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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another Successful Iowa Swing for Romney

The following is a review of Romney's time in Iowa these past few days that I received via email: Lots of links . . .and it's nice to see that the LOCAL coverage that Romney gets is far more fair than the national main-stream media. Just an observation. Enjoy:

The governor began his three-day swing in Des Moines, where he sat down with Dave Price to discuss trade and how the free market benefits Iowa's economy, found HERE. Price used the exclusive interview to focus on the recent closing of Maytag, and how the governor's plan would actually help those currently displaced.

He then conducted a sit-down interview with Kay Henderson, who focused on the governor's proposal for an international free-traders union HERE, but also reported on the governor sparring with Thompson and Clinton over immigration HERE. Finally, a third piece of news came from Kay, where Romney downplayed his frontrunner status HERE. Justin Schardin at Campaigns and Elections picked up on that story, writing his own expectations game article as well.

The governor then sat down with Des Moines Register reporter Grant Schulte, who did an excellent write-up for Iowa's largest daily paper HERE.

At the stroke of midnight Wednesday night, the wire had the exclusive preview on the governor's trade policy. The AP article focused on the president's trade promotion authority. On Thursday morning, it was rise-and-shine for an exclusive live desk interview with KCCI's early morning show, where they focused on the governor's lead in the state, the issue of immigration, and trade policy. The interview is found HERE. The morning interview was also featured on the five o'clock news that night.

Then, the governor flew to Decorah, where FOUR HUNDRED people (per the AP and the Decorah News) were on hand to see the governor. Following former Majority Leader Chuck Gipp's introduction, the governor focused on strength and social issues, with local coverage found HERE. LaCrosse TV was on hand to cover the event, though they made it a "candidates" story rather than a Romney story, found HERE.

Not to be outdone, KTIV in Sioux City ran a story regarding our trade proposal, running some great b-roll from the Clay County Fair, and a brief story on KWQC in Davenport.

The governor then made his first visit to Charles City, where he flexed his political muscle, with the Charles City Press giving us a straight-forward story. "Classic" wrote on Hugh Hewitt's blog, highly touting the campaign's organization.

Speaking next in Mason City, the governor delivered his first PowerPoint to an Iowa audience, focusing on trade and garnering a second story on the subject from the Des Moines Register. Mary Pieper of the Globe-Gazette in Mason City delivered a spot-on story, including many of the governor's key points. KIMT covered the trade event as well, noting the Reagan Zone, and the importance of trade to Iowa. Rochester television led with the governor's wealth of experience.

At day's end, the governor gave the keynote address to the 300 attendees at the Association of Builders and Contractors of Iowa, with CNN reporting on the invoking of Regan. Iowa Politics noted the three pillars of conservatism: military, economy and family.

On Friday morning, it was on to Marshalltown, where the governor worked for Fisher Controls as a consultant, which the over 200 attendees knew and greatly enjoyed. The Des Moines Register noted the confidence that the governor has gained as he maintains a steady lead in the polls, though the campaign downplayed expectations, knowing now more than ever, it will be a very close race.

Greeting us in Marshalltown was CNN's Election Express to cover the event! Bill Schneider previewed the story live from Marshalltown, prior to the interview's "Situation Room" debut. They were in town, reporting on why the governor is doing so well in Iowa. They interviewed the governor on their bus, and also asked Yepsen his thoughts on the governor. Ken Black at the Marshalltown Times-Republican blared a headline that says, " Romney says Clinton will bring wrong change to America."

Following the Marshalltown event, the governor headed to Waterloo for his SEVENTH and final public appearance of the trip. Jens Krogstad delivers the read of the day, with his focus on the governor's business creds. Following the event, the governor held a media avail in front of – what else – a brand new John Deere tractor (see right.) With 300 people in attendance, it was a great send-off for the governor.


bigmo said...

Nice write-up, Jeff! Looks like Mitt's getting some great coverage.

Jeff Fuller said...


Actually, as I stated at the top, I didn't write it . . . just cut and pasted from my email (I think it was by one of Romney's Iowa field directors).

thanks for the compliments though!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Fred try to keep a schedule like that!