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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Links coming in

My "A vote for Huckabee is a vote for Rudy" post has started to attract some attention. Chris at The Mason Conservative said he agreed with "every word of it." New Romney supporter who is a RedState Contributor Leon Wolfe linked to it in the "RedHot" section at RedState with the lead-in "I agree with this absolutely".


Jeremie Jordan said...

To be fair, not all links coming in supported your post:

Bob Waters said...

I'm not surprised that fellow Romney supporters like your spin.

In fact, Romney cannot afford to lose both Iowa and New Hampshire. And my gut tells me that he's not going to win either. On the other hand, if Huckabee wins Iowa (especially if Thompson finishes fourth in Iowa and does poorly in New Hampshire) he automatically becomes the favorite throughout the South and competitive everywhere else.

Anonymous said...

If Republicans support Huckabee, we're doomed as a party.

And if VP-hopeful Huckabee is only playing as Rudy's poodle to take Iowa from Mitt, shame on Mike.

Look at what a mess Rudy is. He's implicated in all kinds of dirty deals. Just today I read about his mistress' escort service.

Way to help that guy out, Mike!