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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Romney on Solid Financial Footing

This link reviews the PAC holdings of the many likely presidential candidates for 2008. Despite his later start . . . Romney is quickly becoming the GOPs powerhouse in fundraising ability. He has the most "cash on hand" of any Republican candidate (Warner, the Democrat has more total . . . seems like the former CEOs know how to manage their money!)

Add that to the cool million that Romney raised at a California fundraiser last weekend added to his amazingly warm reception by the California GOP and he's quickly distancing himself from the rest of the field (especially with George Allen falling off a bit lately due, in part, to some ungaurded words to an opponents staffer . . . Charlie Cook goes so far as to say he's "no longer a real contender for the nomination" . . . I don't think he's fallen off that far and it still is amazingly early to be making such statements). It's all shaping up to be a McCain vs. Romney showdown as of now. I think Mitt is more than up to that challenge.

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IOWACAUCUS2008 said...

Sen. Allen has made a couple of missteps which have been magnified by the mainstream media. I believe that his biggest problem is his "folksy" approach & demeanor, which is similar to GWB. That combined with a difficult re-election battle may keep him out of the '08 presidential sweepstakes. He probably would have been better off not running for re-election(like Mitt) if he's going to start a presidential campaign 2 or 3 months later.