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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More National Attention . . . Hotline On-Call infers that I am an official Romney Blogger

Over at Hotline On-Call (an arm of The National Journal) they have mentioned that we now have some Iowa GOP 2008 blogging competition and in the process said this:

Get ready for some Straight Talk, Iowa style. Supporters of Sen. John
McCain have a new Iowa blog. We're not sure who's behind the blog and don't know whether they have official McCain connections. STIS joins Iowans for Romney, which is run by Romney PAC adviser Jeff Fuller. Let the back and forth begin.
I commented there that, though I was asked to serve on the PACs Iowa Advisory Board by one of his Iowa staffers, I am not paid, not a "consultant", and have never been asked for, nor given advice. The PACs Iowa Advisory Board is essentially a show of strength among Iowan Romney supporters. Count me among that group . . . but as far as the "political strategy" stuff goes, I'm COMPLETELY out of the loop.

They have not put up my comment yet. So this post is to clear the air.

My disclaimer in the side bar at this blog has been there for months:
This is an unofficial "grassroots" support group that is not affiliated in any official capacity with Mitt Romney (though, since starting the site, I have
been invited to join Romney's Commonwealth PAC Iowa Advisory Board.) This is an
"ad-free" site and no financial support comes from any political party, group,
527, or PAC. Just a group that feels that Romney is the best man for the job in
Anyways, since they haven't put up my comment yet, I wanted to get the straight scoop here.

Now some of McCain's people seem to be playing the blogging game in the wrong way.

See here, here and here.


Nathan said...


I feel your pain, man. I get bombarded with e-mails from people telling me "come clean" about my official connection to Governor Romney. No official connection exists, as I state clearly all over my website. Sigh.

Americans for Mitt and all of the other "for Mitt/for Romney" sites are as grassroots as it gets.

Keep up the good work.



FirstState said...

They heard you.

Jeff Fuller said...

Cool! Thanks for the heads up!