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Thursday, August 03, 2006

In Cedar Rapids with Gov. Romney Last Saturday

Pictures up now. Will fill in details later . . . The first two photos are credited to Jim Kirkpatrick of The Iowa Caucus Report 2008 . . . Great shots Jim!)
Romney stumps to GOP audience

Dinner program and the "Iowans for Romney" pins (thanks AGAIN to Jim Kirkpatrick for producing these!)

Darik and Kristine Anderson attend their first Romney event and got a great photo-op! Kristine detailed her account in this blog entry "Mitt and Me" at her own political blog "Confessions of a Moderate Conservative." She's put up a lot of interesting reflections/commentary recently . . . check it out! Way to go Kristine!

Keith Steurer in a candid shot with Gov. Romney.

Karl, Tara, and Lauren Basham with the good Governor.

Jason Bonham from Illinoisians from Mitt (one of the better and more active state blogsites). We really enjoyed getting to know Jason and both he and we were very glad he made the trip over from the Chicago area. Jason is an accomplished concert violist!

Keith's parents, George and Maurine Steurer

I don't know who cracked the joke . . . but it must have been pretty funny

Gov. Romney with Linn County City Councilwoman Sara Henderson and GOP activist/campaigner/staffer/Jedi-Mastern Todd Henderson (know in the Iowa political blogosphere as "Yoda")

Some more laughs with the crowd . . .

Cedar Rapids GOP activist Rose Eaton (partial face shots of Keith Steurer and Joni Scotter--she's "AWESOME INCREDIBLE!")

Our "Iowans for Romney" table . . . three had to overflow onto another table

Representative Jim Leach speaking about the war on terror, worldwide religious strife, and introducing Gov. Romney . . . see this previous post for his very interesting introduction to Gov. Romney.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics. You're pretty lucky to live in Iowa and get the chance to be around Romney so frequently! Count me "JEALOUS!"