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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vote for Mitt!

Obviously, Napoleon Dynamite is excited to "Vote for Mitt" (Pedro is probably on the shortlist for V.P.). But, for those interested in voting for Mitt in online polls, here's a list of some active ones:

Instapundit (Romney trailing Giuliani and Gingrich)
Right Voices (Romney leading here)
Straw Poll 2008 (with an overall running poll, a daily poll, and a junk poll--unlimited amount of votes--Tancredo leading in all)
The Next Prez (scroll down to the poll with Red lettering)
The Krusty Konservative (Romney had been leading, but last week Pataki started getting huge numbers of votes each weekday morning . . . not sure what's going on there)
The Caucus Cooler (don't forget to not vote for Romney at this one since that would mean you think he will be the first to drop out after the Iowa Caucuses).

Many of these polls let you vote in them daily.

Leave a comment below if there are other polls out there.

1 comment:

Kevin Davis Jr. said...

Thankyou Jeff!