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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Huckabee Caught Fibbin' Again--Fred Attacks Huckabee

Fred 08 came out with this press release recently showing how willing Mike Huckabee is to fib about his previous record as Arkansas Governor. Some key points are below.


Huckabee Claim: "We didn't raise [taxes] on nursing home patients. That was a quality assurance fee."

Fact: Huckabee implemented a $5.25 per day bed-tax on private
nursing home patients. (Associated Press, 8/13/01)

Huckabee Claim: "Here's what the Club for Growth won't tell you... They won't tell you who gave them money. They like to take money from anonymous donors, fire shots at folks without accountability."

Fact: Huckabee created a 'charitable' organization - Action America - so he could funnel his speaking fees through the organization and avoid disclosure requirements: "In 1995, [Huckabee] avoided reporting individual sources of income by funneling money through a nonprofit corporation, Action America, that was created and managed by his campaign staff." (Commercial Appeal, 11/9/97)

Huckabee Claim: "I balanced the budget every year of my 10 years as governor... I think my record is an incredibly good one."

Fact: Arkansas law mandates a balanced budget. Huckabee raised taxes and more than doubled state spending. (Mike Huckabee, "Cutting Taxes and Other Great Ideas for Congress from an Arkansas Governor," Heritage Lecture #645, The Heritage Foundation, 9/29/99, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette , 10/4/07)
Fact: Immediately upon taking office in 1996, Governor Huckabee signed a sales tax hike into law. (Stephen Moore and Dean Stansel, "A Fiscal Policy Report Card On America's Governors: 1998," Cato Institute; Joan Duffy, "Critical Ark. School Funds Amendment Goes Untouted," Commercial Appeal, 9/9/96)

Huckabee Claim: "You first deal with the spending issue which I did in my state."

Fact: State spending more than doubled under Huckabee. "During Huckabee's 10 years as governor, state spending more than doubled, from $6.6 billion to $16.1 billion in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2006." ( Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 10/4/07)

The videos of the interview are here and here.

I guess Huckabee is used to his former status as an irrelevant candidate back when nobody cared to check into whether or not he was telling the truth. Welcome to the big leagues Huck!

This combined with Huckabee's previous dishonesty about his fiscal record may be the beginning of a disturbing pattern.


Scott said...

I just don't understand with Huck's resume (not nearly as impressive as Romney's) and failure to be up-front about his record with regards to illegal immigrants and taxes, why is he shooting up into second in the polls in Iowa??

I'm a North Carolinian and I'm afraid I know the answer. Evangelical Christians are rallying around a former Baptist minister. As a Christian myself, this really makes me sad. Romney's fighting for Christian values. He has good Christian and family values. He believes in a strong America. He's a social conservative. And most of all his history is so impressive. Everything he's touched as turned to gold! (no pun intended with the Olympics) Look what he did in a liberal state with a liberal congress...he still balanced the budget and turned the State around.

We're not electing a preacher-in-chief...we're electing a leader to lead our nation and help our economy. And his core beliefs and values will lead him to make the same decisions any Christian would make with regards to abortion, gay marriage, etc. There's nothing not to like about this guy! He's substance and experience...he's too good to be true!

Iowans help us put this guy in the White House! Please don't vote for Huck because it's more comfortable...think about your local Church leaders. I'm sure they're wonderful, inspiring, spritual men...but that doesn't mean you want them to lead the largest enterprise and most important government in the World.

Nealie Ride said...

Well said, Scott. I believe as the weeks pass and people come to know liberal Mike, they'll dump him like the did Fred.

These are the same Mitt-resisting types who were dying to support Fred. Now, they're dying to find another Christian political savior. They simply aren't going to find one.

Mitt's not Christian in their eyes, but he's the best they've got.

Nealie Ride said...

Those at Evangelicals for Mitt figured out this concept a long time ago.

They vehemently disagree with Mitt's theology.

Yet, in their view there's no question he's still the best candidate for people of faith.

A must read:

Evangelicals, Christians of other stripes, and all types of other folks are increasingly backing Mitt.

His number are climbing throughout the country. We gotta be practical and vote for competency not theology.

Anonymous said...

You spend all your time bashing Huckabee because you are afraid of him. Just read this quote From the AP:
New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg was asked about Romney rival Mike Huckabee's rise in state polls, and said he has always "viewed Iowa as being a place where they pick corn and New Hampshire being a place where we pick presidents."

The Romney campaign is full of snubs. Why would anybody from Iowa vote for him after this?

Jeff Fuller said...


We're "equal opportunity" bashers. We've had plenty of stuff exposing the records of Fred, Rudy, and McCain too . . . all "time appropriate" in our opinions.

You say we are "afriad" of Huck?

You are absolutely right!!!

Afraid that his fiscal liberalism, nanny-statist, compassionate-conservatism-on-steroids leadership style will gain more acceptance in GOP circles.

Afraid that Iowans won't realize that a vote for Huckabee is a vote for Rudy (wouldn't that be ironic if the same evangelicals who would vote for a pro-life third party candidate if Rudy is the nominee would be the same ones putting Rudy in as the GOP nominee by holding Mitt back in Iowa . . . I mean do you really not want to vote for a Mormon THAT badly? . . . hopefully Dobson realizes this and comes to Mitt's aid with an endorsement BEFORE the caucuses)

Afraid that Huck will be allowed to continue to distort his record and fool Iowans into getting something other than what he really is.

Afraid that Huck would actually become the nominee (BIG longshot) and hand the nomination by the Dems (I mean a Southern Minister who openly scoffs at the theory of evolution ain't gonna play well in a general election).

There's plenty to be afraid about Mike Huckabee!

Jeff Fuller said...


Senator Judd (R-NH) was making a "friendly banter" or "mild smack talk" comment in line with the dialogue that has existed for years between these two early states.

Can't you take a joke? (As a Huckabee supporter I think you must be able to take a joke . . . in more ways than one)

However, Romney didn't "endorse" those comments from Sen Judd when asked about them and made sure that Iowans knew that Romney considers the opinions of Iowans as VERY important in this race . . . that you take this comment from Judd out of context and try to smear Romney with it is more than a bit dishonest . . . sort of like your candidate.

Anonymous said...

I'm hardly afraid of Huckabee. My only fear today is that I'll eat so much I'll balloon to Huckabee's earlier dimensions.

Huckabee's record is so bad: not conservative outside the moral issues. That's what's laughable about all the traffic going his direction.

Recently, many pro-Huckabee posters on blogs comment that they no longer support Fred because he has no desire, flopped, etc. Now, they're all about Mike.

Yet, these same people said just the opposite ~2 months ago. They claimed Fred's got a booming voice, a perfect abortion record, he's the conservative Messiah, and so forth.

Former Fred Fans sounded identical to the new wave of Huck supporters. It's because they're largely the same people.

Wake up. Don't follow blindly. If your guy can't lead the free world, drop him, and go with someone who can.

Nealie Ride said...


Are you from Iowa. I lived there for 5 years.

Mitt has support there for a very simple reason: he's put in the time to win their support.

One comment from a guy from NH won't erode that, no matter how much you hope it will.

Continue to hope for Mike. He's a great guy. Just not a leader ready to tackle today's challenges.

Huck got trampled by the stress of fixing Arkansas' road system. Not a good candidate for the U.S. CEO spot.

Anonymous said...

Having the amount of support of the main stream media that Mike Huckabee has currently should make any true conservative nervous! Most recent objective polls on the national media and where they tend to be politicallt splits about 90% liberal and 10% percent conservative. The Main Stream media is doing its best to put the weakest possible Republican Candidate in position to win the Republican nomination. That would translate into a thumping in Novemeber of 08 for us conservatives and a huge win for Hillary Rodham Clinton. I hope my brothers and sisters out there wont fall for the main stream medias darling Mike Huckabee. He is what his company is a very liberal tax and spending RINO! I have seen Mitt up and close. I have followed him for years and found him to be a man of principle and integrity. He is the only true conservative in the race that scares the heck out of Mrs. Rodham Clinton and her press corp!

John S. Maine

Keith Steurer said...

I couldn't agree with you more! THe media is totally trying to fix this election. At first they were supporting McCain, but he ran out of money. THen they supported Fred Thompson, but he ran out of steam. Now they are supporting Huckabee, just because they can't stand the idea of Romney in the white house. Luckily, the media can't vote in the Iowa caucus, so I think the real choice of Iowans will be revealed on 1/3/08 : MITT ROMNEY!!