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Friday, November 30, 2007

Iowa GOP Horserace Blog Round-up

From Iowa Likes Mike:
From God, Politcs, and Rock'N'Roll (Pro-Rudy):
Cyclone Conservatives
Iowa Collegiate Republicans:
Always keep in mind "The Real Sporer" which is the GOP blogsite with the most comments (the new Krusty?)


Jeff Angelo said...

Hi Jeff--

Thanks for referencing "God, Politics and Rock N Roll." In reference to what comments are approved, we only disapprove comments that take personal shots at the bloggers or anyone else. Folks are free to support or oppose their candidate or (gulp!) disagree with the writers.

Jeff Fuller said...

Cool Jeff (great name BTW). Thanks for clearing that up.

Hope it's helping your traffic (and hope we can help you see "The Merits of Mitt!")

Feel free to participate in the discussion here too!