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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Romney's Michigan Team has Depth and Breadth (and Power and Money too)

In a similar move to his "Commonwealth PAC Iowa Advisory Board" announced just prior to the Iowa State GOP convention, this Michigan team is announced just before the Michigan State GOP convention.

THIS IS HUGE NEWS! A big "show of strength" by Romney.

On Call says of this announcement
. . .

Gov. Mitt Romney's Michigan leadership team, announced tonight, includes a half dozen Bush mega-donors, two Romneys, a member of the U.S. House, dozens of state representatives, major county chairs and a few of the state's more influential grassroots activists.

On that list are SEVEN of the Bush Rangers and/or Pioneers (looks like Cillizza will have to update his list . . . Romney was already leading on that list, but now it just looks like he's pulling away from everybody else.)

There are 13 CEO types on that list . . . a clear sign of Romney's appeal to fellow CEO/management types.

Hotline On Call says of this announcement:
The release of these names is a shot across the frontrunner's bow of Sen. John McCain, who has the support of Michigan's two national committee members, among others. It's also a signal to the media, in Michigan and nationally. And to Republican donors. And to uncommitted activists in other states. And to those pesky National Journal insiders who keep ranking McCain ahead of their guy. And even to the White House.


Kevin Davis Jr. said...
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Kevin Davis Jr. said...

Is the National Journal going to give Mitt Romney 1st place in the coming update? This is going to be very interesting!

IOWACAUCUS2008 said...

Sounds like the best and the brightest are signing onto the Romney campaign in the Wolverine state.

Anonymous said...

I expect atleast a tied ranking. He's kicking McCain's butt and taking names.