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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fake E-mail From Romney to Iowa Supporters: I Apologizing for Push-Polling Myself

Crazed and Dazed is all I can feel after this huge "push-polling" scandal.

Fortunately, it's looking like Romney and his campaign have been all but cleared of any charges or speculation in the matter.

However, a fake email (made public by Cyclone Conservatives blog--make sure to vote for Romney in his poll on the right sidebar there too) has been sent out far and wide where an impostor claims to be "Team Romney Iowa" and apologizes for push-polling themselves to get votes and sympathy (hat tip to Justin Hart at My Man Mitt for alerting me to it)

Some of the more audacious claims:
Dear Supporters,

As most of you probably read in today's National Review , our campaign has been tied to the anti-Mormom calls made here in Iowa attacking Gov. Romney for his faith. It appears our campaign's chief strategist, who we have paid nearly $800,000 in fees, is behind the calls.

Our office has been swarmed with hundreds of phone calls since the National Review, the most respected national conservative publication, broke the story. Many Iowans are upset that our own campaign would smear our own candidate and Mormons and try to tie it to another campaign.

Because we were not able to answer all your phone calls, we'd like to issue a sincere apology. Our campaign believes that we must say and do anything to win -- which sometimes gets us into trouble.

They then go on to list negative and misleading reports of "wrongdoing" by campaign staffers etc . . .
They finish with:
While we do not have the time to explain each and every of these offenses, including the newest one, we can assure you, our valued supporters, that the Team Romney campaign is 100% committed to saying anything and using any campaign tactics to win.
OK . . . so it's pretty obvious that this wasn't even trying to pass as a credible "from the real Romney campaign" email. But what is obvious is that some people are anonymously and deceptively trying to malign the character and campaign efforts of Governor Romney. This kind of attack is probably coming from another GOP campaign. That "Say or Do Anything" phraseology is vintage McCain stuff (Remember the anti-Romney site he purchased who's banner read "Say. Do. Anything"?) However, recently Fred Thompson's spokesman used the same terminology for Gov. Romney. Even the DNC has made similar claims as well. I don't know who did it though I have some suspicions that I'll keep to myself (at the wise recommendation of our first commenter). Whoever did it is cowardly and shameless.

It actually shouldn't be too hard to track where the e-mails came from (I personally don't have a clue how . . . but have been told it's not too difficult). Most likely it's from someone who's covered their tracks well and/or used a public computer/WiFi. This kind of behavior cannot be condoned. The stakes are very high in a race like this and such actions should be punished.

It's getting really ugly really quickly folks.


Anonymous said...

The issue is a terrible one. But let's not make it any worse by speculating about who it may or may not have been when there is zero evidence.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the original emails? are they HTML based or just plan text? Do they have images on the email also?

Jeff Fuller said...

Not that I know of Anon #2.

You can contact the blogger at my link above (Cyclone Conservatives) via he has an email available there.

MittOhio said...

This is just unreal. There are other GOP, Anti-Mormon Evangelicals, Ex-Mormons, and DNC candidates that are evil enough to do this. Any other faith, they can leave alone, but with the LDS Church they just can't help themselves. Some thoughts about how to regard this spiritually is posted here

Another thought is "who stands to gain the most from this?" What special interests does he represent that these other parties would greatly benefit if he went down? Are the polls a test to see what factor could bring Mitt down based on the publicity reaction?

Any voter with any brains would never fall for this ruse. Smart voters will realize that they are being manipulated as well and won't fall for it.

As Mitt says Thanksgiving is the time where we celebrate the Pilgrims of America or the groups of people who came to this land to escape their own religious persecution. If any religious group is involved in this, this just is amazing proof of their own spiritual insanity.

Well, they are certainly begging for a reaction, and publicity. The sheer wording of this points the finger at a possible source.

Mitt Romney is such a gentleman. It is so refreshing to see a candidate worthy of great respect and not connected to so much disgrace - Huckabee's ethics, Giuliani's values and company, no explanation needed for Clinton Inc., McCain's seething personality, etc. So they can't find any garbage they have to make it up. This is amazing desperation.

Make sure to watch Mitt on Glenn Beck at

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a surprise. I don't think you can buy your way out of that one which is why i'm 100% for Sen. McCain who does not pervert the voting integrity of this great nation. It's not to late to cast your vote for the best candidate for president.

Nealie Ride said...

In case you haven't been paying attention, nmerrill, few people consider old-man McCain the best candidate.

He's a great patriot. He was a fairly good senator for my home state of AZ. Yet, he's missed so many votes and has been on the wrong side of so many issues (immigration being the main one recently) that he's driven his campaign into the ground.

His campaign is in debt. You could say, he's not only unable to buy votes, he can't even buy a hotel room except on credit. He can't run an organization and can't earn people's trust sufficient to gather donations.

Why would you vote for such a candidate? Think how he'd manage our deficit problem that he admits to increasing with recent pork-barrel programs.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should run for president Mrs./Mr.? nealie. We can discuss peoples natural tendency to make poor decisions for quite some time. In fact it would take days just to get through Mitt's. Being aged or considered "good-looking" has little to do with running our great nation. I don't have much time or energy to waste on argument I just speak from the heart. As well you should vote with yours and not i'm sure your next paycheck. God Bless.

CrazyCraig .com said...

I wish I could ask Romney one question?

When you and your wife die will you become God(demi-God) and Goddess (demi-Goddess) of your own world?

Yes that is a real teaching of the Mormon church!