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Friday, August 04, 2006

Romney . . . "the smartest, toughest guy in the race"

This Examiner article has some interesting "insider information" for the 2008 GOP presidential race.

To quote the start of the article:

"Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Virginia Sen. George Allen are strong candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, although each has serious challenges to overcome.

That's the view of Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, and one of the most influential conservatives in Washington.

"When I talk to each of the presidential candidates, every one of them brings up Romney -- unsolicited -- because they're all focused on him as the smartest, toughest guy in the race," Norquist told reporters Wednesday at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. "He is very well thought of."

Seriously folks . . . ROMNEY IS THE REAL DEAL! I've seen him here in Iowa and the buzz about him is amazing (see here and here). Once the rest of the country gets exposed to him like political activists have here in Iowa he will emerge as the frontrunner.

Plus, Norquist said later in the article there were two serious challenges for Romney to overcome . . .

  1. the fact that he GREW UP IN UTAH (ultra-conservative) and then governed in Massachusetts(ultra-liberal) and has no experience "in the middle".
  1. the whole "Mormon Issue"

Well, strike that first one since Romney DID GROW UP IN THE MIDDLE . . . born and bred in Michigan . . . solidly "midwest" (especially when he grew up there.)

As for the "Mormon Issue" I'm pretty convinced that Romney can overcome that.

As for Allen, Norquist sees the "mini-Bush" image he has as being a major obstacle, especially if he shows any sign of inarticulateness.

So, since the competition has already identified Romney as "the smartest, toughest guy in the race" watch out for the onslaught of attacks seeking to discredit him. . . I guess I'm not surprised that he caught such flack over the relative "non-issue" of the "tar baby" comment.

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