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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Romney's "Netroots" grow . . . here in Iowa and Nationally

First off, two of our "Iowans for Romney" have been active in the blogosphere of late:

Kristine Anderson, of Cedar Rapids, has been getting up some great blog entries at her blog "Confessions of a Moderate Republican". Of particular note is her journey "From Bush to McCain to Romney, A Reflection." Ecspecially interesting is her view on Stem-cell research and her experience with in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Jim Kirkpatrick runs The Iowa Caucus Report: 2008 and his most recent entry details his experience of helping George W. Bush win the Ames Straw Poll in 1999. Let's hope that he can do the same thing for Mitt in 2007!

Nancy French, at Evangelicals for Mitt reviewed the strong "netroots" support that Romney is getting in her blog entry "Grassroots with Gravitas"

Nationally, there are a number of new Romney state sites (largely facilitated by Ann Marie Curling who runs Elect Romney in 2008 who is assisting people in each state who want to blog in support of Romney). Some of the sites that have come into action in the last couple of weeks are (see my right sidebar for a complete listing):

Californians for Romney
Kentuckians for Romney
Michiganders for Romney
New Hampshire for Romney
South Carolinians for Romney
South Carolinians for Romney-2

Also, these four state sites are ones to check frequently as they all tend to do more active blogging (along with me here, of course):
Coloradans for Romney 2008
Floridians for Romney
Illinoisans for Mitt
Washingtonians for Mitt

A quick look/comparison of Romney sites to other candidates seems to show Romney has the strongest support of any candidate on either side. Exciting times for our man Mitt!

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