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Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Breeze Around the Blogs

Mississippi for Mitt has added a new blogger, Karl Basham (disclaimer . . . Karl is my brother-in-law and is about to be deployed to Iraq from his military base in storm ravaged costal Mississippi . . . go to his recent blog entries and wish him well!) A sampling of one of he recent entries:

I met Gov Romney while he was in Iowa; end of July time frame. My brother in law invited me to hear him speak at two occasions. I have to admit the man is impressive. There where four things that stood out to me:

1. The War on Terrorism – Gov Romney called it a war against radical jihadists; not insurgents or criminals or some soft name. He clearly understands they are people bent on killing us and they are a real threat that needs to be dealt with. He even visited troops in Iraq, from his state, to see first hand what the situation in theater was like. Being a member of the armed forces I was impressed that he is not to afraid to truly identify the enemy.

Two other points he listed were:

3. His speech wasn’t one of, “the Democrats this…” and “the other party is bad at that…” He spoke of how great America is. He used stories from the Olympics, the Boy Scouts, people he has met around the U.S. It reminded me of Reagan, a leader who believed in the greatness of this country.

4. Now this may seem strange if you don’t have kids but the way people treat our children gives insight into them. My son Benjamin ran right up to Gov Romney and hugged him right at the knees. Gov Romney took it in total stride and hugged him right back and gave him the “Grand Pa” pat on the back. You know that pat on the back that only loving grand dads give there grand sons. Well, when I saw it and then found out he has 5 children; I couldn’t think of a better family man to hold up as an example to the nation. Think about it, in a time where marriage is being defined in different ways and some youth have doubts about it all together, here is a man married to the same woman, raised five children and has a successful life.

At Illinoisians for Mitt there is an interesting piece about Romney's background and it's effect on future and current economic policy from one of their new bloggers, Jonathan. There's also always interesting information that Jason is posting there.

Also, South Carolinians for Romney stays active with three people contributing (Andru, Jason, and Rob).

Similarly, Washingtonians for Mitt has a lot of great recent blog entries.

Oregonians for Mitt has started a companion blogsite

New Hampshire for Romney and Michiganders for Romney are doing a great job too.

Texans for Mitt
is kept active by Kevin with quick links and one sentence commentaries.

Great support for Romney coming from all over the place! Not surprising . . . but impressive!

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