.

Like him or not, Romney is on the record. He is locked in. He has made commitments that neither Thompson nor McCain nor Giuliani have made; he will govern as a conservative.

Romney can (and likely will) win the nomination. Iowa or no Iowa, Huckabee can't compete with Giuliani. Neither can Thompson, neither can McCain. So if I'm a Giuliani supporter, I'm going to want to steal Romney's thunder, which is why I would vote for #2, Huckabee. So would you if you supported Rudy. It's plain, then--a vote for Huckabee is even better for Rudy than a vote for Rudy.

By the way, which candidate already has firefighter swift boaters lining up against him? (notice how passionately they oppose him. Also, which candidate already has conservatives as influential as Dr. Dobson saying they will vote third party if he's nominated? Rudy. Remember, H.W. Bush, Dole, and Gore would all have been presidents if third parties hadn't intervened. So Rudy simply wouldn't win in a general election 2008, which will be an uphill fight as it is already.

One could argue, then, that a vote for Huckabee, at this point, is in fact vote for Hillary. Romney at least can win. Huckabee is Perot 2008.

GUNDY said...

very interesting post. I love to hear about Huckabee from somebody who lived so close to his mistakes. Romney will pull away in the end, he'll figure out something to solidify the win in Iowa. Meanwhile, I'll keep collecting money for my man, Mitt - not much else I can do to help out.

Anonymous said...

Huckabee is giving it a go knowing most likely he won't even beat Mitt in Iowa. But he's thinking more long term, knowing he can't keep up any level of activity on the long primary campaign trail.

Like Fred, he's too little to late to be a real contender. Mike can only act as spoiler and Rudy's little helper.

Mike's now been in politics long enough now that he knows continuous media attention is only good for his future career.

Perhaps he can capitalize this national name recognition into a senate post in Arkansas. Or even, he hopes, he could turn up as VP.

VP is not likely, however, since Rudy will be both swiftboated and 3rd-partied out of contention during the general election.

Jeff Fuller said...

After seeing Huck's record in AR I don't even want him representing that state in the Senate . . . definitely not as VP.

Arkansas is a conservative state . . . they could get a more conservative Senator than Mike Huckabee.

Nealie Ride said...

On recent televised talk shows, Huckabee constantly referred to the liberal nature of the state. He suggested that the Dems/libs were out to get him (ethics problems, taxes, immigration).

Yet, from my memory (and your statement above, Jeff) it's generally a conservative Southern state.

What's up with that? Another distortion by Mr. Huck?

Anonymous said...

Yep Nealie . . . more deception by Huckabee.

Arkansas IS NOT a liberal state. It is a VERY conservative state. There is a strong Democratic presence still, but this is a hold-over from the old South Democrats. And they're Blue-dog Democrats who don't hold socially liberal views.