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Monday, November 26, 2007

Updated Iowa Blogroll

I've updated the "Iowa Blogroll" in the right sidebar and have included a lot more of the best state blogs (including a few lefty sites for fun). I also have a section linking to some blogs or column features of major Iowa news outlets where lots of comments are often generated.

Also, I feel a little like a Ronulan (my favorite nickname for Ron Paul supporters . . . and no, I'm not a total Star Trek nerd) doing this, but there are some online polls at a few Iowa based blogsites that Romney could win with a little boost.

The Real Sporer (left sidebar)
Cyclone Conservatives (right sidebar)
Iowa Collegiate Republicans (right sidebar)


bnc said...

Don't know about listing those corn beltway boys on your blogroll. That Jeremie guy is really nasty and snide, and uses profanity (e.g. f-word) on his posts.

Somehow it's fitting given that they are Giuliani supporters.

Jeff Fuller said...

"Nasty Man" Giuliani has plenty of nasty supporters I guess.