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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Online Polls: Update

OK, I'm not convinced that these online polls mean much . . . but I do think that the more votes Gov. Romney gets, the more people who encounter such polls will be interested in finding out about Romney if they are currently uninformed. It's also nice to show that Romney has strong support from the online community.

Also, since we can vote in many of the online polls daily, I've added
a new feature to my Iowans for Romney blogsite. On the right sidebar, under the
small picture of Mitt's Turnaround book, is a new heading titled:

"VOTE FOR MITT: Online Polls!"

I'll try to keep it updated. Consider going there to vote for Mitt as part of your daily routine . . . that way we'll stay ahead in some of these polls and not need to play catch-up. Please inform me if you know of other online polls so I can get them on the "Poll-roll."

One that we're just a few votes away from winning (and should be closing tomorrow evening is the one at Strawpoll'08 (the first column)


Kevin Davis Jr. said...

Here is another poll.

2008 Horse Race. 2 votes per IP address!

Kevin Davis Jr. said...

There is also a poll at the National Journal's White House 2008 Race Rankings.

Jeff Fuller said...

Thanks Kevin! I think they should be added now.