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Monday, November 19, 2007

Rudy Giuliani Masters the TRUE "Flip-Flop"

We Romney supporters are obviously a little sensitive to the "Flip-Flopper" label that Romney has unfairly acquired. We realize that there's not much to attack Mitt on his current policies or on his personal/professional/political conduct and so opponents have to fall back on the only thing they apparently have on him, the so-called "Flip Flop" label. That he's from Massachusetts like Mr. John "Flip Flop" Kerry seems (to them at least) to add credence to their name calling.

However, let's remember that Kerry got that reputation for going from one side of the issue to the other AND THEN BACK TO HIS ORIGINAL POSITION. In other words, not only did his record show that he had been on both sides of many major issues, but that he'd been on one of those sides MORE THAN ONCE. That was hard to defend on logical or on a "I've grown" basis. Claiming that he was just very "nuanced" didn't sit well either with the American public. It was just unadulterated political opportunism and everyone saw right through it. That was/is the TRUE Flip Flop and that is why Kerry lost. I know Romney's record thoroughly and can't think of an issue where he's done that kind of political issue gymnastics.

Well, after reading a few weeks back about Rudy's TRUE flip flop on illegal immigration (where he talked like a "secure the borders and deport them all" tough guy before becoming NYC mayor where he became Sanctuary Rudy . . . and now he's BACK to talking like a tough guy again) I made a mental note of it. One issue may have just be an aberration, I thought.

But now Rudy's giving us more evidence that he's Master of the "TRUE Flip Flop" . . . this time on the key issue of health care. I've detailed that in another post. Are we starting to see a pattern here?

Sure, it may appear ironic to the skeptic or the uninformed for a Romney supporter to attack any other candidate as a "flip-flopper." However, Romney has only truly "flipped" his POSITION on one major issue (abortion) and only shifted his rhetoric on a few others. But who hasn't? The list of McCain's Flips (McFlips) is quite long. Rudy's got a growing list over at The Mitt Report that I'll paste in below:

-Health Care
-Supporting the Red Sox
-Line Item Veto
-Supporting George Soros and Being A Republican
-Congress' Schiavo action
-Gun support
-Civil unions

So why is Romney the only one they call a "flip flopper" now? It's because they ain't got nothing else and so they have to beat this horse to death. It's already getting old and tired IMO.

Thoughts? Comments?

1 comment:

Mark said...

I realize that you are in Iowa. But what is up with Michigan's primary/convention?

It seems to me (and I could easily be wrong), that Romney would be better off ignoring Michigan if they do a convention, given that people seem to think that McCain would win a convention vote.

If McCain can't get any mileage out of Michigan, I think his campaign will die a natural death.

Anyway. Good luck in Iowa.

I haven't completely settled on a candidate yet. But I hope Romney wins in Iowa and knocks Huckabee out of the race.