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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Romney Holding strong @ #2 in National Journal WH'08 Race Rankings

Another month goes by and Romney is still holding strong at #2 in the National Journal White House 2008 Race Rankings. National Journal and Hotline-On Call are one in the same and I have always noticed a pro-McCain slant from those sources(Granted, one of their main competitors, National Review (& especially Nat. Rev. Online has a decided pro-Romney slant). As Romney has been getting stronger and stronger the "blurbs" about him in the rankings have become increasingly negative. Just and observation.

Interestingly, George Allen has dropped from #3 to #5 post-"Macaca".

There's also a poll in the sidebar where you can rank your favorite five for each party.

1 comment:

IOWACAUCUS2008 said...

Mitt is in a great spot at #2. Obviously its early & the AZ senator has a distinct name recognition advantage. We're 16 months from the Iowa Caucus. McCain's age will be a factor as he turned 70 this week. Voters will have to ask themselves if they really want to nominate a 72 year old candidate in 2008? I don't!