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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Iowa Christian Alliance President Slams Pat Robertson's Endorsement of Giuliani

I'm on the ICA's mailing list and found this press release quite interesting (emphasis mine below):

Iowa Christian Alliance President Cautions Iowa Conservatives

On the Day of Rudy Giuliani’s Endorsement by Pat Robertson

Contact:: President, Steve Scheffler (515) 971-7363


Iowa Conservatives: Don’t Fall for Rudy


We’re not going to beat Hillary Clinton with someone who has a record of agreement with her on abortion, gay marriage, illegal immigration and many other issues important to Iowa conservatives.

Some conservatives seem willing to look past Giuliani’s liberal record because he appears strongest in national polls against Hillary Clinton. The truth is, the national election is still months away. Iowans should nominate a candidate who can draw a contrast with Hillary, not someone who shares her New York values. In fact, recent polls point to Giuliani’s slippage against Hillary Clinton on the national scene and are evidence that the “electability” argument doesn’t hold water.

Social conservatives such as Pat Robertson who back pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage candidates do a disservice to the conservative movement. At the end of the day, we have to stand for something, or our movement has no purpose.”

That first paragraph sounds like it's right out of the Romney campaign playbook: "We're not going to beat Hillary Clinton by acting like Hillary Clinton", eh?

Anyone else with me in the prediction that the backlash against this Robertson endorsement will end up being a net negative for Rudy?


Utah for Mitt Web Maker said...

We all have to make a decision sometime about backing someone who is exactly our views verses someone who has more of a chance to win. I think Mr. Scheffler is correct on where to draw the line in this battle. You can't elect someone who so far away from your values that it doesn't help if they win.

Anonymous said...

I just linked this over at Thanks for posting it.

SGS said...

Well, the reason Robertson is endoring Rudy is because he did say defeating the terrorists is the most important issue. However, I want to insert here that he lacks the foresight. Things are looking really good in Iraq at this time. A lot of typical Americans who do not follow the goings there closely tend to associate Iraq with War on Terrorism, which is not true. Nevertheless, they do. So, if things are looking good in Iraq, they would start to believe the terrorists are no longer a threat, and that they are not capable of another 9/11. They will start to look for someone who can solve problems closer to home. Frankly, Rudy has been going on about how tough he will be with terrorists, regardless of his actual lack of experiences with them, comparing with many of candidates on both side. He will not be perspected to be the man to solve problems at home this time next year. We need a person who is good in everything, and that is Mitt!