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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

David Broder: Contempt for Congress

David Broder (considered by many as the most influential political columnist in the nation) of the Washington Post wrote an interesting piece called "Contempt for Congress"
Mitt Romney, the Republican governor of Massachusetts, said his wife, Ann, has likened the spectacle of Congress to "two guys in a canoe that is headed for the falls, and all they do is hit each other with their paddles."

Romney said that considering what has been happening on energy prices, health care and other worries, "the bickering is becoming more and more dangerous because the current is sweeping us toward the falls."

Broder finishes with:
But beyond these turf battles, the biggest indictment of Congress is simply that it is paralyzed. The sense that voters see Washington as gridlocked is one factor fueling the hopes of the governors eyeing the presidency in 2008 -- men such as Romney, Richardson, Huckabee, Iowa Democrat Tom Vilsack and New York Republican George Pataki. All of them are gambling that a frustrated electorate will turn to an outsider for help.

The piece is interesting and captures how frustrated people of all political persuasions are with what is happening "inside the beltway." It is time for a TRUE D.C. outsider to take over.

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