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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Some Interesting Stories

The Republican Party Must Nominate Mitt Romney. Here's Why: Not afraid to pull punches in that peice. Read all about it!

Romney is developing a strong energy policy. Explore his recent proposals here.

Romney makes me happy in two ways with this one: I previously blogged at another site about Romney's move to veto a universal pre-school program in Mass. Well, it looks like Carrie Lukas from National Review Online agrees with me on this one, and pulls out the actual data in support. She wrote an piece called "Governor Teaches a Preschool Lesson: Romney says “no” to universal bad news". He shows his strength as a fiscal conservative and balks at the wisdom of universal state-sponsored and funded pre-school (made available as early as age 2. Yikes!)

Speaking of Democratic plans . . . looks like Evan Bayh is sending out the troops to work Iowa for the 2006 election. Obviously he is laying the groundwork for a presidential bid. He's actually one of the least repulsive of the current Democratic field (and therefore, among the most worrisome for Republicans . . . I say, bring on Hillary!)

And, speaking of Hillary, with supporters like these, who needs enemies!

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Anonymous said...

The Museum of Sex? I guess it's fitting that at least one of the Clinton's be featured there. Though I'd hate to see how they represent her hubby there.